Dynamically change product price – CTX Feed

By making a Dynamic Attribute you can dynamically change or increase/decrease product price. Before you start please read the detailed documentation about how to configure a dynamic attribute here.

Here are the available patterns to modify price:

  1. +10% : To increase the price by 10%
  2. -10% : To decrease the price by 10%
  3. *10 : To multiply the price by 10
  4. /10 : To divide price by 10

Now see the example image below about how to apply those above patterns to modify product price into your WooCommerce product feed.

Dynamically change product price

You can also learn How To Increase and Decrease Product Price Conditionally with CTX feed WooCommerce product feed generator plugin in the following video tutorial:

2 thoughts
  1. That’s cool, but price $12.99 -20% is $10.392 and plugin is sending to google this price. Was this feature even tested locally because already at first sight can see its dumb

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