How to Configure TAX/VAT for Google Merchant Center?

In order to configure TAX/VAT for google merchant center with your WooCommerce product feed, you have two different ways to follow depending on which region you want to make the feed.
1. VAT with Regular Price for the USA
2. VAT with Regular Price for Outside of USA

1. TAX for the USA:

If your eCommerce shop is based on the United States of America then you have to configure your TAX/VAT settings into Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant will associate the product Price with your VAT/TAX.

2. TAX for the Outside of USA:

How to Configure TAX / VAT for Google Merchant Center

When you are making feed for any region outside of the USA you have to select the Google Attribute, Regular Price and set the Value to Price with TAX. Our plugin will automatically add the TAX with your regular price according to your region. And you don’t need to configure any TAX information in Google Merchant.

You can also learn How to configure google merchant tax attributes into feed with CTX feed WooCommerce product feed generator plugin in this following video tutorial:

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