How to Exclude/Include Product Variations?

Our free version of the plugin automatically product variations into the feed. Adding only variable products (Parent of variations) are only available in the premium plugin.

Variable & Variation selection to make feed
Variable & Variation selection to make feed

There are five options available to manipulate your Include Variations selection. They are as follows;

  1. Variable Products (Parent): It will add the main or parent product of the variations in your feed.
  2. All Variations: It will add all the variations of a variable product except the variable (parent) product itself in your feed.
  3. Default Variation: Whichever variation is selected as the default variation out of all the variations will add up in your feed.
  4. First Variation: Out of the list of all the variations, only the very first variation will be shown in the feed file.
  5. Last Variation: The very last variation will be shown in the feed file.
  6. Variable + Variations: It will add the variable product and all its variations together in the feed file.

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