Facebook Marketing: Messages Hidden Into FB Page


I know you’ve a Facebook account, you know the term Facebook marketing & you’ve already liked tons of Facebook pages & usually share their trending posts that you like. But did you ever think that there may be fancy branding messages that you are adopting everyday in absent mind. May be most of us are totally unaware of this & today I’ll show your some that kinds of posts.


Examples of Some Common Facebook Branding


This photo is taken from a page which has almost 250k followers & its gets on average a few K likes for every posts. This photo refers a single fun that we usually do like: we’ve car toys or gewgaw house etc. But the game is the name of ‘Hot Wheels’ which is a toy company is injected into the joke & also injected inside your brain through your humor. So, if you like this page or the jokes of the post, you don’t even imagine your absent mind already copied the logo of the brand & next time when you’ll go for shopping the logo of Hot Wheel will seem very familiar to you that intends you to buy it. So, I hope you’ve already understand the Facebook marketing hidden inside this post.

‘Mars’ & ‘Milkyway’ both these chocolates are very popular to the people. But did you ever think this two chocolates like this? I don’t think so. But this humor has made a message that can breach into your mind & your humor will tends you to purchase this product when you want to have some chocolate. This type of marketing was first introduced by coca cola. When people went to cinema hall coca cola can shaped ray was thrown that left a snapshot into people which make them almost addict to buy a bottle of coke. This may be told the Facebook version of it.



We all know the name of Colgate Toothpaste. Besides, we are familiar with the other paste brands like: pepsodent or sendodyne etc. So, all of them are competitors & always try to make difference by slogan, ads or other campaign. And facebook is now one of the tools of spreading your words through humor. This photo is taken from a very active page which has more than 20k followers & by this post Colgate Toothpaste is send to 20k people within a very short time & this is called professionalism. You can also apply this type of humor trick to attract your clients.

So, from next time be aware of being grabbed by marketers when sharing any posts you like. Besides, if you are a Facebook marketer yourself, then consider the ways of injecting your product slogans to your customer’s mind by fb page. But don’t be so irritated by posting less quality post or excessive posts. That’s all.

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