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How can you improve Customer experience on your E-commerce Site?

Providing great customer service has become a challenge for the booming e-commerce websites. Although e-commerce sites can be really beneficial, they lack a personal touch. Each website wants to surpass the competition by being more customer-friendly each time. There are many ways to improve customer service and experience.

Whether you realize it or not, but customer service plays an important role in the website’s reputation and brand-building. In order to Fastrack your sales, below are some of the most beneficial ways to improve customer performance for any e-commerce website.

Quick loading of website  

Your website loading time affects your bottom line. The e-commerce website should be easy to load within a few seconds. The biggest threat today is not so much the competitor than it is the back button. If the website takes a lot of time to load, then the customer would jump to another website. The website should be easy to load not only on the laptop or computer but also on the mobile phone. Many customers believe in shopping on the go as many do not have time to sit on the laptop. The customers today need information quickly and of good quality. Hence, it becomes even more difficult for retailers since you have a few seconds to attract customers to your website.

Focus on good pictures

We live in a visual world and good pictures can be the key to making a sale. If the quality of the picture does not appeal to the customers then it affects your sales. In addition, e-commerce customers like to focus on the pictures before making a purchase. Hence, retailers should be able to provide that feature. Give the customers the ability to zoom in and focus on the pictures and see from different angles.

Include customer reviews

Before making a purchase, people like to know about the product of their choice. Hence, having many reviews about the product would help. The brands can improve customer service by providing customer reviews not only on the website but also on the mobile app. In PowerReview’s study, around 86% of the people see the reviews before making a purchase. In such cases, a review plugin makes sure that the customer reviews the product without visiting the website, just by clicking a button in a mail received in his mailbox.

Site Navigation

Provide a simple-to-use website where the customers do not have to search a lot for the product. Today, customers are more impatient than ever before. Hence, do not try to squeeze in a lot of products in one place. The fastest e-commerce site loads in about 0.5 seconds. Avoid images of high resolution as it takes a lot of time for the site to upload. Avoid Site Navigation mistakes for a better online shopping portal.

Ask for Feedback

Develop the habit of asking for feedback. Although it might not be positive all the time it can be really valuable for the website. If an e-commerce website has to succeed, then good and helpful feedback really goes a long way. Even negative feedback can prove to be beneficial for retailers because they know where they need to pull up.

Ask for the Customer’s experience

Nowadays people do not wish to see the usual promotion emails and SMS anymore. Instead of sending lazy emails and promotions, be innovative. Ask your customer how their experience has been with the product, immediately after they have made a purchase. People are more likely to stay with you if they know their opinion matters.

Good customer service might not be a company’s favorite activity but it should be a major point of emphasis. When improving customer service, spend time analyzing and research areas to improve.

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