How to Exclude Sub-category Products from a Category-based Feed

You already know that you can create a category-based feed in CTX Feed Pro, including a Category in Filter option while configuring the feed. 

As a result, products related to that category are added to the feed. Here as you can see, the feed only included the products assigned to the category Clothing.

But in some cases, you may want to exclude a sub-category product from the included category, and here comes a challenge. 

In this documentation, we will break down the challenge and show you how to exclude a sub-category product from a category-based feed.

Hence, you know our Clothing category has two subcategories: T-Shirts and Hoodies. Our next task is to generate a feed that includes only T-Shirt products and excludes Hoodies Products. How can you achieve that?

The Advance Filter is here to assist.

Since the Clothing category already contains all sub-category products, you now need to remove any items from the sub-category Hoodies. You can do it by creating a simple condition in the Advanced Filter following this:

Here as you can see, we made a simple condition, and It is apparent that the feed attribute “Product Category” does not contain the “Hoodies” category.

Once the feed is generated, you will notice that the products that are assigned to the sub-category “Hoodies” have been excluded.

Feed does not include the items from the sub-category “Hoodies.”

That’s how you can exclude a sub-category product from a Category-based feed.

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