How to add Brand plugin data into feed?

There are 3 ways to add brand information to your feed using our premium plugin . Follow the methods below.

Method 1: 

If you have used any plugin to configure your product brand then you will get your brand attribute under Custom Attribute section of Value dropdown into feed configuration. All of the Brand plugins like (WooCommerce Brand, YITH Brand, Perfect WooCommerce Brand, Ultimate WooCommerce Brand, and Others) save brand information as Taxonomy and Taxonomies are only accessible by our premium plugin. For this example, we have used Perfect WooCommerce Brands plugin. For other plugins, the attribute name may differ.

adding brand into feed method 1

Method 2: 

If you have configured your product brand as a woocommerce attribute then you will get your brand attribute under Product Attribute section of Value dropdown into feed configuration.

adding brand into feed method 2

Method 3:  You have to add a fixed Brand to all of your products. See the image below:

adding brand into feed method 3

Let’s watch a step-by-step video tutorial to Add Brand information to your Feed:

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