How to solve woocommerce structured data issues?

Woo Feed provides its own generated product schema in product pages. You can use either Woo Feed schema or WooCommerce default schema. 

Why will you use the Woo Feed schema? 

WooCommerce schema has some issues with product variations. For this reason, Woo feed override woocommerce schema and add some extra info like a custom brand taxonomy with products If you use Woo Feed brand taxonomy, you will automatically find brand values in the woo feed’s generated schema. Woo feed schema is also bug free and works with any wordpress theme.

To use Woo Feed structured schema data, go to Woo Feed > Settings and select “On” for “Woocommerce Default Schema Override” and select “Off” the same setting to use woocommerce default schema. Finally, update the setting.

solve woocommerce structured data issues

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