Dynamically change Stock Status – CTX Feed

CTX Feed Dynamic Attribute functionality enables you to dynamically set or update product stock status. Before you get started with these settings, make sure to go through the documentation on “how to configure a dynamic attribute?”. 

By default, CTX Feed returns stock status(availability) as In Stock Or Out Of Stock or Preorder following Google merchant availability definition guidelines. But different merchants have their own value for availability. Some merchants require In Stock as InStock or in stock or simply Yes. This certainly creates a complex scenario in terms of the Merchant Owner perspective, again Woo Feed Dynamic Attribute comes afront with the most convenient resolution. 

Here are certain possibility available patterns to modify product stock status dynamically:

  • In Stock as InStock or in stock
  • Out Of Stock as OutOfStock or  out of stock 
  • Preorder as PreOrder or Pre-order or pre order

You can deal with any combination and possible Output Value based on your preferred Merchant Platform. 

The following screenshot illustrates a perfect example of how Dynamic Attribute feature handles the issue: 


Dynamically change Stock Status by using CTX Feed plugin

You can also learn how to dynamically change stock status with the CTX Feed WooCommerce product feed generator plugin in the following video tutorial:

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