How to Make a WooCommerce Product Feed?

To make a new feed Go To WOO FEED > Make Feed

The plugin includes 10 ready-to-use templates for price comparison engines (Google Bing, PriceGrabber, eBay, Shopzilla, etc.).

Before you create a new template, you need to check product feed specification for the specified marketplace (template format type, fields delimiter, required fields, etc).

Content Settings #

You can create a template for any comparison shopping engine. Fill in the following fields:

  • Template – select a pre-configured template from Feed Template section or to make a new custom template select Custom Feed.
  • File Name – Name of your feed file
  • File Type –  Sets feed output format. There are 3 file types are available for data feed:
    • CSV – a comma-separated values, each item placed on a new line. File extension is .csv.
    • TXT – same as CSV file, but with .txt extension.
    • XML – uses tags to define blocks of content. Information about your items is enclosed within these tags, which are indicated by angle brackets. File extension is .xml.
  • Languages – Our plugin support WPML Plugin to make feed for different languages. If the WPML plugin is installed and configured then here you will get a drop-down list of languages which are configured into your site.
  • Variation Product Title see How to Configure Variation Product Title?
  • Categories- List of your store categories to make feed by category. If you want to make feed for specific categories then select those categories you want to make feed for. So select multiple categories, press Ctrl button of your keyboard and select categories one by one.

If you select  CSV or TXT file type, see How to configure CSV or TXT.

If you select the XML file type, see How to configure XML

To save feed file to the woo-feed templates folder, make sure that [wordpress root]/wp-content/uploads folder has the read + write permission.