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5 Best WordPress Website Development Companies

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  • March 16, 2021
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WordPress is the most popular web development CMS in the world right now in the market. It is used to build all kinds of websites. Most of the site on the internet has been built using WordPress.

You can use WordPress in many different ways, from simple websites to eCommerce marketplaces and anything in between. You can make different kinds of sites with WP, including – blogs, business websites, online stores, etc.

If you are thinking to develop a new website, here are some top reasons for choosing WordPress:

Available for free

Free always gives a powerful approach. However, you might think if it’s good or not. As we believe, free still lack good qualities. But this is not always true in the world of software.

When you are operating on a small business budget, free is good. Though, you’ll have to pay for website hosting and your site development cost if you want to hire someone or any website development company.

Easy to use and manage

WordPress is easy, that you don’t have to be a technical savant to set up a website. Running a basic website with WordPress is easy. But in case you need some complex functionalities or features, you can look for a development company for your site.

WP comes with a built-in update management system that allows you to update your plugins and themes from your admin dashboard. It also notifies when there is a new version available. You can update your site by clicking a button.

WordPress is Flexible

WordPress is a complete Content Management System (CMS). This means that you can do anything you want with it. WordPress offers you a lot more compelling things to help.

The design flexibility and customization make it an excellent choice for the long-term. You can quickly start with a simple template-based website and add new features through plugins or new themes as you grow.

Using your imaginations, you can add or create anything that you want to add. You can add anything into WP widget including advertising, buttons, images, forms, content and lots more.


WordPress is developed with security in mind and can be considered a very secure and safe platform to run a website. It makes it easy to keep your website up to date, and that helps to keep hackers and thieves out of your site.

Take some regular steps to get relief from an insecure position. To keep your WordPress site secured – keep your website updated, create strong passwords and user permissions and also you can install a security plugin.

You can use a backup plugin to protect your data from any hacking or accident.

Search Engine friendly

Many search engines, including Google, love WordPress because it is written using standard compliance high-quality code and produces semantic markup. That’s why WP sites tend to rank higher in search engines.

WordPress is SEO-friendly by its design. It’s designed to solve a lot of SEO issues by default. To further optimize your site, many plugins make SEO easy for even a novice web developer.

WordPress is a straightforward, cost-effective, and easy-to-use CMS-based web platform having proper recognition in the web industry. You may have decided to build your site with WordPress and looking for a website development company.

Numerous companies provide WordPress development services. Below I have listed the five best WordPress development companies based on the company experience, complete projects they have done, overall ratings, hourly or project rates, team size, etc.


ExperienceTeam sizeWP site delivered Hourly rateRatingsContact
10+ years350+50,000+$25/hour4.9Phone: +1.585.416.0088


Email: [email protected]

Most of the information was collected from their official site. The rating score is 4.9 from the 48 ratings show on Google reviews. Though the hourly rate depends on the work type, their minimum hourly rate is given on top digital site.

Wordprax is a leading WordPress development company and has a technically strong team of WP designers and developers. They are deeply involved in high-performance WP development services through their expert developers, who are highly experienced in providing WordPress solutions.

Wordprax provides end-to-end solutions to large enterprises and startups. They deliver a high-converting website that helps their clients to stay aged in their competitions.

Top service provided by Wordprax –

  • WordPress website development
  • Theme customization
  • Plugin development
  • PSD to WordPress
  • HTML to WordPress conversion
ExperienceTeam sizeSite delivered Hourly rateRatingsContact
8+ years200+1,400+$25/hr4.9Email: i[email protected]


Skype: hyperlink.infosystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem ranked as the #1 top web development company in the USA and India on the clutch site. The profile shows the hourly rate they charge, and their ratings are 4.9 from 49 reviews.

They make sure that your WordPress site can be accessed on most servers and operating systems that accommodate PHP. They have delivered more than thousands of websites. Their WordPress developers are well-versed with your requirements.

Your website needs to reflect your business objectives and choices. They have skilled developers with deep experience in developing an excellent WordPress website. Also, they offer the best mobility solution based on the client’s needs within an appropriate time.

Top services they offer:

  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Blockchain development
  • Artificial intelligent
  • TV app development


ExperienceTeam sizeProject delivered Hourly rateRatingsContact
8+ years25010,000+$18+/hr4.8Email: [email protected]


Skype: ossmedia

They have strong ratings and testimonials on their site, which shows their overall ratings are 4.8 from 7582 votes. You can hire a trained WP developer at $18/hour.

OSSMedia is one of the largest WordPress development company having more than eight years of experience and a strong workforce of 250 employees. They have delivered 100% scalable and high-performance WordPress CMS solutions.

The critical focus of OSSMedia is an end to end WordPress solutions and high-performance websites for their clients that skyrockets the online presence of an enterprise. Their portfolio is highly remarkable, and they focus on creating a unique WP website, themes, plugins, and extensions.

Services they offer:

  • WordPress development
  • Joomla development
  • Drupal development
  • Magento development

Lounge Lizard

lounge lizard
ExperienceTeam sizeWP site delivered Hourly rateRatingsContact
21+ years50 to 2495,000+$100-149/hr4.8Phone: 1-646-661-7828


Email: [email protected]

The information is given on their official website. However, the total employee and ratings were collected from their profile on the clutch site. There were nine reviews in total.

Lounge Lizard builds easy-to-use and versatile WordPress websites that give you full control of your website and its content. They offer you to work directly with their developers to create a website that provides customers a clear vision of your brand.

Lounge Lizard has designed over 5000 awards winning website design and development projects at a reasonable rate. They offer unique design and top-quality development services. They focus on delivering results for your clients.

Top service provided by Lounge Lizard –

  • Website development
  • Mobile App development
  • Social media management
  • Website maintenance
  • Conversion rate optimization


ExperienceTeam sizeProject delivered Hourly rateRatingsContact
8 years50+5,000+$15+/hr4.8Phone: +1-209-386-9543


Email:[email protected]

WordSuccor profile on ‘Bark’ shows overall ratings of 4.8 on a total of 20 reviews. Moreover, members’ profiles on state that you can hire dedicated resources at $15/hr. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

WordSuccor has been providing clients with scalable and robust WordPress solutions. They are known for building flexible, robust, and highly original websites. They have the potential to help clients get closer to their vision.

They have 50+ expert designers and developers adept at building custom web solutions. WordSuccor is committed to rendering exceptional services across the globe.

Their best services:

  • PSD to WordPress conversion
  • WordPress theme customization
  • WordPress migration services
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress plugin development


HTMLPanda is a Boston based website development company

HTMLPanda is a Boston-based website development company on open-source technologies. We provide high-quality, fast-loaded, and secure web development services to all clients.

Our expert developers have deep knowledge of open-source technologies, and they take each project as a special one. We work with small, mid-size, and large enterprise businesses across all industries.

We’re more focused on developing a secure and fast-loading WordPress website with a Mobile-first approach. Since 2014, We have been catering to businesses with our world-class WordPress development solutions tailored to match their diverse business requirements while maintaining quality.

We’re proficient in developing and converting any website into WordPress with pixel perfection. We are a preferred WordPress development company and best rated on the clutch and many other rating agencies.

Their best services:

  • – WordPress Website Development
  • – Custom WordPress Development
  • – WordPress e-Commerce Development
  • – PSD to WordPress Conversion
  • – WordPress Plugin Development
ExperienceTeam sizeProject delivered Hourly rateRatingsContact
6+ years50+5,000+$25 – $45 /hr4.8Email: [email protected]

WordPress can be a potent tool for your business as it can fit into your overall needs. But still, we suggest you complete some tasks before you dive into selecting a website platform.

Your task may include your time, money, resources, and what exactly you are looking for in a website. If you decide WordPress is the right choice for you, find the best development company based on your need.

We hope this article will help you to decide why you should choose WordPress for your website. WordPress is a fantastic platform to develop your website. You can try making your own or hire a development company to do your task.

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