What do you need to do SEO for your E-commerce Site?

SEO for ecommerce

When it comes to SEO, many businesses get intimidated because of the amount of information available. In addition, when companies do not have help from SEO experts, they will do nothing. Below are some of the easy steps to look into for search engine optimization of the website even without professional help.

SEO basics for on-site

Some of the most important SEO elements are present on the website. One might hear a lot about link building but this without a good search optimization, might not be effective. There is a bare minimum on-site optimization which one should put on the main page.

Keyword optimization

Never overdo the use of SEO, lest Google would rank you under spam. One might be tempted to insert a lot of keywords in the page but that is not the goal. Google has unleashed an over optimized penalty for websites with too many keywords. Keyword stuffing, as we call it, should be avoided at all costs.

Title Tag Optimization

Title tags are a very important factor in helping search engines know and understand what your page is about; and they are the first impression your customers have of your page, aka business. An optimized title tag helps to know more about the page. This should be ideally less than 60 characters or less including the business brand name and keywords.

Meta Description

The meta description on the pages of the website gives search engines a little more information about what the page is about; although, there is still some debate if meta description can help with keywords rankings. Regardless, you want to write the description with a human audience in mind.


If you are using WordPress domain then you are lucky. Adding title tags and meta description to your pages is easy using plugin like Platinum plugin, SEO by Yoast. There are some premium SEO tools like Scribe.

Onsite Elements

You can help the search engines to learn more about your website by adding internal links. The blog posts with internal links have more chances of ranking and getting more traffic. Apart from internal links, header tags are also used. They help to break content into sections as well as lets the search engine know more about each section. The last onsite element to use are image name and ALT tags. Do not go crazy with bold text but occasionally bolding a section gets the reader’s attention.

Offsite Elements

Link building is one of the most important SEO tasks. There are many ways to build links. Organic link building is one of the most helpful. Whitehat link building stands for good quality links. Blackhat is known for spammy and low-quality content. Although through organic links, the viewers have a hard time to generate links.

The main goal is to dominate Google. Hence, the most important link of social media should be Google+. Lastly, always monitor your results. There are many other SEO techniques, but the ones mentioned above are the basic and are ones that can be easily implemented. Some other tools which one can use are Authority Labs, and Google Analytics etc.

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