How to Include/Exclude Products From a Feed by Product IDs?

Using the Product Filtering functionality of the CTX Feed Pro plugin, you can remove some products from the feed by comma-separated product ids. Watch and learn step by step how to include/exclude products from a feed by product IDs:

  1. Go to the feed configuration page.
  2. Click the “FILTER” Tab then go to the Product IDs section.
  3. Add the product ids separated by comma and set either you want to include those products or exclude those products into the feed. If you select include then feed will be made only for those product ids. If you select exclude then those products’ ids will be skipped from the feed.
  4. Update and generate the feed.
  5. Done. 
how to include/exclude products from a feed by product IDs

Note*: If you filter by variable product id (parent of the variations) then also variations will be removed from feed for that variable product.

4 thoughts
  1. The current version of CTX feet has removed the product id filter and replaced it with the product title. This is a problem as product ID is always unique and product titles could sometimes be duplicated on multiple products. In my case I want to exclude some products which share the same or very similar product titles to others that I want to keep included. Seems very strange to change from being able to filter out product id’s to titles is it possible to return this feature.

    1. Hi! We are already working on this issue and testing a beta version that includes, filter item by, ID, SKU and comma separated IDs. Hopefully, the version will be released soon.

        1. Hi, you can you advanced filter. In advanced filter, select SKU as as the attribute and add the SKUs one by one in each row. For more, contact us from here –

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