Take The Edge With Bing Shopping Ads

Take The Edge With Bing Shopping Ads

We know about Google search engine and its shopping ad service, but there is Bing too with its Shopping advertisement campaign features and 33% share in the volume of online searches. Let us learn about Bing and its popular shopping Advertisement campaign for woo-commerce.

What is Bing?

Bing is owned and operated as a web search engine by Microsoft. It was launched on June 1, 2009, and within a limited span of 7 years, it became the second largest search engine in the U.S. Microsoft previously had search engines such as MSN Search, Windows live search, and Live search. Later Live Search was made into Bing using.

NET programming language providing web, video, map, and image search services. The Bing interface changes its background daily and provides advertising, finance, sports, events, restaurant and hotel reviews, local weather and news info, etc., among its many services.

What is Bing shopping Ads?

Bing shopping Ads

Bing Shopping Ads or Bing Ads is the advertising service provided by Bing, which incorporates pay-per-click advertising and enables the business to thrive by wooing customers to their e-commerce sites or, to say, woo-commerce in short. Bing Ads help advertisers reach a new band of high-quality customers and boost their advertising revenue.

How do Bing shopping ads work

People type into search engines their related queries and keywords, looking for services and information. Advertisers give money to publishers to develop ads for their website and bid on keywords. Such advertisements appear on the “Ad” section of the search engine, generally in the topmost part.

The goal of publishers is to get customers to view these ads. When they click on these ads, it is redirected to the merchant website, and depending on the service they may make a purchase or sign up for more information. Such online marketing campaigns can convert potential customers into actual customers.

Bing users, on average, spend 26 percent more time online than other internet users. With one Bing ad, the business can reach 167 million potential U.S customers. Bing Ads campaign has specific targeting strategies built around age, gender, device, geographical location, etc. After identifying the target audience, the next job for the advertisers is to make a list of related keywords that would point to their website.

It is essential to bid on keywords related to the business and based on customers’ needs. Bing has a Bing Ads keyword research tool to help advertisers identify popular keywords based on customer’s searches. After the creation of a successful ad campaign comes payment for each ad click.

Advertisers can keep track of the traffic to their website, review, study, and adjust keywords used in Ad campaigns based on the popularity of the keywords using the Bing campaign optimization tool and pay the best amount based on keyword performance.

What are the benefits provided by Bing shopping ads?

With improvements in its infrastructure and interface in the last few months, Bing shopping ads have been working hard to be the viable alternative and give tough competition to Google AdWords.

shopping campaign bing
  • The benefit of market share: Bing search and Bing-powered searches on Yahoo and AOL account for 34.3% of online traffic volume in the U.S. as of July 2015. Therefore, Bing is an important channel for online campaigning in the U.S and also worldwide. The benefit of Bing shopping ads is that they will be viewed not only in Bing’s online searches but also in Yahoo, AOL, Facebook and, Apple devices. So it gives a broader reach to advertising campaigns through its partner networks. Though in Europe, Bing searches have a combined market share of 5 percent and Yahoo and other partner networks, it can be profitable for advertisers as the cost of per click Ad campaign is far less compared to Google AdWords. Advertising using special alcove keywords is promising as such keywords’ search volume is almost the same as Google.

  • Bing Shopping Ads has less competition: As Bing shopping ads do not enjoy market supremacy, apart from the cost per click being less than Google (as much as 33.5 %), it also provides less competition for small and medium-sized businesses. For these businesses, their Ads are also placed in a better position on the search page than Google, and hence their website traffic increases.

  • Flexible Ad control: For international ad campaigns, the advertisement must be synced with the specific time zones. Google AdWords does not provide this benefit to assign different time zones, which are provided in Bing. Google AdWords does not allow adjusting campaign settings for Ad groups that are provided in Bing. Hence, advertisers don’t have to go through the unnecessary trouble of creating new ad campaigns. Bing provides better device targeting options to separate desktop, tablet, and mobile traffic from each other, which Google doesn’t allow. Bing Ad campaigns can also be imported from Google AdWords directly using Bing ads Editor Tool for simple and quick import automatically.

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