Best Google Shopping Management Apps & Companies (Blog Featured Image)

Best Google Shopping Management Apps & Companies

There are a huge number of companies that are constantly developing newer software to make users manage Google Shopping easily. Especially in the sector of e-commerce business, there are extensive uses of Google Shopping. As you should know, the primary purpose of almost all Google shopping managing software is pretty much the same, to increase the sale by advertising the products on Google Shopping ads. Today we are going to talk about some of the companies who have put a lot of effort and doing really great in the field of Google Shopping Management.

Google shopping ads help improve the reach of your ecommerce products. Plus, Google Shopping ads work in detail with the products’ specifications, which include product image and pricing information, etc. Before we talk about the companies that kicking off the field, let’s get a brief idea about what Google shopping is and what it is capable of doing.

In order to be displayed on Google shopping ads, you must need an account on Google Merchant Center. Once you’ve created one, the next job is to add your products there. Here’s where the Google shopping manager works the best. Because when you have an online store and have a ton of different products from different vendors, each individual product having its own product details, it’s just impossible to upload each of them to Google Merchant Center and periodically update each of them according to their stock availability. And that is why you will need an agency to manage your Google Shopping campaign.

CTX Feed Pro by WebAppick

If we start with the WordPress eco-system “CTX Feed Pro” by WebAppick, is the best free WooCommerce Google shopping plugin you can possibly find. You can create product feeds for different marketplaces and advertising platforms using this plugin. These include Google Shopping, Bing ads, Facebook ads, Amazon, etc. In fact, this plugin supports over 100 different merchant websites.

The plugin helps you to generate a product feed and update the feed at regular intervals. You can manage the regular updates of the product feed via HTTP or FTP. The plugin offers the option to create your product feed in three different file formats – TXT, CSV, or XML. It offers a predefined template to set up your Google product feed.

CTX Feed Blog Banner

Having well over 20 thousand active users reflects how great a plugin this is and the brand identity. The plugin offers both automatic and manual options to upload the product feed to Google Merchant Center.

With the help of FTP, you will automatically schedule feed uploads to the desired platform. Moreover, you can update all the required fields for the Google product feed as specified by Google. Check the plugin page to understand all the different options you have to create product feeds specific to different merchant platforms. Among the best free WooCommerce Google shopping plugins, this one stands out owing to its flexibility to create other product feeds.

Google Shopping Feed by Simprosys Infomedia

Now, let’s talk about a different eCommerce platform, Shopify. Google Shopping Feed, released by the Simprosys InfoMedia team, surely makes its way to the top with a 4.9 user rating on the Shopify app store. This app is a credible marketing tool for every Shopify e-commerce store to improve the Google Shopping Ad by providing many interesting features.

With this app, you can connect your Shopify store with Merchant Center without submitting the Feed URL or any other settings. Any updates will be pushed to Google Merchant Center by this application within just a few minutes. Especially, it precisely manages additional values that Google requires. Moreover, you are allowed to add Custom Labels, Product Condition, Google Product Categories, Gender, Age, and even customize the products’ values in bulk or one by one. On top of that, Google Shopping Feed allows you to filter the products by vendor, by product type, by categories, by age, gender, by promotions, and even more.


Here, there is no need to submit feed URL and set fetching frequency and other settings, all you do is link your Shopify store with merchant center and the app does its job on its own. It has a robust interface and you can add Google Product Categories, Custom Labels, gender, product condition, age, custom product values in the bulk product, and others. It also has advanced filtering options, using which you are able to filter the products based on several parameters such as; by age, by product type, by tags, by promotions applied, by custom labels applied or not applied, and so on. This app allows you to use SEO descriptions or/and SEO titles as your product description and titles respectively.

Google Shopping Feed by Magmodules

If you are using Magento for your eCommerce store, Google Shopping Feed by Magmodules is definitely one of the best options you’ll find as an extension. This extension for Magento has been specifically developed to enhance your online Google store.

A single add-on unit enables you to easily generate and manage an entire shopping feed –saving you time. With your products available in a Google shop, you will receive new site visitors who want to buy. The products or services you sell can be swiftly imported to your Google merchant account to this add-on. To avoid errors, the software checks or supplies all the necessary data for your Google Merchant account to ensure no omissions or unprofessional-looking results in your data feed.

Choosing feed categories from the large Google taxonomy is not always straightforward when done manually; it can be difficult and time-consuming to choose and repeatedly select correctly. With this add-on, everything is simpler. The extension supports all product types, even configurable and bundled/grouped products.


Here are the technical product features of Google Shopping Feed:

  • Compatible with the latest Google Shopping feed requirements
  • Works with all Magento product types, even configurable products
  • Turnkey solution, no XML or API knowledge required
  • Unlimited store views with localized content
  • Filter options by category, stock status, product status, and visibility
  • Automatic mode to update your feed by cron
  • Easily add new extra attributes through the admin.

Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

Another good platform for eCommerce is BigCommerce. For the users of BigCommerce, Google Shopping by Sales & Orders is a great feed-making app. With a 4.5/5 user rating on the BigCommerce app store, this leads with the having most features. With the help of this app, you can create, manage, and optimize your Google Shopping feeds and campaigns all from one place!

This app will import products and generate a feed for up to 10K products absolutely free. In-app tools allow you to manage your feed, review product diagnostics, and correct issues reported by Google Merchant Center.

BigCommerce Google Shopping App

App Features

  • Feed Dashboard: Displays feed stats and allow you to sync your feed with Merchant Center when you update your store and enable and disable daily automatic feed fetching.
  • Error Reporting: Diagnostics provide an overview of feed errors such as missing data and prioritize vital attributes in need of correction, and the ability to export feed issues.
  • Modify Products: Write rules for applying the required attributes of Gender, Age Group, and Condition.
  • Add/Remove: See which products are missing from your feed and add and/or remove products from your product feed one at a time or in bulk.
  • Google Categories: Improve your product data quality by dynamically mapping your products to their respective Google Product Categories.
  • Google Settings: Set up your Shipping & Tax configurations at the account level with support for VAT taxes as well.

So, these are the few companies and their Google Shopping Management applications for different eCommerce platforms. If you own a shop that runs with any of the above ecosystems, you should really give them a try and find out the difference it makes. We have discussed the free features that the Plugins and Extensions are offering. The premium versions of the apps will surely bring more value and worth the cost.

Studies show that compared to traditional advertising, Google shopping ads are more informative and have visual appeal. This will help your products to stand out and easily attract the attention of users. Moreover, the leads generated through Google ads often tend to be more qualified and tend to increase your conversion rate.

This will give you opportunities for better revenue in a cost-effective manner. It is comparatively easier to manage product feeds on a WooCommerce store, thanks to the CTX Feed Pro. Depending on your store’s nature and your customer base, you can easily tweak product feeds to optimize them. Overall, Google Shopping ads will bring in better results with lesser efforts.

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