How to Configure Product Images into Feed?

In this documentation your will learn how to configuring product images into the feed. The following step-by-step methods show you how to add the options to configure the product images into feed.

  • Main Image: Main Image attribute will return specific product image. For variations it will return the variation image if a variation has its own image else it will return the variable product (parent of the variation) image.
  • Featured Image: Featured image works similar like Main Image but for product variations it will return the variable product (parent of the variation) image.
  • Images [comma separated]: Images attribute will return the product gallaery image separated by comma. If you need comma separated both Main Image & Gallery images then you need to create a Attribute Mapping to map the Main Image and Images attribute.
  • Additional Images (1 to 10) : Additional Images will return product gallarey images. You can add up to 10 gallaery images into feed. For variations, if you are using any variation gallary image plugin then it will return variation gallary images if available for a variation, else it will return variable product (parent of the variation) gallerey image. There are Variation Gallery Image plugins supported by CTX Feed plugin.

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