Best Marketplaces in UK that can Boost Your Online Sales Part – 3

Best Marketplaces in UK

It is important to sell your product in a proper way both in a traditional way and in a modern way. The Internet helps you sell your products organically by spreading the word with the help of renowned sources. Some of the renowned sources are Ecommerce websites, where you can publish your product with images, specifications and features for your customer to look at it. When your products start attracting traffic, you get to see a lot of feedback about the product both in negative and positive manner. When you maintain quality and the right information, the chances are more with respect to selling your product organically. We have already spoken about some of these websites in our previous part of this series and the one before that.

Some of the renowned sources of selling your product online are as under-



Tradedoubler is an affiliate marketing company, which helps you to maintain your product in an online source successfully. As it is important to engage your product information at the right time and on the right page, Tradedoubler does the hard task of managing your affiliate ads properly.


Uvinum helps you to market and sell your products primarily in the liquor segment. Uvinum is one of its kind, where they focus only on alcohol and wines. You still have an opportunity to sell your other products with the help of affiliate marketing.


Webgains is a performance tracking and marketing company, which builds a strategy to market your products with the help of affiliate marketing and manages to increase the sales on a regular basis. Webgains has a balanced team of professionals, who can build an image for your product online.


Xikixi is an e-commerce website, which focuses on selling camera equipment, architecture related equipment, and office apparels. As the site attracts a lot of visitors on a daily basis, you can market your product with the help of affiliate marketing to increase traffic on your primary product page.



Atosho is an e-commerce company, which lets users buy the products directly from the retailer or the wholesaler. Atosho has been acquired by prettysocial media International GmbH in 2016.

Affiliate window

Affiliate window focuses more on affiliate marketing, where they manage results based on your affiliate ads and products accordingly. It operates from 15 countries globally.


Cleafs is a European affiliate marketing network which currently has been acquired by affilinet, earning the majority of its revenue from professional travelers and event advertisers. These could be web shops, travel related affiliates, blogs or even information sites.

Vertical leap

Vertical Leap is a 15 – year-old search engine marketing company.  Though they are not a comparison or affiliate marketplace but they can help you promote products with the help of E-commerce websites. Their strategies help your page to improve rankings.

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