Google Shopping Campaign

Simple and Easy Steps to Create a WooCommerce Google Shopping Campaign

The need for WooCommerce Google Shopping has become the ultimate destination for online retailers and sellers to promote their products online. Google Shopping allows you to showcase your products with a lot of rich information free of cost as opposed to conventional text-based ads. For that, you need Google Shopping WordPress and its relevant tools to have a productive outcome.

It is pretty evident that you will not get recognition overnight when you start your small business from scratch – no matter how good your commodities are. Sometimes, it takes ages to compete with your competitors to rank top on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). 

Yet, that is not guaranteed either. A lack of utilization of the proper product information within the feed using Google Shopping can affect your online appearance. Hence, we will guide you through how WooCommerce’s Google product feed can boost your online presence with massive leads conversion. For this, you need to bear with me till the end.

Trust me; you will gain a lot from this as we are yet to reveal a unique & easy way to upload your product feed into Google Shopping within minutes. Our mysterious technique will enhance your use of Google Shopping WordPress with absolute subtlety.

  • Google and Amazon make up 85% of all the product searching online.
  • 4/5 customers intending to purchase products online visit either Google or Amazon
  • 76.4% of the total online retail search ad was spent on Google Shopping in the US
  • With that 76.4% online retail ad spending, Google Shopping generated a 97.9% successful click rate
  • Mobile devices are responsible for generating 65% clicks on Google search result
  • In 2019, Google shopping witnessed a 41% massive growth in spending more than the previous year
  • Google Shopping (63%) gets four times as more visitors through click-on-search campaigns than the other platforms – Amazon (15%), YouTube (9%), and Bing (6%)
  • According to Arcadia, Brands using Google Shopping garnered a 458% rise in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • With a whopping rise of 102% in sales, the lead conversion rate jumped to a massive amount of 140% with Google Shopping Campaign

How Exactly Does Google Shopping Work With WooCommerce?

If you are an online store owner and have built your site using WooCommerce, you can easily take advantage of it. You can present your products on Google Shopping, and that too for free. When you search for any specific product, you will see a list of that particular shopping product on your display.

And that too with their price, title, and other additional information either at the top or on the right side of the google search result. 

Google Shopping appearance - WooCommerce Google Shopping

Your customers can also click on the Shopping option to get those listings with more filtering and advanced options. 

Google Shopping Main Shopping option

The top lists are marked as Sponsored as the online sellers spend hefty to advertise their products to appear at the top of the page, leaving the other free product listing behind.

Anything that comes later or in the middle are free-listing ads, which means they involve no extra cost, and the entire listing happens due to their optimized-product-information campaign strategy. 

Finding Your Online Store Is Three Times Easier

Upon searching, the customers don’t bother how prominent your store is or how giant they are, but instead, they are more interested in finding their suitable products. This is where Google Shopping comes in handy – by clicking on the product, your customers can explore your website with lots of insights about the stores.

You may have gone for one product, but the arrangement of other products within the store based on the category might entice you to buy even varieties of products. 

Unlike most prominent platforms, which use keywords or SEO keywords to rank the products, Google Shopping helps search the products and list them on the users’ platform based on the search relevancy made by the customers searching for.

To do it, your WooCommerce product must have some unique information based on which your WooCommerce Google shopping feed will be generated, and in turn, help your store’s presence to come at the front. After all, you are advertising for free, your information must fancy Google for the approval.

We will come to all the points one by one, including the free campaign setup. Just have a little bit of patience. 

What Is Product Feed and How Does It Work?

A product feed is a file containing the most necessary product information, including ID, Title, Description, Image, etc., within XML, CSV, or TXT type of file. This information varies from channel to channel as each channel has its own essential attributes. Without this information, neither will your product bring any productive outcome nor ROI. Likewise, Google has its own distinctive attributes.

Product feed bears your products’ extensive pieces of information as CSV, TXT, or XML Product feed files. When you wish to become a prominent e-commerce owner, you wish to display your products to multiple channels. You will always look for the most prominent and established channels, such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

However, you may have limited or no budget at all to spend on those channels’ ads. For this, you require to submit all the essential data of your products to rank them into those channels. For a free listing on Google, in particular, you need to choose all yet crucial product information in your WooCommerce product feed. Keep in mind; Optimized Product feed is the indicator of how good your products are in terms of being displayed in the listings.

Your WooCommerce Google Shopping campaign can either fail or succeed depending on the sophisticated product information. Hence, make your product feed as detailed as possible for the best outcome, especially if you want a free campaign.

Look, you can use an unoptimized product feed, which lacks essential information required by channels. But, would you want to take the risk knowing that your feed may backfire or receive disapproval from the channels?

No, right? I do believe the same. Remember, you are not the only one struggling to turn your visitors into customers; there are other competitors too. They might be either a more giant company than yours or are at the same level.

If you see a company of your height reaches twice the fame as you, there is something fishy there. Either you are not serious about your product feed and its lack of attention or your competitors utilize them properly.

Three ways you can utilize your product feed but not all of them will guarantee you the same triumph.

  • Manual Product Feeds: This is for those who have recently ventured their e-commerce with limited products. Here, you will create the WooCommerce Google feed using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy and hectic process. Any changes occurring in your products will require you to change them in the spreadsheet instantly, and in turn, update them immediately. It is one of the unpleasant disadvantages of not using the advanced Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin.
  • Content API product Feeds: This is not a new way for your product information entry. Channels such as Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Shopify, and Volusion use specific apps to connect online store to these channels directly. The easiest and quickest way to connect to your store – may this API product feed be your day-to-day companion.

Although it is very productive for large online retailers, it restricts you from uploading the ongoing live feed. Anything you customize or optimize won’t go straight into the channels as you require a new API link for this. It means anything you upload will go exactly the same way to the channels as they are in your store.

Any changes afterward will not change the feed file into the channels. For this, you need to develop individual applications for individual channels, which makes it tedious and resource-intensive.

  • Product feed Automation: This is the best way to keep your online store up-to-date. Using various plugins, you can make the best free campaign for your WooCommerce Google Shopping. It is equally effective for the other channels to upload your product feed into multiple channels. The method is very efficient if you own a large store with a lot of variable products with unique SKUs.

Google uses a feature known as “Website Crawl,” through which Google can use the structured data and sitemap embedded into the feed. Therefore, any recent changes or optimization of your product information will automatically update the feed. Thus, it saves your time, effort and helps you concentrate more on your marketing. We will reveal the plugin for the automation within a little while.

Requirements For Better Conversion On Google Shopping

To produce a top-notch product feed, you will have no alternative but to adhere to the Google Product data specification. This specification will give you an insight into the required attributes and their adjustable formats for uploading it to the Google Merchant Center – a sole Google platform to display your product information into Google Shopping according to the product feed you create. 

Remember, any wrong pattern of the required attributes can lead to a failure of sale conversion on Google Shopping. Thus, poor relevancy of the keyword searching or less competitive bidding.

The Most Important Attributes Are

  • Product Title
  • Image Link
  • Price
  • Additional Image Link

The first thing that hits the customers with an impression is writing a tempting product title. When a customer searches for T-shirts on Google, it brings an extensive collection of results of t-shirts. Of course, not the whole list will entice you. You might search Red Summer t-shirt to funnel your searching to filter the results even more.

Therefore, if you don’t pick up a title like this long that covers the customers’’ demand, it will come as of no use. Remember, your title should not exceed more than 150 characters as per Google’s requirement. You will see how you can extend your title using our Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin in a while.

The second thing that retains the customers’ attention is the image link. Choose the image that is free of watermark and any darker contrast. You need a transparent image with a lighter background. Additional images will increase the customer’s trust as the customers can see the variation of the same product by looking at the product from various angles. Thus, making the WooCommerce Google Shopping experience better.

Remember, the price plays a pivotal role in keeping the customers’ interests. Hence, the more you detail the price, including the offer price, regular price, etc., the quicker customers can decide whether or not they wish to go for that product. The aim of including the price is to give an idea about your product and update your customers on that product.

Other Required Attributes List

  • ID
  • Description
  • Link
  • Availability
  • Availability date (if product availability is set to preorder or backorder)
  • Price
  • Brand (not applicable to books, movies, musical recordings)
  • GTIN (if gtin is allocated by the manufacturer)
  • MPN (if gtin is missing)
  • Condition (if the product is new or refurbished)
  • Adult (if the product is meant to be for adult uses only)
  • Multipack (for enhanced free listing)
  • Bundle (if enhanced free listing)
  • Age Group (for specific countries’ people)
  • Colour
  • Gender
  • Material (for differentiating various products)
  • Pattern
  • Size
  • Item group ID
  • Delivery (when delivery cost apply if not entered into your Merchant Center)

What You Can Do Or Cannot Do:

  • Update the pertinent information on product feed
  • No keyword stuffing or jargon should be used
  • Images must accurately bear the resemblance of the original product
  • All the product-related information should be up to date
  • Try to fill up all the compulsory fields in the product listing with more additional images
  • No grammatical mistakes in the description or title
  • The WooCommerce Google feed must comply with the Google Merchant Center specification
  • The same goes for any type of Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin
CTX Gif Banner

What Values WooCommerce Google Shopping Ads To Online Presence?

Visual Promotion Perform Better Than Text Ads

You have heard it right! Customers like to see and visualize the products before they proceed to purchase – as online-based products, once delivered, are hard to be refunded or returned. Also, products appearing visually on Google are enriched with colorful images, perfect models, ratings, and reviews; you can simply understand how the products will look, and what specialties it has, which are missing in the text-based ads. 

Text ads contain words and words, and not all the information at a glimpse can engage you to either click or visit the website. Hence, the seller will lose the customers’ interaction by all means for all kinds of products other than the one that shows up on Google Search.

You may agree that essential products like shoes, clothing or electronics, differ in reality from what’s seen in the text ad. Therefore, Google shopping is a time-saver for your perfect shopping with just a click away. Even though we are discussing the free campaign of Google Shopping, it came to our notice that it would be better if you knew how the Google Shopping ads outperform the text-based ads.

The reason is apparent – making your free campaign even stronger and more appealing. However, the free product promotion is not less than the paid campaign if appropriately used with the Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin. Let us give you a comparative example of the traditional ad spending & its clicking rate and Google shopping ads and its clicking rate in the US and UK. 

Google Shopping vs Text Ads US

As you can see from the chart, the US spends about 76.4% on Google Ads, bringing around 85.3% clicks. The text ads fail to bring that many clicks as the spending is three times lower than the former one. 

Google Shopping vs Text Ads spending to CTR in UK

The same pattern is also visible in UK’s text ads compared to the Google ads as the latter received more spending followed by generating more clicks at around 87.9% click rates. It proves how crucial visually dazzling ads are in contrast to text ads.

Qualified Leads Ensure More Customers On Your Site

Google Shopping generates all the prerequisite information from the WooCommerce Google shopping feed, including photos, images, additional images, reviews, and many more. When customers get all information in one place, why would they bother to seek out other websites?

Therefore, the click-through rate doubles or triples, your page receives more traffic, and in turn, your website bouncing rate declines. 

Once the decision to go ahead with your product is confirmed, the customers will be more likely to get hold of your online store website. It’s good for you as these particular customers will become your loyal customers from now on and won’t require any persuasion through paid Google Ads. 

However, if you are not a paid campaigner, your free campaign strategy will fall. On top of that, with no proper access to the Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin, your search result will go extinct.

Google Shopping with detailed information

Find Your Online Store With Ease Through WooCommerce Google Feed

The user-friendly title, an easy keyword with no stuffing, concise yet luring description, attractive and bright images all put in place can lead the users to find your online stores instantly without requiring to search for longer. Remember, no one knows you or your website unless you are famous. Therefore, the only way to get known to the customers is to show your products using the above formulae to match the relevancy of the customers. 

It could be your last or long-term impression on your customers. So, having all of the mentioned criteria based on the correct instructions led by Google Product Data Specification can improve your search visibility. These visitors can finally become your long-lasting leads, which you can convert and thus drive the product sales

Searching Becomes Easier With Minimal Management

The reason people despise online text ad marketing is because you need proper research of SEO keywords, and based on that, you have to bid for the keywords. You may also fear that the keywords will cause stuffing, as well as the difficulty or competition level often fluctuates. As a result, you need to constantly keep your eyes on the keyword to ensure that the customers find your ad. 

Your ad campaign may also need a proper SEO-optimized landing page, display content, competitive analysis, and a detailed description of the product to appear on the search list. Whereas, by creating your WooCommerce Google feed, you can simply match with the term or keyword customers use to find the product.

When Google indexes and scans the item searched by the customers, it will bring your products to the attention – as long as your product relevancy fits the searching criteria. See how easy it is to manage it with no string attached. 

CTX Feed Woocommerce Product Feed Manager Banner

Google Shopping WooCommerce Plugin For Quick Upload

With the emergence of various plugins, your WooCommerce Google product feed upload has become a cup of tea indeed. Manually entering all the product information is time-consuming and requires constant dedication if you own a site that contains thousands of products.

Also, Google Shopping wants a subtle entry of information to bring out the best search results, whether it’s a paid campaign or free. Therefore, these plugins give you a hell of relief in terms of subsiding your burden. 

Most of these plugins are free, but some are paid as well. However, most free plugins do everything from linking your WooCommerce to Google, Facebook, Bing, Pinterest, etc, to uploading thousands of products. Also, paid plugins provide you with more features, which could otherwise have limited your options.

One such plugins is CTX Feed Pro. Even though the pro version suggests that you have to purchase it to use all its features, the free version is equally popular since it has more than 2M downloads. 

We will reveal how CTX Feed can give you the best upload experience within a couple of minutes, unlike the other plugins available out there. I hope you are brainstorming your knowledge. 

How Easy Is The Setup of Google Merchant Center

The primary aim of using the Google Merchant Center is to reach out to the customers – your target audiences with a simple click in the form of a Google Ad, backed up by the WooCommerce Google Shopping feed. These audiences are the ones who are in their final buying journey and have already decided to proceed with your products.

Therefore, Google Merchant Center allows you to upload your WooCommerce Google feed and filter the audiences that fall under your intended audiences. Hence, any feed uploaded on Google Merchant Center will disseminate your products in their ad sections, and the customers craving that category will definitely drool into them.

With this sheer benefit, your e-commerce business is more likely to snowball within a short time, gathering long-term tight-knit customers. Google Merchant is used to manipulate your Google ads due to its ability to reform any mistakes or errors you make. The less the error is in your feed, the more it appears at the top of the Google Ads. 

Process Of Signing Up

  • Let’s get started on how to set up your Google Merchant Center. You can quickly sign into Merchant Center if you have a personal or official or store-based Google email id (Gmail). First, on Google, type Google Merchant Center and click on the first link. Click on “Get Started.”
Signing Up of Google Merchant Center
  • It will open a new tab in which you will have to roll out your Gmail id if you have any. Otherwise, you need to open an account and select that particular id. 
  • Now, you will be required to supply all the business-related information that pertains to your online store. Remember, your business name will be your online store’s name, and choose your country from where your business will be operated. 
Google Merchant Center business information
  • Scrolling down on the same page, you will see a list of channels; it helps you reach your products’ ads to the relevant platform. Choose On Google as you want to display your ads on Google Shopping. 
Google Merchant Center for Google only - WooCommerce Google Shopping
  • You will see options like promotional offer or invitation for a test for new features, etc. That’s entirely up to you – they are not compulsory, and you can fix them later. 
Google Merchant Terms and Conditions - WooCommerce Google Feed
  • However, tick on the agreement of the Google Merchant Center, and you are all set to upload your WooCommerce Google Shopping feed. 

Things To Consider Before Creating A WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed 

When you upload your product feed either manually or with the help of any Google Shopping WooCommerce plugins, you need the following information to fill up. Thus, any information you put on the WooCommerce product field needs to resemble the product feed information.

Otherwise, Google might suspend your Merchant Center account. It also applies to your regular use of the Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin as they contain all those attributes options, which Google shopping needs.

Hence, take a look at how you should optimize them according to Google Product specification;

Product ID [id]

Arrow 1
  • It should be unique
  • Acts as an identifier of a specific product
  • Alternatively, opt for SKU – stock-keeping unit – a distinctive identifier that separates each product from another. I.e. 0001

Product Title [title]

Arrow 2
  • Your product title represents your product
  • It should be grammar-error free and contains the relevant keywords.
  • No stuffing
  • Should be exactly as same as the landing page
  • Must contain additional keyword that makes it easy for searching. I.e. Brand, Season, Colour, Type, Gender, Main title

Example; Flamingo Winter Red Aviator Male Sunglasses

Product Description [description]

Arrow 3
  • Description must contain relevant keywords and free of jargon
  • Make it spelling-error free
  • Ilustrate what the application of the product is
  • Elaborate the features of the product without overcomplicating the sentences
  • No similarity or duplication between the products even within a same category

For example; Flamingo sunglasses are 100% stainless steel with zero bending capacity. It sustains up to 5 ATMs underneath the water and puts up with a fall up to 3 meters from the surface. From rain, snow to dust, it hardly gets any scratches.

Main Image [image_link]

Arrow 4
  • One of the most important attributes
  • It creates the first impression
  • It should have crystal-clear, light/transparent background
  • Overall lighting for focusing on the product should be in a good balance
  • Good balance between brightness and contrast
  • Automatic image enhancement can be used for the editing
  • Size should be as per Google Specification
  • No watermark or promotional messages
  • URL of the main image or the additional images [additional-image-link] must be correct for the right index of Google

Price [price]

Arrow 5
  • Price pursues customers to enter your online store
  • Product price of WooCommerce must match your landing page’s page
  • If offer or sale is given, that should be mentioned alongside the regular price
  • Make sure that the product displays the multiple prices correctly if it has any
  • Your price currency should be either based on your store or the currency converter should take care of your relevant currencies.

Google Product Category [google_product_category]

Arrow 6
  • Put the relevant products into the relevant categories
  • Multiple relevant products in the same category will help customers find more than one product shown on Google ad, thus more site visit

For Instance; if hoodies, cardigans, and T-shirts are all put in Apparel & Accessories > Clothing, then clicking one of them will show the rest of them on the same landing page

Tax [tax] & Shipping [shipping]

Arrow 7
  • You need to set WooCommerce tax in advance
  • You can choose one or multiple countries for tax and shipping
  • You can enable multiple shipping options from your plugins
  • For tax, you can also choose the state within a country
  • You can specify if the shipping cost will apply for that country or state
  • The set flat shipping cost for one country, free for another and pickup service is also available free of charge
  • Make sure that your shipping cost information is correct, otherwise vulnerable to cart abandonment

Manufacturer [brand]

Arrow 8
  • Use the brand name which is popular and demandable amongst customers
  • You can either choose static value for the brand so that all your products will fall under that brand
  • Or you can choose attribute, which will select individual brand for that product

GTIN [gtin] & MPN [mpn]

Arrow 9
  • These are identifiers to make your products even mor specific
  • These numbers are not random
  • These numbers are only generated by the manufacturers
  • Not two MPN or GTIN numbers can be same

CTX Feed – A Revolutionary Product Plugin For The WooCommerce Google Shopping

Here comes the most exciting part for which you all have been waiting so patiently. CTX Feed plugin stands out from the rest of the plugins in the market and helps you create a product feed for WooCommerce Google shopping, explicitly designed for the Google Merchant Centre. This Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin comes with a fully-fledged package of all the essential Google attributes.

Creating a product feed by adding every single item seems extremally vile, especially when you need to add them into Google Merchant Center, where a slight mistake can sabotage your products’ appearance into Google Shopping. Also, category-wise, your large number of products need to fit in; otherwise, they will be scattered across all the categories, which might confuse the customers.

Get CTX-Feed banner

Besides, you must know which item on which way must be entered into the feed; otherwise, your items will have missing titles, or descriptions or links, or images, etc. CTX Feed makes it feasible for you to add thousands of items in just a blink of an eye. It meets the requirement of your desired platforms, such as Google, Bing, Pinterest catalog, set Facebook catalog, PriceSpy, and many more.

You don’t need to research the criteria for each platform as the CTX Feed has already included them. Thus, making your feed configuration much more effortless. Having almost over 30,000 active users, CTX Feed is the main limelight for the digital online store. It consists of all the features to validate your WooCommerce Google Shopping feed. Let’s dig more into its unique features.


  • A state-of-the-art plugin with an option to include thousands of products at once
  • It does the cron job swiftly for any instant product update – the cron job allows to update the items after every 1,6,12,24 hours or a week
CTX Feed Cron setup - WooCommerce Google Feed
  • The Pro Version keeps you more up-to-date with their constant 5,15-, & 30-minutes interval update process
  • More than hundreds of ready-made channels to support your shopping platform, such as Facebook, Bing, Snapchat, Yahoo, Shopzilla, etc.
CTX Feed Template - WooCommerce Google Shopping
  • No more country limitation for choosing the Country where your shop is based
  • Manually add-on attributes option using the custom template (Pro Version) for making your own customized template
  • 5 types of feed type extension (XML, CSV, TSV, XLS, TXT) for making your feed arrangement more unique and bespoken for the merchant center
CTX Feed File Type - WooCommerce Google Feed
  • One of the unique features – Attribute Mapping – increases the search relevancy by creating attributes like gender, brand, season, color, etc.
Attribute mapping of CTX Feed
  • CTX Feed offers you a Smart Filter feature to filter your products with no title, description, or relevant information
CTX Feed Filter - WooCommerce Google Shopping
  • Another dynamic and pro feature, called ADVANCED FILTER, features those products that comply with the conditions set on the Filter option
CTX Feed Advanced Filter
  • Upload thousands of variable products with their unique IDs with a snap-of-a-finger using CTX Feed for WooCommerce Google Shopping
CTX Feed variations - WooCommerce Google Feed
  • Tax and shipping cost needs no extra workload. The CTX Feed takes care of any shipping to tax cost from Country to state-wise into your feed. Check out the videos to know how to configure tax and shipping attributes
  • Conditions set out by Dynamic Attribute bring an effect to your products’ values, especially when the products have variations
CTX Feed Dynamic Attributes
  • CTX Feed supporting multilingual plugins like WPML, PolyLang & TranslatePress offers a perfect foreign online-store-environment with English, German, French Language, and many more. Watch the following video for more information
  • Aelia, WOOCS multicurrency plugins set a benchmark for your WooCommerce store to show your products in different currencies like EUR. Take a look at the video to know more about the multicurrency setting
  • Creating the product feeds for single or multiple vendors have become even more accessible with Dokan plugin
CTX Gif Banner

How To Create An Instant Google Product Feed Using CTX Feed?

Finally, we are on the verge of creating a product feed for WooCommerce Google Shopping. I know you eagerly waited for that. But you can’t be in denial of the importance of us elaborating all the information beforehand.

I am certain that our information will help you understand how Google Shopping works using a ready-made product feed plugin. Without it, you could mess your shopping ad campaign along with the suspension of your Merchant account.

Previously, we discussed how to open a Merchant account and set that up. Now, it’s time to reveal the use of CTX feed – a WooCommerce product feed generator. Remember, while making the feed, don’t attempt to falsify any product-related information and no use of bait-and-switch to retain the customers to your online store.

Everything you enter into the feed must resemble what you intend to do with your products. The aim of your product feed creation for Google Shopping is to represent your online store with no empty rhetoric. Thus, this Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin will navigate you to create the most perfect feed for Google Shopping.

Product Feed Creation Process for Google Shopping WordPress

  • Login to your WordPress and go to Plugins > Add New and type CTX Feed on the search box. Click on the Install Now button.
CTX Feed Install - WooCommerce Google Feed
  • Once installed in a moment, you will see an Activate button replacing the Install Now button. Click on it to activate.
  • You can see the CTX Feed plugin popping up on the left sidebar of WordPress. Click on CTX Feed > New Feed.
Create New Product Feed
  • The first bit illustrates the Content Settings in which you must select from template category to template format. You will find necessary options, such as Country, Language, Currency, and variations pattern in these settings. Select Google Shopping as your template since you are making a feed for WooCommerce Google Shopping.
Feed Merchant Info

Out of five file format types, you can only opt for XML, CSV, or TXT as Google Shopping only accepts these formats, supported by the Merchant Center. That’s the beauty of the Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin like CTX Feed. It automatically populates what is required by Google instead of you working on it manually, which is hard and time-wasting.

You can also take help from the necessary resources by hovering your mouse onto the right-sidebar. Here, you will find the video tutorial developed by our engineering team, or you can read the documentation to save time.

  • On the same page, you will see an option called FEED CONFIG – you will have to select a list of attributes generated by Google as per its requirement. However, not all of them are mandatory, but the more the attributes you pick, the more the chances your products will show up on the ad.

Especially, Title, Description, Category, Image, Additional Images for the variable products, MPN, GTIN, URL, Brand, Stock availability, Price, Sale Price, Tax, and Shipping must be in your priority list.

Read More: WooCommerce GTIN Complete Guide

CTX Feed multiple attributes - WooCommerce Google Feed

Your task is to add their Value, Prefix, and Suffix. Type, such as Pattern/Static, will keep the value of all the products the same, whereas the Attribute type will let you select the individual value for each product. Output Type lets you select options like whether your values turn out as integer, rounded figure, free of Strip Tags, CDATA, etc.

One such example is CDATA that helps you get rid of any similar word found in the product description box to avoid XML error. When you select CDATA, it acts by using the following element

<g:description> <![CDATA[ description] ]> </g:description> If you don’t know how the Prefix, Suffix, Value, or Output type works, click on this documentation for more information.

Click on the FILTER option to decide whether you wish to remove or include Out of Stock Products, Backorder products, Empty Price or Image Products, etc. Now, click on the Update and Generate Feed button to create the feed. Some of these options are only for pro users. Make sure you read about CTX Feed Free vs Pro features. It will guide you to make the necessary corrections if required, using this marvelous Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin.

Various Filtering options of CTX Feed
  • Your feed is now ready, appearing on the Manage Feed option. You can see its name and URL. Next to the right side of the URL, you see a few options, such as View, Regenerate, Download, Export Feed Config, and Download Feed Log. Clicking on the URL will automatically copy the link.
Product feed URL - WooCommerce Google Shopping

Keep it copied as you might need it when you paste this link to the Google Merchant Center. Just spare a few moments, and you will finally see how Merchant Center will enhance your WooCommerce Google Shopping campaign experience to a large extent.

How Does Google Merchant Center Generate Product Feed?

Your dream to showcase your products through Google Ads is yet to turn out true through this very final stage of the process, called Google Merchant Center. We already demonstrated the signing up process to you earlier; now, it’s time to begin from where we left it.

Bear in mind; this Merchant platform will approve your feed if it meets all the requirements of the Merchant specification; otherwise, it will give you feedback regarding any error you made so that you get time to revisit your product on WooCommerce on WordPress. Besides, the Merchant center will never accept your WooCommerce Google feed if not amended or corrected.

Let’s take you to a ride of how to process your feed to aid your WooCommerce Google Shopping;

Feed Processing using CTX Google Shopping WooCommerce plugin

  • Log in to your Google Merchant account with the same Google account you created for your feed, and click on the “Products.”
  • You will get two options; one for the single product upload at a time, whereas the other allows you to upload multiple products, which most e-commerce owners use.
  • Click on the “See all methods.”
Google Merchant single or multiple uploading
  • A new page will pop up asking for some of the crucial detail of your business, such as Country of sale and Language. Pick your Country and language carefully as your online appearance will largely rely on it.

Since we are not dealing with the ad campaign for the time being with any penny spent on it, we will only tick the Free listings and leave the Shopping ads empty. Proceed by clicking on “Continue.”

Google Merchant Center Country and Language
  • The next page begins with the feed name, choose the feed name and keep it consistent with the name chosen for the feed in the CTX Feed. You will see four options to choose from; first, know a bit what their purposes are –
  1. Google Sheets: You will list all your products and their relevant attributes on Google sheets required by Google Shopping to upload them automatically.
  2. Scheduled fetch: You will provide the link of the feed created in your plugin so that any changes occurring on WooCommerce products will automatically fetch the feed file into a Merchant Center.
  3. Upload: You could download your feed file from the CTX Feed plugin and directly upload it. However, this method won’t be effective if any update takes place on WooCommerce products.
  4. Content API: This uses specific functions provided by Google to match your feed functions to automatically upload the listings to reveal them to the Shopping ads.
  • It is worth ticking “Scheduled fetch” as it will save your time and keep you up-to-the-time always when every time your WooCommerce undergoes any update or changes. Click on “Continue.”
Google Merchant Center Scheduled fetch - WooCommerce Google Shopping
  • Remember, you copied a link of your feed file on CTX Feed > Manage Feed. If you hadn’t, click it again to copy the feed URL and paste it here on the “File URL” box. Don’t forget to type the feed name as the same as the original feed file. Set your fetch time and interval for the update as per your store’s convenience. Finally, click on “Create feed.”
Google Merchant feed name and URL - WooCommerce Google Feed
  • Your pre-set fetch interval time may not match your ongoing feed uploading time. Therefore, you have an option at the top right that says “Fetch Now.” Click on it as it forces the file to be uploaded just now.
Google Merchant Center Fetch Now option
  • Your product information may have appeared by now on your display. If the products are all uploaded successfully, it will state that the products are approved. If not, you will see how many items are disapproved as circled on the image.
Google Merchant Center processing
  • The following image shows quite a few disapproved items and their reasons for disapproval. Click on the issues to see what they are and which product ids they are.
Google Merchant error or disapproved items - WooCommerce Google Shopping

These error messages will show you which items have what types of faults. Some of them can have their title, description, URL missing, or they might have invalid URL, broken links, GTIN missing, etc.

The great thing is that it will also show you the faulty items ids to check them out on the downloaded feed file quickly. Then, go to that item/items by clicking on Products > All Products, sort those issues, update the feed file and then re-fetch the file. And this is how you generate your product feed for WooCommerce Google Shopping.

If you want to see the in-detail product feed uploading procedures, don’t forget to check out the video underneath.

Final Words

Finally, all our secrets of creating a feed by using the CTX Feed to including them in the Google Merchant Center are in your hands. You could have done it without using the plugins like CTX Feed but trust me; you have saved thousands of minutes by following our techniques.

Having too many employees to update your products and their relevant issues is impractical and quite costly. Our solutions to do it using plugins may cost you a little upfront but saves an enormous amount in the long run.

Whereby applying our method and the plugin, your product will get the best attention without a doubt. Since you use WooCommerce, the CTX feed plugin is a must for you as a Google Shopping WordPress user.

Still, if you have any queries regarding this article and the use of CTX Feed for the best WooCommerce Google Shopping experience, feel free to contact us, and our technical team will be happy to assist you.

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