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How to use Product Feeds in Online Marketing?

Do you get up in the middle of the night thinking about how to increase sales? Have better product exposure? Increase ROI on your marketing investments? In recent times, product marketing options have increased. Thanks to social media websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, one can now have a better reach and more exposure for their products.

What is Product Feed?

A product feed is a method where a product data feed gets distributed and synced from the retailer’s website on many distribution and marketing platforms. Some of the online distribution channels include search engines, shopping sites, affiliate marketing partners, retargeting services and much more. A product feed can be done in many ways.

Create Data Files

Think well about the product title when your start creating your data and make sure the keywords are in place. The users do their research on brand names, types, attributes, price, color or size. Since the search engines highlight the words which the users type, it directly affects the CTR.

When you are done with titles, write a description of the product which includes the keywords. The more features and attributes you provide, the better are your chances. Apart from this, never compromise on good quality pictures.

Methods of using Product Feeds

Product feed with affiliate marketing

A common error which merchants make is launching an affiliate marketing program with not enough marketing support. Many tech-savvy marketers are moving ahead of ad banners. The methods used are contextual links or product focused links.

Each affiliate network will have different data feed requirements. The requirement differs as each column and row would need a new attribute or a feature. The characteristics might include the name of the product, price, image, URL source and landing page. Once the work is done, you can upload it to your affiliate account. The network converts all the landing pages into affiliate tracking links. When affiliates access the data feed they will pull the tracking link associated with each product.

Product feed with social media

Product feeds are a valuable asset for your advertising strategy. It is a base that helps to automate the SKU catalog into ads on both search engines and social media. Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLA) through social Shopping campaigns, Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads are a few examples.

It is essential to understand the nuances of each channel as each operates differently. Although, they could be working on the same foundation. The PLA does not get triggered by keywords. Hence, make sure you have amazing titles and product descriptions.

Product feeds, hence are of utmost importance in the entire eCommerce landscape. And what is more interesting is, it need not be complicated to get it to work. The CTX Feed Pro takes care of all important aspects of product feeds and can put you in business with just a few clicks.

Product feed with shopping sites

There are many shopping sites which sync your products from the shopping cart. These sites have feed experts who help you set up the dashboard where you can automate your feed. This will include many measuring tools which help you analyze and make better marketing decisions.

If you have considered using shopping sites as a part of your marketing strategy, remember there are some additional costs. The ways in which users search for a product keep changing. Hence, a method that works today might not work tomorrow.

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