Dynamically set the product brand – CTX Feed

CTX Feed Dynamic Attribute functionality enables you to dynamically set or update product brands. Before you get started with this settings, make sure to go through the documentation on “how to configure a dynamic attribute here

Most often product brands are considered to be less important to site owners as most selling platforms remain indifferent to this declaration. Unlike any other attributes, a product brand is not required by google itself but adding a brand to the products is good practice if the product is a branded one.

Google merchants turn out to be the platform that emphasizes brand importance. If your product is branded, it must be declared. Not a healthy scenario for any site that has 1000+ products listed already and more counting. It’s not possible to add brand info to thousands of products manually. Bulk edit functionality MUST be their desired solution. 

We mainly refer to the doc: How to add Brand plugin data into feed? But those who have thousands of products then they need to make a Dynamic Attribute.

Now see the example image below about how to apply those above patterns to modify product brand (not matter how large is the number) for feed:

Dynamically set the product brand by using CTX Feed
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