SEO: Does It Mean Search Experience Optimization?

How Google Show Search Results?

We all know what SEO means? It means search engine optimization. But why it means so? Have you ever thought it? I guess most of you will answer that it means optimizing a certain keyword or string for search engine so that we can see corresponding websites of those keywords in search results.  When we search any keyword on google it first find all websites those have a keyword in its contents. It may be millions or even billions. Then google check more than 200 questions to extract the most relevant information related to your query. Then the website is shown to us.


How People Used to Search Before?

Traditionally people used to search google simply by one or two strings of keywords. For example: best pizza Chicago, Canadian online pharmacy, French training center india etc. Google took this strings then search on the web for this keywords. For best pizza Chicago Google used to find the pages those contain every strings of that keyword that means ‘best’, ‘pizza’ ‘chicago’. They can either be in sequence or in random in a single page. Then using search engine algorithm google will filter results & list it to you.

How People Use to Search Now?

But now we are more demanding to people & we don’t search by only some combination of string, but we now use to search our total questions like: how can I find best pizza in Chicago or what is the Best French Training Center in India etc. So, technically searching seems getting complicated.  But now it’s the era of artificial intelligence & Google bot just read your whole question spin it using synonyms and antonyms of your used strings in question and then start searching on different websites maintaining the pattern of your questions & it’s spanned versions. After finding all the results it’s the time for tuning the results. After tuning all these contents finally it shows you the appropriate content matched to your questions exactly. That means you can just feel the result in terms of your experience now.

Why SEO is Search Experience Optimization Now?

From the difference between the present & past search convention, it’s clear that we can now just post our experiences or feelings directly to the search engine and it will show the exact result from different articles, forums etc. So, you don’t need to be confined within the highlighted keywords. Rather you can add propositions, articles or other modifiers to convert your strings to a complete questions and Google will answer it. So, you can save your time of researching different sites for your exact answer as search engine find it for you by itself.


Finally we can say if a marketer want to make his site totally optimized now, he or she must make such contents that can fulfill user’s exact demand. So, user experience is the biggest pre-requisite of all search engine optimization now. That’s why SEO is no more search engine optimization, rather is Search Experience Optimization now.

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