Google Shopping Description Attribute

Google Shopping Description Attribute: A Complete Guide

Did you know?

87% of online shoppers rely on product descriptions to make their buying decisions. 

So, Google Shopping product descriptions play a very crucial role in guiding customers in their purchasing decisions. They can improve customer experience, increase sales, and show the value of your products more effectively. 

But, to achieve all these things, you need to make the best use of the Google Shopping description attribute and generate good product descriptions.

Get ready!

In this guide, I’ll broadly discuss Google Shopping Product Description Attributes. From what this attribute is to the necessary requirements and optimization methods, you’ll get everything you need to make perfect product descriptions.

Let’s start! 

What is the Google Shopping Description Attribute?

First things first. Let’s gather some ideas about the Google Shopping [description] attribute.

The Google Shopping [description] attribute in a product feed is an essential attribute for Google Merchant Center. It provides valuable information and specific details about your Google Shopping products to potential customers. 

It is like a detail about what the product is like.

It is used to show the details, features, or any other information about your products. By using this attribute, you can provide detailed information about your products directly in Google search results.

Is the description attribute necessary for Google Shopping?

Yes, it is. 

It is mandatory to use this attribute and write your product description for Google Shopping. Why, you ask?

Well, through this attribute you get to showcase your product’s uniqueness and convince your customers into buying your products. It will help customers a lot to make informed purchasing decisions. 

One more thing!

Google Merchant Center needs the description attribute for creating compelling product listings on Google Shopping

When you use the [description] attribute properly, it can improve your google shopping search result rankings. You might get an edge over your competitors just by optimizing this attribute. 

Not only that but when you use the right keywords and write an accurate description, it can potentially boost your sales and visibility on the platform.

That is why, my suggestion would be to make the best use of your [description] attributes and write the best description for your products on Google Shopping Platform. 

Google Shopping Description Requirements

You have to meet some requirements while writing about the description of your products for Google Shopping. 

What are they? Give yourself a look at the Google Shopping description guidelines: 

1. Character Limit

The Google Shopping description length has a limitation of a maximum of 5000 Characters. So, you have to complete the entire description between 1-5000 characters.

2. No Promotional Texts

 Google Prohibits you from using any kind of promotional text in your product description. So, you cannot use texts like “free shipping”, “free delivery” or “sale price” in the description. 

Keep in mind that you cannot use your company’s name or any kind of time-related information either. 

3. Using Correct Language

 You should try to ensure that your description language is written professionally. Also, make sure that it is grammatically correct. 

When you write in this way it not only makes your content easier to understand but also gives you a more polished and professional appearance. leading to higher click-through rates. 

4. Talk Only About the Product

According to the GMC, the product description should include the product only. So, do not include- 

  • Other Products
  • Your Business Policy
  • Different Accessories
  • Links to your Store

So, just include details about your specific product. 

Now you know the requirements of [description[ attribute for Google Shopping ads. However, there are some image requirements as well. So, you can have a look at Google Shopping Ads image requirements. 

5. No Comparison with Other Products

This one is important! Google requires that you should not compare your products with others in the product description.

6. Avoid Categorization References in Product Descriptions

A lot of people make this mistake. When writing product descriptions, avoid referencing specific categories like “Electronics > Computers > Laptops > Apple Laptops.” Then, what should you do?

Instead, use the Google product category [google_product_category] or product type [product_type] attributes to specify this information.


Do not include direct links to your store or other external websites within your product descriptions. Use only the [link] attribute to provide a direct link to your product’s landing page.

product url link

So, try your best to meet these requirements while writing your product description.

How to create a Product feed and Add Google Shopping Description Attribute Using CTX Feed (For WooCommerce Store)

Hope, you have a good idea about the Google Shopping Description attribute. Some people now face trouble adding this attribute to the product feed. 

That’s why in this part, I’ll show you how to create a product feed and add the Google Shopping description attribute.

The easiest way to make a product feed and add the [description] attribute is by using a product feed plugin.

But, which plugin should you use? 

If you are a WooCommerce store owner, I’d recommend you use the CTX Feed – the best WooCommerce product feed manager plugin.

ctx feed

That’s why, search for ‘CTX Feed’ and install it. 

ctx feed plugin

But how can you make a feed? Simply, go to the ‘CTX Feed’ menu and click on ‘Make a Feed’. 

On the next page, you will find a feed window. Provide the name of your country. 

Now, comes the main part. You want to make a product feed for Google Shopping right? Well, CTX Feed will make sure that you don’t have to do much work. 

Simply, in the template section, select ‘Google Shopping’.

select google shopping

If you use WooCommerce, you have the option to generate feeds not only for Google Shopping but also for platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

Once you’ve chosen the Google Shopping template, you’ll need to provide a file name and select the desired file type. 

file name and file type

You can choose from various supported file types, including XML, CSV, TSV, or TXT formats.

Guess what will happen now?

Selecting a channel template will automatically populate the necessary attributes at the bottom using the plugin.

product feed config

Can you see something? There is the [description] attribute you were looking for.

product  description attribute

So, this plugin will help Google Shopping get all the descriptions and other attribute details as well from your WooCommerce store products. 

Now, go down below and click on ‘update and generate feed’. 

generate feed

It will automatically generate the Google Shopping feed for you. But, where to find this feed?

Just go to ‘Manage Feeds’ from the CTX Feed menu.

manage feed

There, you will find the newly generated feed. 

Here’s what your product description in the feed will look like:

product feed example

Now, all you need to do is export this WooCommerce product feed to Google Shopping. Google Shopping will get all the information about your WooCommerce products alongside the description details. 

How to Identify the Right Keywords for Your Google Shopping Product Descriptions

Choosing the right keywords for product descriptions is essential for your products to increase relevance, perform proper SEO optimization, along customers accurate info, and help them know exactly what they are looking for. It can have a direct impact on your sales too.

So, the first thing you should do is put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Try to think like a buyer. Imagine the things you would want to know as a customer if you wanted to buy any kind of product. Then include all those keywords.

Here are some of the things you should include as keywords in your Google Shopping Product Descriptions: 

1.  Utilizing Product Type and Variations

product type

Product type should be included in the first part of your description.

Why, you ask?

It will help the customer with better clarity and understanding. Through a product type, the customer can quickly understand for what purpose he or she should use the product. 

Also, if the product differs from other products then including it helps you to add a uniqueness to it as well.

Have a look at the above picture. With the ‘Hiking Backpack’ keyword you will understand that it is specifically used for different kinds of hiking activities. So, try to include your product type like this.

2. Material Composition and Texture

product material

As a product seller, you should always let your customers know what kind of materials are used to make your product. For example, cotton, leather, stainless steel etc.

Think like a customer. You have your own preferences for the materials used in the products you buy. So do the other customers. 

Now, if someone likes clothes made of cotton and is looking for jackets, they will definitely like products similar to the above picture.

That’s why include the materials to provide the potential buyers a better understanding of the product’s quality and characteristics. 

3. Applying Size and Dimension Information

product size

Whether it’s clothing, electronics, furniture, or any other item, specifying the size (like dimensions or capacity) allows customers to make sure the product meets their needs before buying. 

But, what happens if you include size information in the description?

It reduces misunderstandings and can prevent returns due to size issues. Also, some people search by different sizes.

For example, ‘ Medium size t-shirts’. So, including it can increase your eCommerce sales too. 

4. Make Use of Brand Identity


Another thing to include in Google Shopping descriptions is the ‘Brand’ name. It is a must thing and has numerous advantages. Like what, you say?

The brand name can provide instant recognition and credibility to customers. But how exactly?

You see, the well-known brand often ensures enough quality, reliability, and satisfaction for the customers. It can really influence purchasing decisions.

One more thing! Many customers search for specific brands when looking for products. So, it can improve your search visibility too.

 If you sell a good brand’s product, there will likely be repeat customers who are loyal to the brand. 

Talking about brands reminded me of one thing. Sometimes we all need to add a brand on our products page. So, if you need the same, have a look at these 9 Useful WooCommerce Brand Plugins for your Store. 

5. Use Special Features and Functions

add product Special Features 

Hope you are not surprised to see this factor. 

Including special features in a product description is crucial because it allows you to showcase the unique qualities and benefits of your product. 

Again, these special features help to stand out from competitors. Sometimes when customers see the special features, it can increase the value of your products in their minds. 

If someone is looking for a specific feature in a product and they find it, it increases the chances that they might purchase the product. So, include special features in your product description.

6. Targeted Age Group

product age group

If your products are for specific ages, then adding them as keywords becomes a must. Because sometimes people are looking for specific products based on age.

For example, a mother looking for a pink dress for her two-year-old toddler. Or, let’s say an uncle looking for a balance bike for his 4-year-old nephew.

People often search like this and look for various products. That is why including the age group is really valuable. 

7. Shape

product shape

Want to help the customers visualize how the product might look? Well, you should not think twice about adding the shape information.

Using shape-related keywords can improve the chances of your product appearing in relevant searches and getting clicks. 

Again, if you are selling items like furniture or accessories, shape plays a big role in how they fit into a space or how they’re used. By mentioning the shape, you can make your product stand out and attract customers looking for specific designs.

How to optimize Google Shopping Description: 6 Proven Ways

Want to know something interesting?

There are around 26.5 million eCommerce websites in this world. 

So to stay ahead of the competition, a well-optimized Google Shopping description is a must. It can boost visibility, relevance, and appeal, ultimately driving higher sales and ROI. So, check out these effective ways to optimize Google Shopping Description.

1. Important Details First

 You already know that the Google Shopping Description character limit is 1-5000.

But, here’s the thing! Customers will only get to see the 145-180 characters at first. 

put important details

Then they have to click to view the entire description. So, what to do?

You should include the most necessary information and use the right keywords between 145 and 180 characters. But, 180 characters can turn out to be very short sometimes.

And your products might have a lot of features and uniqueness. So try to include the most important information in the first 160-500 characters. According to Google, it is the best practice. 

2. Think like a buyer; Write for a Customer

This is one of the most effective ways. Descriptions are nothing but just words!

So, before writing one, always imagine yourself like a customer. Then describe your products in a way that would make you want to buy the products. 

Use professional language as it would impress any type of customer. As a customer, anyone would want to see the reasons behind why they should buy the products. They want to know the benefits they are gonna get by using your products.

So, think of these things like a buyer first, then add them in the description for your customers. 

3. Using Accurate and Specific Information

To optimize the product description properly, you should use accurate and specific information. 

The customers should find exactly what they are looking for in the Google Shopping ads description –

  • Material
  • Technical spec
  • Functionality etc

Some people add unnecessary information to the product description. But hey, it would only confuse the customers, nothing more. You should strictly avoid it. 

Try your best to only include the information that seems like a must-know for the customers. It will definitely improve your WooCommerce Store’s Customer Experience. 

4. Adding Special Features

Again, think like a customer. You want to buy a backpack. Now, there are thousands of backpacks out there. 

But, imagine there is a backpack in Google Shopping where there is good water resistance and an anti-scratch system.

 It would clearly draw your attention right? 

This is where special features can play their roles. Also, they can add special benefits to different customers.  That’s not it! 

When you add special features and customers search by using those features there’s a high possibility that your products will show up and increase its visibility. It can help you increase the conversion rate a lot. 

So, make sure to include the features in the description and optimize it in a good way. 

5. Keywords Placement

You have an idea about finding the right keywords for your product’s description. Now, always try your best to keep these keywords like brand name, size, materials, etc in your product description. 

Think of the keywords that go with your products and customers might search for. Then, quickly include them in the product description.

 If possible, include these right keywords at the beginning of the description.  It will help a lot to get the description appropriately optimized. 

6. Avoid These Mistakes in Your Product Descriptions

Till now, I have only said what you should write to make the product description optimized . Now, have a look at what you should not include in your product description. 

  • Do not use all Capital Letters
  • Do not include or compare with other products
  • Avoid using any kind of promotional texts
  • Refrain from linking your store
  • Avoid referencing the internal categorization system

If you use or include these things, your product descriptions won’t be optimized properly. So, avoid using them. 

5 Key Benefits of Using Google Shopping Descriptions Properly

Google Shopping descriptions offer several key benefits that can significantly impact your e-commerce performance and customer engagement. Want to find out what they are? Give it a glance.

1. Improved Search Visibility

This is a no-brainer! When you write well-optimized descriptions with relevant keywords it will undoubtedly enhance the visibility of your products in Google Shopping search results. 

What will this do?

This increases the likelihood of your products being discovered by potential customers actively searching for related items.

2. Better User Experience

 Clear and detailed descriptions provide shoppers with valuable information about your products. Also, it helps them make informed purchasing decisions. 

This contributes to a positive user experience and reduces the likelihood of returns due to inaccurate expectations.

3. Increased Conversions

 You are writing descriptions and listing them on Google Shopping to get sales and increase conversions right? Well, using the product descriptions can turn out to be a very effective way.

As a matter of fact, effective descriptions that highlight product features, benefits, and unique selling points can drive higher conversion rates. When customers have a clear understanding of what your products offer, they are more likely to complete a purchase.

4. Competitive Advantage

Properly written descriptions differentiate your products from competitors and showcase their value proposition. 

By effectively communicating the benefits of your products, you can position your brand more competitively in the market.

5. SEO Benefits

 Properly optimized Google Shopping descriptions can contribute to improved organic search rankings. Especially when integrated with relevant keywords and product attributes, you can rank higher on Google Shopping and get more sales and visibility.

4 Common Mistakes With the Google Shopping Product Description Attribute

 Mistakes With the Google Shopping Product Description Attribute

People make some common mistakes while setting up Google Shopping Product Description attributes. Now, these mistakes have some scary consequences.

If you do not meet up with the requirements then Google might disapprove of your products. So, have a look at these common mistakes and avoid performing them: 

1. Using Different Kinds of Promotional Texts: People think that using promotional texts like “free shipping” will increase their conversions and make a huge difference in the sales number.

But hey, it is not like that at all. Google strictly forbids you from using it. So, do not make this mistake.

2. Keyword Stuffing: Remember the keywords that I mentioned earlier? You should use them but do not use them too much.

 Some of us overload product descriptions with excessive keywords in an attempt to boost search visibility. 

Now, if you do this, expect the unexpected. Keyword stuffing can result in unnatural, spammy content that detracts from the user experience. It can also lead to search engine penalties.

3. Thinking Short Product Description is a Problem: There is absolutely no problem when you write a short product description. 

If the character length is short, then there is nothing to worry about. But, if you decide to increase it and write absurd or vague things then that might be a problem. 

4. Using Other Attribute Information in the Description: Another common mistake is using different other attribute information in the description. You cannot use other attribute details such as link, price, or availability in the description section.

Bottom Line

Google Shopping Description is one of the most important attributes of your products. So, you should always maintain a solid understanding of the requirements and optimization methods. 

Have a look again at the process of how to add the availability attribute to the Google Shopping product feed using CTX Feed. Hope you will be able to add a proper description and get a lot of sales in the Google Shopping platform. 

Till then, enjoy your ecommerce journey! 

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