How to Manage Feeds?

Once the feed is done generating, you would want to see it displayed on a specific page of the CTX plugin. To manage a feed, go to  CTX Feed > Manage Feeds

Take a look at the image of the Manage Feed page, and each of the numbered options is detailed below;

CTX Feed - Manage Feed
CTX Feed > Manage Feed
  1. Auto Update Interval: To remain updated, the feeds need to update more frequently. This option is very crucial – especially for those stores – which keep updating their products quite often. Sometimes, it is impossible to update the feed after every particular hour. That’s why the Update Interval option allows you to update the feed after a specific time in your absence. The default interval hour is set as 1 hour, but the drop-down menu will provide additional hours like 6, 12, 24 up to 1 week. However, the CTX Feed Pro will add three more short time intervals, such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes to keep you up-to-date. 
  1. Edit Feed: Neither Edit nor Delete or Duplicate Feed appears in the feed list table unless the cursor hovers right underneath the Feed Name. The Edit option will let you edit all the details that you previously entered while making the feed.  
  1. Delete Feed: It gets visible once the mouse hovers below the Feed Name. The Delete option will erase the whole feed right away without giving an “Undo” option. 
  1. Duplicate Feed: It will replicate the selected feed. 
  1. Feed Name: Name of your feed.
  2. Template: Template denotes the name of the channel you are creating the feed for, aka, the Template option within the “Make Feed” sub-menu. When you create a feed, you can select a range of ready-made channel templates within that template dropdown. 
  1. Type: Type represents the Feed File Type, providing the pattern of how the feed will be transformed into its format. There are mainly 5 types of feed Type – XML, CSV, TSV, TXT, and XLS. Each of these types arranges the feed file format uniquely, yet differently. 
  1. Feed URL: Feed URL is the URL of your product feed file. You need to submit your feed file to your channel either by providing the Feed URL or downloading the feed file from that URL.
  1. Last Updated: Last Updated column shows the date and time when the feed file was last updated. If the file is not updated, it only shows the date and time of the newly created feed file. 
  1. View: Clicking the View icon will open a new window with your feed file. 
  1. Regenerate: The Regenerate icon quickly updates the feed file without going inside the feed file settings. After clicking it, the plugin will process the generation of the file. However, the regenerate button itself and others’ feeds will remain inactive so that you can’t click it until the regeneration process is completed. While generating the file, you shouldn’t reload the page or go to another page within the same tab. 
  1. Download: When you click on the Download button, it will ask for the location of your downloaded file as to where you want this feed file to be downloaded. After a download, you can open the file using the TextEditor/Notepad if it is CSV or Browser/Notepad/TextEditor if it is an XML feed type. 
  1. Export Feed Config: is an option, enabling you to download the file to be saved as a .wpf (WooCommerce Product Feed) file format. The reason for this option is to keep the file as a backup. When the feed file is erased from the Manage Feed page, an “Import Feed” option is found at the top of the Manage Feed page. Once you import the file, it will show the file on the Manage Feed option just like it did when you created the product feed in the first place, followed by letting you amend any information inside the feed file.
  2. Download Feed Log: By clicking this icon, you will be redirected to the feed log file. The log file contains all the information related to the feed generation process. You may need to provide this URL file when you open a support ticket. 
  1. Auto Update: To turn on or off the Auto Feed Update process, click on this toggle button.
  2. Check Box The Check Box allows you to select multiple feeds at a time to apply Bulk Actions, such as deleting them.
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  1. Hi, when I click “Update interval” and for example it is set in 1 week, is it going to do it from the day and time I click on it?

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