Turn to ShopZilla To Reach Prospective Customers

Turn to ShopZilla To Reach Prospective Customers

Online buying and selling, better known as e-commerce, is on a sharp increase across the board in almost all domains of customer retail spending. People are using more and more e-commerce solutions than ever before, thanks to the ease of use and convenience that it affords over the more traditional alternatives. With online sales poised to reach 10% of all retail transactions in just 2016, you can be certain that e-commerce has nowhere to go but higher.

This scenario makes it a great time to start an e-commerce venture.  However, there are missteps people can make at the onset that can spell doom for their new venture or at the very least, cost them time and money in terms of future growth prospects. The primary one is the biggest though: inadequate marketing.

That’s right, marketing. There are a number of ways you can go about generating positive press and drawing attention to your new website but one of the easier ways is to get your site and products listed on the popular deal hunting and price aggregating websites.

ShopzillaIf you haven’t heard about it already, Shopzilla.com is one of the biggest price aggregating websites on the internet. It is a popular choice for savvy customers who value a good deal over anything else. Using Shopzilla, they can compare prices for the same product across multiple e-commerce websites right at one place. This makes getting the best price on a product extremely convenient and easy. The advantage that Shopzilla has over other comparison sites is the vast array of products and e-commerce websites it covers. Shopzilla has one of the largest affiliate partner bases on the internet, meaning customers are likely to see offerings from more sites on Shopzilla than on other websites. This increases the chances that they will come across a product that is selling on the cheap and score a great deal. Shopzilla supports retailers across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France, making it a great choice for customers from the largest markets in North America as well as Europe. The site also covers a vast number of categories from electronics to clothing, which makes it a great option for binge shopping and simply browsing for things you might want to buy.

If you are operating an e-commerce venture, you are most likely doing so using a WordPress website with WooCommerce plugin. This combination is a great choice for building stable and high-performance web sites for e-commerce purposes. There exist many useful applications and extensions on the WooCommerce platform, such as Product Feed for WooCommerce, which will automatically synchronize your entire product inventory to price aggregating websites like Shopzilla. This allows you to get your products listed on Shopzilla so that when some enterprising customer searches for something on Shopzilla your listing shows up in there as well. Since it is almost inevitable that your audience is a great deal smaller than that enjoyed by Shopzilla, you are actually better off because of this increased exposure. Having your product listed on Shopzilla monumentally increases the probability that your product will be seen by a prospective customer and you will make a successful sale.

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