Future of Product Feed

The Future of Product Feed

The future of feeds has already arrived although it is not evenly distributed. Digital marketing gets more complex as our reliance on automation increases. The future of digital marketing relies heavily on feeds.

The majority of the work can be handled by computers but they need more input from us at a strategic level. The input expected is more about the targets we need, what ad messages we want and why.

Today, we have more data, channels, and tasks done on a daily basis. The only way we can manage everything is by relying on feeds to update and manage our marketing efforts. (Ambien) At present, Google shopping rules the product feed market. Check out CTX Feed to make your feeds better.

A feed has been used in many ways. Below of them are mentioned below:

  • Google Shopping picks the feed and automatically determines the keywords. By using keywords Google Shopping starts showing the products. On the other hand, Google Dynamic Search Ads are paid services that crawl into the website to find relevant keywords.
  • If you let Google handle the things, your product would tend to upscale faster and quicker. Seems like we might not have that option in the future. We might have to give up more control to stay in the game.
  • A feed is nothing but structured data to talk to the users. Sometimes we personalize this link about how we talk to the user. Apart from talking directly to the customers, we could keep the media up to date with the current status.
  • A structure data would be used for targeting and as a mechanism for determining. If you create an AdWords file via CSV and import it in AdWords Editor or in the interface you have created structured data.

There are many ways where we might get data structured, but the focus tends to be more towards advertising. The better information we provide on the platform, the better they will perform for us.

Google Now has become a great example of a search. We at present think of search as a list of websites that provides answers to queries. But there is no reason that search should be limited to the websites or the information provided on the website.

Google Now looks at all the information and provides the one that has relevance to my requirement. The sources include weather feeds, websites, local listing and even emails. The search depends on the person’s context like current location, contents of the page visited, time, search history, amongst other parameters.

Search Engines need to change

As the world becomes more accustomed to contextual data we can see a major change coming. We can expect to see ads expand from those that point users to destinations to those that provide action and information.

An ideal future of feeds would be detecting that a customer is only 50-100 meters away. If we know their buying habits, the company can determine a special price and provoke her to make a purchase.

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