Rakuten is a popular e-commerce website

Why You Should Enlist Your Products in Rakuten.com

Shopping is one of the most exhilarating and stress relieving forms of entertainment. At least some e-commerce websites work with this theme and make their customers enjoy shop as much as they like by giving them benefits that are much above the other e-commerce websites. The internet era has certainly brought competition amongst the e-commerce websites with each one bringing a new concept to their website and their own marketing techniques to attract the customers. Bringing a line of products from the retail stores to the online market, Rakuten.com has certainly earned a fame that is incomparable. With products ranging from electronics, mobiles, accessories, beauty and lifestyle to health, fitness, baby toys etc. the website has something for everyone.

Rakuten.com is a popular e-commerce website making its presence over the internet with the home delivery system to give their clients a shopping experience that is there for their comfort. With all the features of a modern-day, online shopping website catering to users all round needs, Rakuten has a unique concept of making customers earn while shopping. Customers are benefited in two ways i.e.

  • Discounts and deals on purchase of products online
  • Reward points for the amount you spend while shopping on the website
Rakuten is a popular e-commerce website

The reward program is run through the use of special Rakuten cards which can be purchased by any customer. They can enter the details of their Rakuten Rewards and earn rewards points on each shopping which can be redeemed in any other purchase you make. Thus some part of the money you spend on shopping shall return back to you in the form of points which can again be used to purchase something else. This initiative has attracted a lot of customers and increased the website’s traffic.

The website owners and merchants are the most benefited from an e-commerce website as well as the careful functioning of the Rakuten Rewards points because it has attained quite a momentum. With giving a tough competition to other e-commerce websites, the rewards points are shown with the product feed and can be claimed at the sale of each product you buy. This benefits the e-commerce owners in:

  • Gaining popularity
  • Attract more customers
  • Retain the loyal customers
  • Increase traffic and revenue
  • Bring more tie-ups and business

While the website hosts some of the best offers in the industry with tie-ups with suppliers all over and brands continually launching their products exclusively on the website, Rakuten is moving towards a better business each day. The customers are kept informed of the latest best deals, the new launches and even given previews and primary access to launches that are specially made by brands over the website.

Rakuten.com is ranked amongst the top 3 e-commerce websites in the world and through its reward points gives back 1% off the amount spent by the customer – back to them. It makes complete transparency in featuring the local merchants or brands that you buy from through the website and thus the customers are always aware of their product or service and the worth of it!

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