WooCommerce Product Feed Pro

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Make WooCommerce Product Feed for multiple shopping engines like Google Shopping or Google Merchant, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, eBay, Bing Shopping & more




WooCommerce Product Feed Pro ( Woo Feed ) is a product feed making plugin for your WooCommerce based online store products to multiple shopping & price comparison engines you know. The main target of this plugin is to generate product feed for your WooCommerce store products , update product information according to given schedule and sync your product to different shopping engines via HTTP or FTP so that real buyer can get your product into price comparison and search engines like Google Merchant, Facebook Product Ads, PriceGrabber, PriceRunner, Nextag, Amazon Seller, eBay Commerce Networks and Many More.



Woo Feeds Smart Filters help you to exclude the Non-Profitable, Out of Season, Hidden or Drafted Products you don’t want to share. Also, Its high filtering options help users to filter products according to product titles, price, availability of stocks, user ratings, total sales and other extensive product specifications. The smart filter will save you a lot of advertising cost.

CATEGORY MAPPING (To Reach Your Buyer)

Categories are the most important key to getting products to the search result. It is best practice to assign most matching shopping engine category to your store category for each product. For example, during the creating of your google product feed for woocommerce, you must have to assign the category to your particular product into the feed. Using the category mapping feature you’ll get an option to map your store category to your marketplace category so that you can make two categories aligned to each other. This process is totally dynamic by our plugin & you can map all of your categories to make it more relevant & reachable to buyers.


The Dynamic Attribute combine the powerful features of the WooCommerce Product Feed Pro with the ability to set your own conditions for any types of the attribute.There are different types of Woocommerce users have different types & classes of products and services. So, they may need varieties of custom values to demonstrate their products. And we are giving the options to make dynamic attributes as your need. Also, it is possible to generate the data feed file according to the search engines requirements without changing the attributes in your store.


The user can easily use any custom taxonomy or others WooCommerce plugin or extensions taxonomy value into the feed. For Example product Brand, Model No size etc. So you can easily use those value into your feed.


Due to PHP execution time and memory limit, it’s not possible to process Thousands of products at a time. We have developed our plugin with the functionality to make a feed with batches. The user can easily set Limit and Offset to make feed. This functionality is compatible with any type of server your WordPress is installed and any amount of products you have into your site.


It is possible to use any wp-options and post meta values into the feed. Most of the plugins used to save data as an option. So using the premium version of our plugin user can use any other plugin data to make feed including Advanced Custom Field , YITH Plugins, WooCommerce Booster (Jetpack), WooCommerce Brand, WooCommerce Tab Manager and Actually any Plugins.


WooCommerce Product Feed Pro is compatible with WPML WooCommerce plugin. And by supporting WPML this makes it possible for the e-commerce owners to create product feed in different languages. This enables the e-commerce owners the chance to globalize their business in minutes because you always have better chance of selling something if you are selling it in the native language.


The first impression becomes the last impression! This is why your title of the product can build interest of the buyer to hit your product. In the e-commerce business, product title attracts customer to get on the link if they are satisfied with the search result. Extended Product Title feature allows the user to extend the title of a product by adding different attributes to it. Extended Product Title is a great way to differentiate the products according to their variations. Such as Size, Color, Custom Text, etc

Support Multi-Vendor Plugins

WooCommerce Product Feed Pro supports multi-vendor product feed generation. You can choose between multiple or single vendors while generating feeds or for all vendors. The multi-vendor platform is a great way to expand your e-commerce site, and our plugin gives you the freedom to control the vendors associated with your website. This plugin supports the most popular multi-vendor plugins WC Vendors, Dokan Multivendor Marketplace and YITH Woocommerce Multi-Vendor.

WooCommerce Google Product Feed

When it comes to product data feed, Google Merchant has some of the strictest requirements of all shopping channels. Any product carrying incorrect information may be removed from the search results if the feed fails to meet Google Product Feed Specifications. The more visibility you will get when the quality of your feed is better. This woocommerce google merchant feed plugin have all functionality to make feed according to google merchant center requirements.

WooCommerce Facebook Product Feed

The first thing to make woocommerce facebook product feed you need to do is to create a CSV or XML file and line up your product details with attributes like the product name, product id, description, landing page, URLs, images etc. in a row-column format. It is similar to woocommerce google product feed.

Built-in Templates

Along with woocommerce google merchant feed and Facebook product feed template, this plugin includes 20+ predefined templates for PriceSpy Product Feed, Pinterest Product Feed, Bing Shopping Product Feed, Idealo Product Feed, Kelko Product Feed, Scroutz Product Feed, etc and others popular shopping engines and price comparison sites.


• Supports automatic feed generation at a scheduled time.
• Supports feed sending to a remote FTP server.
• Supports Woocommerce composite product and Woocommerce bundle products.
• Flexibility to remove ‘out of stock’ products.
• Option to select either product variations or the parent product of the variations.
• Option to select minimum or maximum variation price for the variable product.
• Option to select first or minimum or maximum or the sum of the variation quantity for the variable product.
• Option to generate feed by product type.
• Option to make feed for specific categories.
• Lots of advanced commands to modify product information for feed.
• Current Price attribute – Current price attribute will return Sale Price if available else it will return Regular Price.
• Product Meta – It’s possible to add Product Meta to the feed.
• Product Taxonomies – It’s also possible to add Product Taxonomies into the feed.
• It’s also possible to add Brand Plugin Data (Perfect Woocommerce Brand, Woocommerce Brand, and others) into the feed.

Supported Merchants

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