Shayak Hossain

Shayak Hossain

Md. Shayak Hossain Adib works as a WooCommerce writer and e-commerce researcher at WebAppick LLC, a well-known e-commerce plugin development company. With around 4 years of experience in the content marketing field, he loves creating content that helps businesses connect with their target audience by being engaging and informative. As a content strategist, Shayak has helped multiple companies grow through well-structured, SEO-optimized articles. He also understands the key aspects related to the e-commerce industry and knows the tactics and strategies to make an e-commerce store grow in the online field.

Google Product Listing Ads Optimization Hacks: Supercharge Your Sales

Nowadays, people just don’t visit online; they live online! So, if you are planning to spend money on product advertising, it better be somewhere online. Somewhere where… You ask?  GOOGLE! But, why exactly? Because Google has 8.5 billion searches daily and has an 83.49% market share! And, for every $1 spent on Google product listing […]

15 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins: Turn Your Online Store into a B2B Powerhouse

Let me make a wild guess.  You want to optimize your WooCommerce store for better wholesale customer management. Am I right? Well, if yes, then you’re in the right place! Now here’s the thing! To upgrade your WooCommerce store to a top-notch wholesale store, you’ll need a WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin—there’s no way around it.  But […]

Google Shopping Title Optimization: The Ultimate Guide

Let me ask you something. As a customer on Google Shopping, what are the first two things you notice?  First, it’s probably the Google Shopping image. But what’s next? Yes, it’s the product title. And a well-optimized Google Shopping title can make your product stand out among billions of other products, provide clear information, and […]

How to Set Up WooCommerce Facebook Catalogs- Easy Method

Did you know? Facebook has more than 3 billion monthly active users. Out of them, 2 Billion people use Facebook daily. Yes, we are talking in BILLIONS! So, if you are running a WooCommerce store, integrating it with Facebook Catalog can turn out to be a game-changer for you. And why not?  It can improve […]

Woocommerce Product Feed Export to Google Shopping: Step-by-Step Guide

Wanna hear something fascinating?  Nearly half of all shoppers (49%) rely on Google to find and explore new products.  That’s why, all the WooCommerce store owners are always looking for the opportunity to market their products in Google Shopping. It will enhance your product’s visibility, increase your WooCommerce sales, and create brand awareness.  But, to […]

How to Add Products to Google Shopping: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever felt like your products are lost online? Well, Google Shopping is here to help your products stand out! Getting your products in front of potential customers is one of the major keys to online success.  And trust me, Google Shopping can be a game-changer for boosting visibility and sales for the products. […]

How To Set Up WooCommerce Instagram Shopping – Easy Steps

Want to hear something interesting? Every month, around 2 Billion active users and more than 130 million users engage with shopping posts on Instagram. Yes, you heard it right!  And to make the most of it, 37% of all WooCommerce stores use the platform for audience building and marketing purposes. So, why not you?  With […]

How to Create a WooCommerce Google Shopping Campaign: Simple and Easy Steps

Let me share two interesting facts with you. With these eye-opening statistics, it’s clear that if you’re a WooCommerce store owner looking to boost your online presence and sales, setting up a Google Shopping campaign is necessary. WooCommerce Google Shopping campaigns allow you to showcase your products directly in Google search results. It can improve […]

How to Create WooCommerce Cart Discounts: Easy Guide

Curious about an interesting fact?  WooCommerce stores experience a staggering 75% loss in sales due to cart abandonment. Sounds scary right? Well, it is. But there is a key solution to it and the solution is offering cart discounts.  I mean who doesn’t love a good discount? They make shopping sweeter and budgets happier.  That […]

Google Shopping MPN: The Ultimate Guide to Product Identification

Picture this. You’re an online seller with big dreams of reaching millions of customers on Google Shopping.  But here’s the catch: customers are not finding your products, or your products keep getting disapproved on the platform for some reason.  But, what could be the reason? Well, there is a high chance that you are missing […]

Google Shopping Description Attribute: A Complete Guide

Did you know? 87% of online shoppers rely on product descriptions to make their buying decisions.  So, Google Shopping product descriptions play a very crucial role in guiding customers in their purchasing decisions. They can improve customer experience, increase sales, and show the value of your products more effectively.  But, to achieve all these things, […]