How to create Multi-currency feeds with different Currency switcher plugins?

If you want to create a feed with different currencies, you can create the feed easily with our CTX Feed plugin. This plugin is compatible with some WordPress multi-currency plugins, and this feature is only available in the premium version of the CTX Feed plugin.

Creating Feed with CURCY – Multi-Currency for WooCommerce plugin

First, you need to install this plugin on your WordPress site. Now you can follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Multi-Currency menu.

  1. Click the General Tab > Go to Currency Options > To add your currency, click the Add Currency Button. 

For example, I have added USD and BDT and added the conversion rate.

  1. To create a multi-currency feed, go to CTX Feed > Make Feed
  2. Now you need to clear the cache files. The Clear Cache button is on the right side of the Content Settings section.

  1. Select your currency from the Currency* 

  1. If you want to create separate product links for different currencies, find the Product URL [link] attribute from your feed and add this as the suffix – &wmc-currency=BDT 

If you’re using Currency Switcher for WooCommerce by Aelia you need to add this Suffix along with the Products URL(link) attribute: ?aelia_cs_currency=BDT

Note: use your converted currency instead of BDT.

  1. And if you have filled all the required fields of your feed, you can click the Generate and Update Feed button. 

We hope this documentation helped you to create a feed with different currencies by using CTX Feed Pro Plugin.

One thought

  1. For Aelia Currency Switcher Plugin, please use the suffix: ?aelia_cs_currency=EUR

    Note: use your converted currency instead of EUR.

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