Marketplaces in Germany

Marketplaces in Germany to check out for your eCommerce business – Part 2

Every year there are several eCommerce events organized in Germany. It is now clear that Germany has become the center of all the eCommerce activity in Europe.

In the previous part, we have discussed some online marketplaces. We will be talking about some more in the last section.

Ladenzeile logo


LadenZeile is an online shopping portal, offering millions of products from fashion to living and furnishings to sports articles and are represented in 14 countries worldwide and across thousands of online shops. A quick and clear search makes it possible to search for offers of different online shops easily and comfortably on one side and buy the desired product from the connected shops on the other.

allyouneed-marktplatz logo – Marktplatz (former Meinpaket)

The online marketplace Marktplatz formerly known as is a company of the DHL Vertriebs GmbH, which is internationally known for the delivery of parcels. The company ensures that its customers are always supplied with current and lucrative offers from a wide range of sectors. They have a huge product diversity and are particularly focused on combining the advantages of retail with the comfort and modernity of online shopping. – Marktplatz brings products of more than 3000 shops and dealers together and allows users a quick overview of offers, advantages and prices.

Moebel icon


On you can find over 3 million furniture and furnishings from more than 250 online shops. Since 2007, the company has been presenting its customers with attractive lifestyle products, which you can order online. All member shops are tested and certified by Moebel. Their aim is to ensure transparency, secure payment processes, and professional customer service. Shoppers have to select the desired category via navigation and they can compare a wide range of products and providers. The main categories are divided into subcategories.

Partner-ads is an affiliate network based in Denmark


Partner-ads is an affiliate network based in Denmark. Although their main focus is Denmark, they also have advertisers and affiliate partners from other countries. The website is operational since 2002. There have been more than 600 partner programs from advertisers, and the website has more than 2,000 active affiliate partners. The website had a conversion rate of 4.61% in the network in 2016 alone.

pikengo logo


Pikengo is a part of the LeGuide Group which has been helping online consumers manage their shopping every day, since 1998. We provide them with a set of high-performance tools, enabling them to enjoy a unique shopping experience in a completely secure environment. They are a pioneer shopping search engine and price comparison. logo

Preis is your shopping guide and not an online shop. The price comparison helps you to find the product which exactly meets your specifications. With detailed product information, customer reviews and tests, you are well informed before ordering. The most favorable offer is determined by their price-cutting machine. One such tool is the Sparblog, which informs customers every day about the latest bargains and lucrative special offers. The site has 41,937 online shops registered on it, with 118,000 offers to choose from.

Preispiraten icon


Preispiraten is one of the most intelligent price comparison sites. The site is free for merchants. It offers an online auction search functionality on eBay in 18 countries.

PreisSuchmaschine logo

PreisSuchmaschine has already been in the price comparison space for almost ten years. More than 3,000 retailers list their offers on the platform. Consumers can find the best possible price in direct comparison on The traders who are enlisted with them need to pass through strict quality control before their admission into their price comparison model. Based on the published reviews of renowned media and the honest user opinions of shoppers, the quality of the listed products is evident.

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