SEO Tips for Beginners

5 Quick SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO Tips Overview

After reading the story’s title, I hope you understand that these SEO tips are for real beginners. Usually, beginners get confused about how to start SEO for their site. Most of them start SMM since it’s easy to understand, but after a few months, when they don’t get any permanent result, their frustration gradually rises enough to break them sometimes. So, it’s really a challenge & here are some tips below to face these challenges effectively.

Be a Human First

I think you’ve got astonished after reading the title. And yes, I am not making any mistakes because most SEO professionals act like a bot during site decoration. Let me make you clear. We all know Google has its own algorithm for ranking the sites according to keywords. So, we make a list of this ranking by Google & try to put these modules one after one rigidly.

But we forget there is another term, ‘Bounce Rate,’ which means the rate of distracted users after reading your contents. When we make content for the only machines full of keywords & rules but having no juice for human readers, it may fetch readers initially, but after a few months, all of them will leave your site without reading your content. So, the visitor’s stay time decreases, which increases the bounce rate & all your SEO approaches will bring zero results.

Think Like a Visitor, Not Like an Admin

seo tips: think like a visitor

Yes, you are indeed your site owner & you’ve full authority of posting into your site whatever you want. If you become dictator of your site, nobody will tell you anything. But this is a foolish thing if you behave like this. But unfortunately, this is a prevalent cause in the SEO industry that webmasters always keep busy decorating their site according to their choice though they will not be buyers.

Now think like a visitor. If you browse any site for content, product, or other info, do you care it’s the admin’s choice? During the time of visiting the site, you want to have them according to your choice. So, if you are a webmaster or SEO professional, you must research visitors. And after making a draft of their choices, start implementing them carefully. I know you think that there will be millions of visitors with tons of choice variation.

In that case, I have some tips. There may be different visitors from different demographics, but everyone has the same motto of getting their things easily. So, whatever your site’s decoration is, you always showcase your product or service easier for visitors. That’s it.

Keep Patience, Don’t be Hurry

Patience, the most precious quality you need to develop inside you for being a good SEO professional. Usually, it needs 3-6 months of reaching your targeted position by breaching the competitors. To reach your goal, you need to ensure a handsome amount of regular efforts with great patience. Some people think if they increase the amount of work or the number of backlinks, they can be the early gainer.

But it’s the 21st century & Google is using neural schema for ranking the keywords. So, it estimates how much backlinks can be generated normally by the well-wishers of any website. If you become quick, your work can be flagged by Google, which may tend you to a penalty situation. Whatever the situation is and how much time you need, don’t be quick & abnormal. Keep patience; I guarantee that you’ll be the happiest SEO professional in the world in the long term.

Say No to Copy Paste

Copy-paste doesn’t mean only copying the writing; it also means copying the ideas or images. When you are doing SEO, you must keep in mind that you need visitors from your backlinks. So, be different from other sites because people do not always visit the same type of link again & again. So, it’s your assignment to be innovative in posting your backlinks to other websites for getting high-frequency traffic.

Know to Reason Behind SEO Algorithm

know SEO algorithm

There are some conventions in SEO like you need to write a minimum of 500 words articles, you should use an image or video content inside your article, etc. And SEO guys follow this contention & after getting no results, they usually ask different SEO forums that what’s wrong with their work. Here is some explanation.

First of all, you need to increase the stay time of your visit to your site. That’s why you need to make articles a minimum of 500 words or more because it needs 3-5 minutes at least to read a 500 words article. So, the main reason is engaging your leads more time inside your site. The same reason goes for images or videos. But without knowing the actual reason we keep ourselves so busy of making 500 words plus but boring & information fewer contents. That’s why after reading 50-100 words, readers close the tab & roll back to their work instead of reading your article. So, work for quality.

And if you’ve quality content on your site, you can also make a loop of engagement by your visitors by adding related posts. The main reason for having a related post option is this type of engagement. So, I hope you guys are now clear about the starting point of your SEO work & also what to do or what not to do for your site at the beginning. That’s all for today.

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