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How to Improve Your WooCommerce Store Sales

WooCommerce is the Web’s most popular CMS platform. It is a free platform and designed to work with WordPress. WooCommerce powers more than a quarter of all online stores.

Every WooCommerce owner has the goal to sell more products and increase revenue. But as a store owner, you can’t ignore the fact that just downloading and WooCommerce and set it up is not going to help you.

Improving sales is not always an easy task, especially with increasing competition and additional factors that affect your sales strategy and the entire store. You can implement a few effective sales tactics that can help to improve your store sales.

This article shows a few tactics that’ll help you to improve your WooCommerce store sales.

Personalize the experience

Every customer is essential, and you should treat your customer that way. However, some of your customers stand out from the pack.

These people want a personalized experience out of you. They look for a new product, special offer, discount that is intended for them. The highest priority of eCommerce should be to provide convenience. Shoppers are switching to online stores due to this reason of satisfaction and personalized shopping experience.

Customers want to have full control of their buying process and feel empowered. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of other stores available. So, customers will abandon your online store if you fail to provide a personalized shopping experience.

Keep the relationship with the customers

You need to make sure the connection with your customers is always healthy and alive. This is essential to a successful personalization strategy. To improve relationships with your customers here is what you can do:

  • Check if your customers need help
  • Reply to their messages quickly
  • Provide them special pricing package
  • Send personalized messages to your customers
  • Offer them loyalty benefits and discounts

Provide discounts

A discount is everything that you need to turn an indecisive shopper into a satisfied customer. You can generate flash sales, discount codes, and promotions with WooCommerce and its toolbox.

A discount is an excellent way to generate more sales for your store. Many consumers would like to grab a deal with a discount. It can be considered as an unavoidable marketing strategy for an eCommerce store.

Also, online shoppers continually look for a discount offer for their next purchase. Setting up a discount offer has become a standard affair for eCommerce stores. There are many useful plugins to enhance the discount strategy on your WooCommerce store.

Set urgency triggers

The slightest change in your WooCommerce stores, such as installing a countdown timer or a pop-up can lead to a considerable sales boost. The principle of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real among most shoppers.

The idea here is to deploy urgency to make the consumers buy quickly. For example, visitors might not pay attention to a product if they know they could buy the product anytime. Consumers want to grab offers immediately when it is available for limited only.

You have six choices if you want to increase the likelihood of any desired action:

  1. Add urgency to your offer
  2. Reduce distractions
  3. Improve your value proposition
  4. Increase the clarity of your offer
  5. Reduce anxiety ( increase trust, phrased differently)
  6. Increase the relevancy of your offer to your audience or vice versa.

Send out regular newsletters

Excellent email marketing for your WooCommerce store has the power to build relationships with your customers. Email marketing isn’t just about sending emails to your subscribers about product sales and promotions.

There are different emails you should send at each stage of the buyer journey are:

  1. Onboarding: the person wants to know more about your brand at this stage. Your task here is to collect enough information to know whether this person matches your ideal buyer persona.
  2. Lead nurturing: you need to further educate your prospects about your products at this stage. The goal here is to educate people to encourage them to make purchasing decisions.
  3. Sales/ Promotion: the person knows enough about your products to purchase at this stage. Email messages like promotions, coupons, or discounts can encourage the prospect to become a customer.
  4. Transactional: once the person has made a purchase, this email can be sent. You can communicate the purchase confirmations and suggest them other relevant products.
  5. Behavioral: According to the prospect’s behavior, these emails are activated. An email is sent immediately when the person completes a predefined action. Consumers who add an item to their shopping cart but leaves your site can get knock to complete the purchase.

 Final thoughts

WooCommerce is an excellent platform for eCommerce stores. You can notice a significant increase in revenues if you implement the above WooCommerce tips and tactics in your store.

To provide the best customer experience to your audience, you must optimize the performance of your WooCommerce store.

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