Boost your Woocommerce powered sales with

Boost your Woocommerce powered sales with

Woocommerce is the platform of choice for developing a robust and profitable e-commerce website using WordPress. While WordPress provides the core back end and performs as the content management system that powers the website itself, it is Woocommerce that actually is the beating heart of any e-commerce venture.

Woocommerce powers some of the fundamental features of e-commerce that make it different than just any blog. With Woocommerce, you can really build the online shopping website of your dreams.

However, there is a limit to growth from traditional sources like word of mouth and social media promotion. Everything eventually reaches a stagnation point, and an online shopping website is no exception. We like to project e-commerce as the biggest revolution in shopping in decades, and by many accounts, the comparison is fair.

But that does not exempt it from the basic economic laws that have stood the test of time for centuries. To continue growth and sustained revenue, you must invent new sources and drivers of growth. One such system is affiliate marketing.

Why affiliate marketing?

There are many ways to advertise your business on both traditional as well as social media networks. Advertising is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about promotion, especially paid promotion. Pay-per-click advertising on search engines and influential blogs has been a time-tested way of driving more traffic to your web venture. These options have a crucial drawback: they make no distinction between an interested viewer and a casual one. Simply put, conventional advertising will do nothing to send people who might be actually interested in your products to your website.

It makes no distinction between a relevant user and one who might just be browsing through. Moreover, these systems begin showing signs of diminishing returns after a while, making them unsuitable for sustaining long-term growth. Thankfully, there is a perfect system for online culture nowadays and one that can systematically drive new, diverse, and most importantly, relevant traffic to your e-commerce venture.

Affiliate marketing is the system of tying up with influential people, blogs, opinion drivers, and influencers such that they direct their viewers and audience towards your web venture in exchange for a small commission. This is unlike general-purpose “blanket” advertising because you need only tie-up with influencers relevant to your business.

If you are running an e-commerce venture specializing in automotive spare parts, you can run an affiliate marketing program for websites and publications that do car reviews, automotive product reviews, etc., such that the viewers of those sites will be directed to your web venture if they have anything to purchase.

Therefore with affiliate marketing, you are assured that the traffic you get is interested in the products you are selling and are much more likely to purchase. Compare this to a pay-per-click advertising program where your ad is displayed to both a car enthusiast and someone who is simply looking for a few wallpapers for his desktop. In the second case, the money you pay is entirely wasted.

Affiliate marketing with

ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks on the web. The company has been providing consistent linking services for more than 16 years. ShareASale is a hosted affiliate marketing solution that supports e-commerce websites to drive greater traffic and generate greater revenue by partnering with influential people, blogs, and publications on the internet. In exchange for their recommendation, you pay the influencers a certain commission if a user purchases by following their link. It is truly a win-win scenario.

How to create affiliate marketing with

As an e-commerce site owner, you need to create a Merchant Account with ShareASale before starting affiliate marketing. Once you have set up your account, you will need to provide the various details of your e-commerce platform so that proper and accurate tracking can be set up such that when a user buys something after being brought to your e-commerce site from an influencer, the commission is paid to the influence automatically. This helps foster stable and genuine relationships between your company and the influencers essential for driving greater growth and increased revenue for you.

ShareASale is a paid service that includes a one-time setup fee and deposits that allow the company to pay commissions to affiliated influencers. Once you make the requisite payments, your account will be activated post approval from the ShareASale team after proper reviews.

Benefits of partnering with for affiliate marketing is definitely the leading affiliate marketing platform today. They allow you the widest choice of content creators and other online publications to partner with. Because is a trusted brand in the affiliate marketing domain, content creators would be more willing to partner with your e-commerce venture if you do it through offers various important features that ensure fair compensation for content creators and publishers. For instance, as the marketer, you need to maintain an active deposit in your account that will be used to pay out commissions to the content creators who share your affiliate link with their audiences. This prevents the exploitation of content creators in a situation where the marketer often cheats them out of their commission by claiming that no one has made a purchase using the affiliate link. By keeping as an intermediary, the possibilities of such incidences are completely eliminated.


So you see that to make your e-commerce venture a grand success, you must take advantage of the tools at your disposal and aggressively market your brand. Affiliate marketing is the perfect method for the job as it guarantees targeted message delivery for relevant audiences, which is especially important when your venture is in the growing stages. With, your affiliate marketing campaign is destined to be a grand success.

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