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 WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing Slip Pro

WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips Pro (Woo Invoice Pro) help you to attach a PDF invoice to the order confirmation email. Unlike a normal woocommerce invoice, WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips Pro can be easily downloaded and is fully customizable. You can also incorporate your company logo and insert both the buyer and seller information in it. Additionally, there are some awesome features like Localization, Bulk Invoices and Packing Slips for a specific date range, Paid Stamps, Signature image and more.

Automated Invoicing

This WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin automatically generates woocommerce invoice when orders are created and sends immediately to your valued customers when order status changed to your configured status.

Easy Setup

WooCommerce PDF Invoice pro (Woo Invoice Pro) plugin is straightforward to set up. You can efficiently manage the process of creating and printing invoices automatically, with the help of this Invoice and Packing Slips generator plugin.

Paid Stamp

Include Paid Stamp in your invoice. Paid Stamp indicates that the bill is already paid. You can select any of the Paid Stamp design from the list and mark invoices as paid.


Woo Invoice Pro allows you to attach your signature with invoices. Just click on upload signature option in the Invoice section to upload the image of your signature that you want to show in the pdf invoice.


This plugin supports woocommerce multiple tax classes (rates). Some countries require Total Excluding Tax, net amount, tax rate and tax amount, which you can display on the invoice optionally.

Packing Slip

Using this plugin, you can also generate, customize, and print the woocommerce packing slips. You can print a woocommerce packing slip for a single order, as well as print multiple packing slips as a batch for multiple order by date range. Also, there is an option to print the packing slip for an individual product of order.

Shipping Lebel

You can generate a shipping label list by order date range and print it with the help of this plugin. Woo Invoice also helps to dispatch label. You can view the printed label before printing a hard copy.

Product Image

You can include a product image on invoices using this woocommerce invoice plugin. Adding product images will make it easy and time-saving for the buyer to understand each product.

WPML Compatible

Take advantage of Woo Invoice plugin, as it is WPML compatible. The invoice will use the translated product information and currency according to the language and currency which was used to place an order.

WooCommerce Subscription

This woocommerce Invoice plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin emails. A subscription confirmation email will be sent with an attached pdf invoice for new subscriptions or subscription renewal orders.

Bundle & Composite Products

This plugin supports bundle products, as well as composite products. Supported plugins are WooCommerce Bundle Product, WooCommerce Composite Products, YITH Bundle Product and YITH Composite Products.

Proforma Invoice

Easily includes the Proforma Invoices for all new orders and also any changes made to the orders.

Footer Blocks

Easily add or modify the footer content that you want to include in the footer section of the invoice.

Buyer & Seller

Advance buyer details block editor is available to match any possible formats. You can insert seller company name, company details, and other details. Also, you are allowed to upload a logo image, and there is an option to resize logo.

Currency Code

Displaying currency code will make it easy for you to understand which currency is used. For example, for ‘US dollar’ the symbol will be displayed as ‘$’sign.

Payment Method

This feature will help you to understand what payment method used while purchasing a product.

Bulk Download

With this woocommerce invoice plugin, an individual invoice or a specific invoice or a list of invoices by order date range can be downloaded. You can select from a start date to an end date you want to download Invoice and Packing Slip.


Another great feature of this plugin is localization, where you can replace invoice templates static texts like Invoice, Product, Quantity, Total etc with your own language and text. For example, you can replace Quantity with Qty or if your language is french then Quantité.

Polylang Compatible

Woo Invoice supports Polylang for translations. Polylang allows you to add languages to your WordPress site, and also manage the translation process. It supports both automatic and manual translations.

Compatible with Points & Rewards plugins

Reward your loyal customers with points and discounts on their new purchases. This PDF Invoice plugin is compatible with Points & Rewards plugins, which will help to build customer trust and loyalty. Woo Invoice is also compatible with several popular credit plugins.

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