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A recent survey has shown that a large number of merchants can’t continue their online shop due to lack of proper eCommerce marketing strategy. Most of them normally start their business with great passion and then after a few while their passion started reducing gradually. The main reason behind subsiding their confidence is lack of sales in their website. And this lack of sales leads them to lack of confidence and lack of confidence tends them to a limitless frustration which results an inevitable shut down. But as a merchant you should be trickier and you must have a sound plan of sales to prevent your losses. And to make your journey easier, we’ve listed some tips below. Hope it helps.


1 # Prepare for 1 Year

Don’t start your business without having enough money for surviving at least one year. Otherwise you may be compelled to leave your project in the middle of your path and your journey of entrepreneurship will come to an end. Prepare yourself like a comrade so that whatever negative happens you can stick on your plan until being successful. This primary motivation is very necessary to boost your effort effectively. But make sure that your plan is realistic. Otherwise, there is a possible chance of mismatching between your expectation and result.

2 # Choose a Resourceful Web Platform

For starting your website, I’ll recommend wordpress as it is the easiest, coolest and most resourceful web management platform. There are lots of tutorials online on wordpress for beginner, intermediate and advanced level WP geeks. Now after installing WordPress on your web server, install woocommerce as your eCommerce manager. There are several more ecommerce plugins, but still I am suggesting woocommerce because more than 30% eCommerce website is now run by woocommerce and you can choose your different types of useful plugin and extension for woocommerce from different sources. The installation, management and support of woocommerce is awesome enough to make your ecommerce marketing strategy fruitful in future.

3 # Showcase Your Products Attractively

So now you’ve a long term planning and I hope according to your planning step one, you’ve already installed wordpress and woocommerce. Now it’s time for showcasing your product. Showcasing doesn’t mean only upload your products randomly. You can make it an art of captivating your visitors on your products. A common characteristics of human nature is if you can design an impressive ambiance you can make people purchasing multiple products from you. And a cool showcasing can increase the possibility of frequent purchase from your shop.

4 # Submit Your Products to Shopping Engines

Now you may ask from where and how you’ll get regular visitors. Initially the best way is submitting your products into different search engines. There are thousands of shopping engines online where millions of visitors look for their desired products. But some of them are really effective like: Google Shopping, price grabber etc. According to our research on shopping engines, there are about 100 search engines those are really worthy for sales boosting. But don’t be afraid thinking about how you can maintain all these search engines by single hand because there is a sales booster plugin named WooCommerce Product Feed that can automatically submit your products to shopping 100+ shopping engines automatically. So, if you use it you can both boost your sell and can save your valuable time for other tasks.

5 # Ensure Proper Customer Support

Don’t forget your clients after selling your products because clients bring clients. Keep remember when someone purchases a product from you it doesn’t mean the relation is ended, rather it means a new relation is started where client will recommend you in his circle and without giving a sound support you can’t buy this recommendation. So, be alert of your clients call as much as you can.

So, try to follow the tips above because these all are proven tips taken from the practical experiences of successful merchants. And don’t lose hope. Keep patience & work hard. Definitely one day your day will come.

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  1. Where can I find a guide or information about submitting WooCommerce Product Feed Pro feeds to the 100+ shopping engines in your article automatically. I’ve got google shopping, now want to push to other marketplaces.

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