Saiful Islam

Saiful Islam

Google Product Listing Ads Optimization: The Definitive Guide (2024)

Nowadays, people just don’t visit online; they literally live online! So, if you are planning to spend money on product advertising, it better be somewhere online. Somewhere where… you ask? Google! Why? Because, Google has 4.3 billion worldwide users with a 92.24% market share! And, for every $1 spent on Google product listing Ads, advertisers […]

15 Best WooCommerce Product Add-ons for Business Owners

Offline or online shopping: which one do modern customers prefer? Online, right? Yeah, it’s not only more convenient but also saves a hella lot of time.  Most importantly, they don’t need to leave their bed to purchase anything from anywhere in the world! Can you name someone who doesn’t want that? No one! xD But, […]

A Quick Guide to Google Shopping Price Comparison Feature

How to use Google Shopping Price Comparison to grow your business? What drives a shopper to purchase a product? Quality, outlook, brand, or price?  Actually, the shoppers consider all of these parameters while purchasing a product they are truly interested in. But, 63% of these shoppers especially check the product price before purchasing a product.  […]

6 WooCommerce Tax Plugin to Automate Sales Tax Calculations

Life is complicated! I mean, a lot more! So, why make it even worse by messing up with the tax authorities? As law-abiding citizens, we all know how important taxation is! But still, no doubt it’s the least fun thing to do while setting up a WooCommerce store.  But you know what, there are some […]

CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin Features

Investing in an eCommerce website is the best decision of your life.  But, managing the entire eCommerce website isn’t a breeze. From managing inventory to selling or promoting products, it’s an arduous task. So, how to work that out? Well, you need to choose the top eCommerce merchants and upload all of your products there. […]

CTX Feed vs Product Feed Pro: Who Wins the Battle?

Promoting online products on multiple merchant channels has never been easier before the introduction of product feed plugins.  Actually, a feed manager plugin has become a must-have plugin for every eCommerce owner.  But, the real struggle begins when it’s time to choose the right plugin.  That being said, there are only two plugins that stand […]

20 Google Shopping Ads Benefits You Might Not Know Yet!

We know that you, as a business owner, are trying with your heart and soul to grow your business. You usually spend your money on product and inventory management, product quality, hiring more employees, etc., right? If you notice carefully, most of these are offline-based tasks. Well, it seems that you’re ignoring online advertising at […]

4 Easy Steps to Setup WooCommerce QuickBooks Integration

Do you know why 8 out of 10 businesses fail? Cash flow management! Yes, a U.S. Bank study by Jessie Hagan found that 82% of businesses fail just because of negative or poor cash flow management.  But, is it really tough to manage the cash flow?  No, it’s not any convoluted task that requires an […]

12 Best WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins to Boost Your Profit

Do you know how quickly people make decisions? Well, it takes only 1/20th of a second (that’s 50 milliseconds!) to form a first impression! And, what creates the first impression of your eCommerce product?  The design, right? Yes, research shows that about 94% of first impressions are solely design-related! So, how to offer the best […]

How to Automate the WooCommerce Order Management Process?

What’s the most satisfying fact about running an online store? Getting plenty of orders, right? Yeah!  But, it might become a boomerang if you fail to deliver those products on time. We’re not saying that you will do it, but 95% of companies are facing bottlenecks or delays with their order fulfillment process. And, probably […]

How to Configure Stripe for WooCommerce Sites with Infographics

Creating an eCommerce shop is a child’s play now! Anyone can start their online shop by using WooCommerce and various payment methods.  But what about 2009? Well, things were pretty different then. The entrepreneurs had to struggle with a lot to process in a single payment.  That’s the situation when the Collison brothers introduced Stripe. […]