Fadiyah Sameh

Fadiyah Sameh

Fadiyah Sameh is an eCommerce researcher and writer at WebAppick. As an eCommerce writer with a strong background in SEO, she has a passion for creating compelling and informative content that helps businesses reach their target audience. In addition to her writing skills, she’s also well-versed in content marketing and the technical aspects of eCommerce and has a deep understanding of the various strategies and tactics used to optimize online stores for success.

How to Offer WooCommerce Free Gift (Easy Setup)

Study says the word “FREE” motivates people to buy differently. You know yourself, it’s true, right? Who doesn’t love free stuff? How about offering free products as gifts in your WooCommerce stores? It might sound like a money drain, but in reality, it can supercharge your sales and boost your revenue. 90% of customers who […]

How to Setup WooCommerce Customer Specific Discounts (Easy Steps)

Loyal returning customers are the backbone of any online store and the reason behind its growth and success. That’s why 90% of the companies now have a customer loyalty program where they reward their regular returning customers. Over 70% of shoppers worldwide are loyal to at least one brand and spend 57% more than new […]

How to Setup WooCommerce Buy One Get One Discount (Easy Guide)

We all know that cart abandonment is any eCommerce/WooCommerce store owner’s worst nightmare. Online shops lose a jaw-dropping 4 trillion dollars per year on abandoned carts; that’s 12 zeros! Do you know the leading reason people abandon your carts? High cost (48% of shoppers abandon carts due to high costs). However, there’s one way through […]

How to Setup WooCommerce Percentage Discount (Easy Guide)

The world of online shopping, aka eCommerce, is booming. In 2023, approximately 2.64 billion online shoppers purchased a whopping 6+ trillion USD worth of products. Very encouraging for SMB eCommerce/WooCommerce stores, right? However, the competition is equally fierce as more and more businesses are diving into eCommerce. To beat your competition and survive in the […]

How to Setup WooCommerce First Order Discount (Easy Guide)

First impressions are mighty important in eCommerce sales and growth. And since almost all online shoppers search for discounts, they can be the best weapon of choice for you to grab attention and make a strong initial impression on your customers. Specifically, first-order discounts can entice your customers to give your products a try, even […]

How to Setup WooCommerce Category Discount (Easy Guide)

Shoppers in America alone went on a spending spree during the last holiday season, splashing nearly a trillion dollars. Well, that’s no surprise because holidays make up a significant portion of annual retail sales. One of the major players in holiday online sale conversions is coupons and discounts, with 65% of shoppers citing them as […]

How to Setup WooCommerce Quantity Discounts (2024 Guide)

The mobile coupon discount market alone is expected to hit a whopping 1.6 trillion by 2030. You can imagine what the total figure would look like when combined with desktop users. Well, this is actually not surprising, as almost 100% of online shoppers look for digital discounts, spend 37% more when they find them and […]

How to Create WooCommerce Bundle Discounts (Easy Steps)

Do you know personalized product recommendations can increase your WooCommerce revenue by up to 300%, increase conversions by 150%, and boost your AOV (average order value) by 50%? People who shop online have this tendency to buy relevant products along with their primary purchases. That’s why cross-selling accounts for up to 30% of total online […]

How to Setup WooCommerce Conditional Discounts (Easy Guide)

Discounts and coupons are major players; in fact, one of the most powerful weapons for driving visitors into your WooCommerce store and converting them into buying customers. 97% of online shoppers look for discounts, and 85% will buy from you if you offer a discount. Moreover, 65% will take a further step to buy an […]

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping: The Complete Setup Guide (2024)

Incorrect shipping charges are a nightmare for WooCommerce store owners like you. It can lead to customer dissatisfaction and cart abandonment. Therefore, you must display accurate shipping rates. The cost of shipping for eCommerce stores depends on several factors. It depends on the weight of the package, item quantity, package dimensions, etc. One factor, though, […]

How to Set Up WooCommerce Quantity Based Shipping

Great products, smooth website browsing and navigation, and a sustainable marketing strategy all of these are imperative for a successful eCommerce/WooCommerce business. However, everything will go down the gutter if you don’t offer flexible shipping options. Don’t take our word for it; the stats say that 70% of customers abandon carts, and shipping is one […]