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  • How to Write Product Description Properly for Ecommerce

    In our previous article, we discussed how to write product title properly for Ecommerce? In this article, we will describe how to write product description properly for Ecommerce?   For most of the ecommerce entrepreneurs, writing a good product description often seems a big challenge because many of them can’t attract their customers by their product […]

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  • ecommerce-title How to Write Product Title Properly for Ecommerce

    If you are the owner of an Ecommerce website, a question might comes to your mind very frequently when you are uploading a new product to your store and the question is, how to write product title properly for Ecommerce? Almost all merchants do the same mistake during product title writing. And the mistake is […]

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  • How to Increase Online Sales Fast

    The million dollar question among the owners of web based store is how to increase online sales fast and majority of webmasters become disappointed after abortive steps. According to my opinion there is no any shortcuts of earning money. But of course you can design a list of steps for making the way of your […]

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  • ecommerce-marketing-strategy Ecommerce Marketing Strategy for Merchants

    A recent survey has shown that a large number of merchants can’t continue their online shop due to lack of proper eCommerce marketing strategy. Most of them normally start their business with great passion and then after a few while their passion started reducing gradually. The main reason behind subsiding their confidence is lack of […]

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  • 5 Splendid Google Shopping Features for Retailers

    Google shopping has made itself a big tool or marketing recently for the retailers and the matter of regret is that a large number of retailers are not aware of this properly due to their poor research on marketing. And as a result a lot of ecommerce startup jeopardize daily. But if you are serious […]

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  • how-to-launch-an-ecommerce-website How to Launch an E Commerce Website?

    E Commerce Overview Ecommerce or electronic commerce covers the whole area of business based on electronics like: internet business, mobile based business or even television based business. But today web based online shops are ruling the e commerce world. At present there are approximately 4 million ecommerce websites where 110k sites are making meaningful revenues […]

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  • What is Product Feed for eCommerce?

    A product feed is a .TXT, CSV, EXCEL or XML file which contain a list of products and their attributes (id, title, description, price, image, link and other attributes) in an organized way so that each product can be displayed into search engines, compared uniquely and can be advertised. Product Feed or Data Feed supply […]

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