Iftekhar Idris Asif

Iftekhar Idris Asif

Iftekhar Idris Asif is a Young Entrepreneur, Tech Analyst & Blogger who Love Music, Travel & Photography. He is a digital marketing & wordpress expert and working in these fields for more than 5 years. You can follow him on: Linked In , Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus or visit his personal website from here.

Facebook Product Feed: A Feature of ‘F’ Marketing

Content Overview of Facebook Product Feed The term Facebook Product Feed may seem a very common feature to developers or marketers but the way of using it effectively may not be very well researched by them. Anyway, that’s why the blog is written. In this article, I tried to cover all about controlling & exploring […]

How to Write Product Description Properly for Ecommerce

In our previous article, we discussed how to write product titles properly for Ecommerce? In this article, we will describe how to write product descriptions properly for Ecommerce? For most eCommerce entrepreneurs, writing a good product description often seems a big challenge because many of them can’t attract their customers by their product description. And that’s […]

How to Increase Online Sales Fast

The million-dollar question among the owners of the web-based stores is how to increase online sales fast and the majority of webmasters become disappointed after abortive steps. According to my opinion, there are no shortcuts to earning money. But of course, you can design a list of steps for making the way of your sales […]

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy for Merchants

  A recent survey has shown that a large number of merchants can’t continue their online shop due to a lack of proper eCommerce marketing strategy for merchants. Most of them normally start their business with great passion and then after a few while their passion started reducing gradually. The main reason behind subsiding their […]

5 Splendid Google Shopping Features for Retailers

Google shopping has made itself a big tool of marketing recently for the retailers and the matter of regret is that a large number of retailers are not aware of this property due to their poor research on marketing. And as a result, a lot of eCommerce startups jeopardize daily. But if you are serious […]

Sales Boost: 3 Quick Tips for Choosing Product Promotion Season

If you search online you’ll see tons of articles on the sales boost of products online. But it’s a bit rare that you find some articles on when you should promote your products. The fact is usually most marketers don’t research the appropriate time of product marketing where it should be the unavoidable prerequisite. Because, […]

SEO: Does It Mean Search Experience Optimization?

How Google Show Search Results? We all know what SEO means? It means search engine optimization. But why it means so? Have you ever thought about it? I guess most of you will answer that it means optimizing a certain keyword or string for search engines so that we can see corresponding websites of those […]

5 Quick SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO Tips Overview After reading the story’s title, I hope you understand that these SEO tips are for real beginners. Usually, beginners get confused about how to start SEO for their site. Most of them start SMM since it’s easy to understand, but after a few months, when they don’t get any permanent result, their […]

How to Launch an E Commerce Website?

E Commerce Overview Ecommerce or electronic commerce covers the whole area of business based on electronics like internet business, mobile-based business or even television-based business. But today web-based online shops are ruling the e-commerce world. At present, there are approximately 4 million eCommerce websites where 110k sites are making meaningful revenues that are listed to […]

SEO vs SMM: A Case Analysis of Digital Marketing

Overview We all know SEO means to place your site to the top position in the search results in terms of targeted keywords. The main target of SEO is getting real visitors from that search results. In other cases, SMM or social media marketing is the way of spreading your site’s content to social media […]

Facebook Marketing: Messages Hidden Into FB Page

I know you have a Facebook account, you know the term Facebook marketing & you’ve already liked tons of Facebook pages & usually share their trending posts that you like. But did you ever think that there may be fancy marketing messages that you are adopting every day in absent mind? Maybe most of us […]