Woo Invoice Pro Changelog


  • Fixed: Category not showing in invoice if products belong to sub categories.
  • Added: Option to add VAT ID & SSN from my-account page added.


  • Removed redundant comma from product dimensions.
  • Fixed: Selected invoice template border color fixed.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixed.


  • Added: Invoice Template 9 added.
  • Show the paid stamp modal when enabling the paid stamp
  • Remove the paid stamp empty block when the order is not complete.


  • Added: Invoice Template 8 added.
  • Added: Invoice Footer font size option added.
  • Added: From block in packing slip added


  • Added: Invoice Template 6,7 added.


  • Fixed: Margin overlapping in FROM Section problem fixed.
  • Fixed: Colspan problem in invoice template 5 fixed.


  • Remove readonly attribute from next invoice no field.
  • Remove reset button of next invoice no field.


  • Added: Invoice template 5 added.
  • Activation tab placed under plugin menu.


  • Added: Option for packingslip background added.
  • Added: Option for making order list from order page added.
  • Added: Invoice template 4 added.


  • Added: New invoice template added.
  • Added: Option to show order note in invoice added.
  • Fixed: Grand total without discount showing wrong value fixed.


  • Fixed: Invoice and Packing slip custom paper size always required in new installation.
  • Added: Option for showing attribute in invoice.
  • Added: Option for showing dimensions in invoice


  • Added: Option for invoice background added.
  • Added: Bulk download by order status, email, user id & payment method added.
  • Save Changes button in a convenient position.


  • Added: Option for attaching static files in order email added.
  • Added: Bulk download as zip option added.


  • Added: Enabling attachment for free order option added.
  • Added: Option for choosing product short or long description added.
  • Added: Option to set product description limit added.
  • Redesign the prefix and suffix macro’s functionality.


  • Reorder VAT & SSN translation field.
  • Added: Add Option to make Custom paper size invoice and packing slip.
  • Added: Add a button next to Next invoice no field to reset the number.
  • Added: Add option to show total without discount.
  • Added: Add option to show total discounted amount.


  • Fixed: Minor CSS bug Fixed.
  • Added: Macros for invoice and order number’s prefix, suffix added.
  • Added: Check if option exists before adding option upon activation.
  • Make next invoice no field readonly.


  • Removed: Custom sequence number from order number removed.
  • Added: Paper size selection option in Packing slip settings added.
  • Added:  VAT and SSN ID translation option added.
  • Re positioning VAT and SSN ID in order checkout page.


  • Fixed: invoice Signature issue fixed.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce subscription compatibility issue fixed.


  • Fixed: invoice logo issue fixed.


  • Fixed: Paid stamp preview issue fixed.


  • Added: Option for VAT ID & SSN field in order checkout page added.
  • Added: VAT ID & SSN in invoice added if available.
  • Added: Option for product title length in invoice and packing slip added.
  • Loaded template image from Amazon S3.
  • Loaded paid stamp image from Amazon S3.


  • Added: Page size for invoice option added.


  • Added: Template selection functionality added.


  • Added: Shipping total translation field added.
  • Fixed: Email attachment issue fixed.