Boost Your WooCommerce Sale With These Affiliate Marketplaces



In affiliate marketing, the merchant business company remunerates its affiliates on the basis of the customer brought due to its marketing strategy. Affiliate Marketplace imbricate with eCommerce methods as it relies heavily on search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, online advertising and content marketing. E-commerce marketplaces have grown manifold and with it the complexity and competency which has given rise to third party vendors and affiliate agencies for these sites. Today’s eCommerce sites are filled with deals and freebies and so Affiliate Marketplaces have to focus on wooing the customers and hence for them it’s more of a woo-commerce platform.


Top 10 affiliate marketplace to woo more customers

Affiliate marketplace has become a major source of online income of blog-entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of affiliate marketplaces available to bridge the gap between advertisers and publishers. Here we are going to discuss top 10 affiliate marketplace


Affiliate network(Now

It acts as a broker for woo-commerce industry between the affiliates and merchants. It brings them together which allows affiliates to more easily participate in an affiliate program and earn online money. Most of the publishers (affiliates) depend on affiliate network for searching marketing works for their blog. In lieu of this valuable service, the affiliate network platform will take a small cut of the fee generated.

Commission junction:

Commission Junction affiliate by Conservant is working in the affiliate marketing industry worldwide. It was founded in 1998 in Santa Barbara, California. CJ provides pay for performance based online advertising to secure the growth of a business with its wide range of affiliate programs to offer to the advertiser. For publishers, they get to reach to a wide affiliate marketplace and secure their payment for the work done with their reliable payment and tracking system which supports direct bank deposit as well as cheques. They maintain high standards to enable both publisher and advertiser to make a good profit.


Share A Sale came into existence in Chicago, Illinois in the year 2000. It is the largest affiliate marketplace used by advertisers to boost their customer base.  Their technology has earned accolades for being efficient and accurate within the affiliate industry. Publishers get the chance to promote products through this website and earn rewards on the basis of his marketing performance. They use their own website, blog, campaign strategies, RSS and other advertising means. Affiliates usually get paid on the 20th of every month for their successful campaign. It has over 3800 advertisers among whom 100 are exclusive to their site and not available in other websites.


Twenga is an e-commerce search engine that came into existence in 2006. This e-commerce shopping platform headquartered in Paris, France has 14 websites in 10 different languages. Using it publishers can manage search engine campaigns and online advertising. Their search engine provides access to 300 million products from 200,000 online shops.


An online affiliate marketplace is a nonentity without a good mix of publishers. They have some of the best publishers who are innovators and creators of advertising and don’t focus on archetypal woo-commerce strategies. Webgains have a cutting edge technology for campaign management. The deals from merchants are provided quickly on the website and affiliates and merchants never face any hassle regarding payment and refund.  To ensure A-1 traffic for advertisers, their support team removes publishers who have been found to be in breach of their policies.

Affilinet :

Affilinet has been around since 1997 and is one of the leading performance marketing networks in Europe. They deliver resourceful and high-performance solutions to more than 2500 advertisers and 500,000 publishers. They have an exclusive group of advertisers who relies on their platform for generating a significant return on investment. Not only advertisers but they have great relationships with their publishers too who get accurate and punctual payment with pay per click payment method. They get paid usually in the middle of the month and upwards $100. Their advanced search tool helps the publishers to find the most accordant website and end audience.


Marktplaat in Dutch or marketplace in English was established in 1999 and focuses purely on confidential ads. This popular site in Netherlands has an ever growing marketplace of 1.3 million people buying and selling a wide variety of online products. There are daily listings of 350,000 products from clothing, automobiles to household goods. Currently, this advertising site contains 9 million ads. Users can choose from 36 different product goods and 1800 categories to place their commercial broadcast.

EBay partner network:

eBay is a household name for eCommerce all over the world. eBay partner networks are the name of its affiliate programs that pays its affiliate when customers make purchase or bid and register to their website through their affiliate links within 30 days of clicking it. EBay’s affiliate network was previously run by affilinet and commission junction. EBay being one of the popular eCommerce websites, publishers get to choose from millions of products from thousands of diverse categories to promote. They provide swifter payment through PayPal on the basis of earnings per click. However, affiliates need to have a running website with an adequate amount of traffic to get approval. Minimum payment amount that they can expect is $25.

Amazon Associates:

Amazon, like eBay, is another major eCommerce platform that gives a chance to the affiliates to promote products from 1.8 million vendors. Their affiliate program is larger compared to eBay and is the most user-friendly which makes non-tech affiliates to easily grasp their procedure. They pay up to 10% commission for performance marketing of products. Affiliates can expect a minimum payment amount of $100 through cheques and gift cards. However, payment is usually made after a period of 60 days from the time sale has occurred.



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