Benefits Of Establishing WooCommerce Store Than Magento 2.0 Store In 2021

Benefits Of Establishing a Woocommerce Store Than Magento 2.0 Store In 2024

Embarking on launching a new venture or running an online store, there is a need to emphasize the technical aspect for both. The success & popularity of any eCommerce business extensively rests on the platform it is built upon. Picking the correct system that enables proper maintenance of the online shops, order processing, dealing with consumers successfully is important.

Here in this content, we will learn about the two most important market leaders of today’s time; Magento & WooCommerce. You will find many similarities & differences between these two giants but the question you need to address every time is – Which platform is the most suitable one? Let us learn in detail whether you need WooCommerce store development or Magento store development.

Making the correct choice for your exclusive needs

Browsing through the various benefits of WooCommerce, you decide to go with. But what if you are missing out on some really effective features of Magento? This is the reason it is vital to learn about what is unique about both WooCommerce and Magento.


This is an eCommerce platform customized for web development experts and small to medium to big online stores. The attributes accessible in this field are highly robust, making it ideal for online vendors with high aspirations.

This is a highly robust plugin for the WordPress platform. Every possible feature that an eCommerce solution requires is available here. The plugin also helps in retaining the user-friendliness of the parent platform.

Comprehensive list of important features

The success of any website is determined by the available products and how the online store is marketed. The features that the website provides both to the consumers and a website owner are what matters the most. More than you want to know the benefits of Magento 2.0 for your upcoming online store, you need to focus more on the features.


It comes with a free Community edition along with a multitude of premium services. While the premium offerings incorporate hosting, the Community adaptation is completely self-hosted. It is a free platform. Website owners must discover their own web host.
It is a free platform. Website owners must discover their own web host.

Website owners carry the liberty of adding unrestricted products. WooCommerce platform also offers complete support to limitless products.
WooCommerce platform also offers complete support to limitless products.
The system under this platform is theme-based & comes with a decent amalgamation of options.
Supporting almost every WordPress theme, it puts forward a massive amount of customization options.
It not only supports extensions but comprises a huge array of extensions too.WooCommerce is equipped with an effective extension system offering numerous options to the website owner.
Vulnerabilities in context to security do not stand a chance as the platform comes with advanced security attributes. There are dedicated patches as well for putting an end to any vulnerability.Online store protection is put forward through the help of fundamental security features.
Any user consisting of web development knowledge at the basic level is eligible for using this platform effectively.This platform is highly noteworthy for its easy-to-use aspects.

What these platforms can offer you?

While choosing between a WooCommerce development company and a Magento 2.0 development company, you might hesitate or be in doubt about whom to hand over the crown. This is the reason you need to know what each platform has the ability to offer.

  1. WooCommerce – One of the most highly sought-after eCommerce platforms, this is home to more than 400,000 websites. With this platform, you can get hands-on functionality that you will ever require for launching an online store. It also comes with a plethora of advanced capabilities via its noteworthy extension system.


  • Store setup free of cost is possible. However, there will be web hosting expenditure.
  • Users can get hands-on extensive documentation that is readily accessible. In scenarios where users have additional queries, they can even contact the various teams who are looking after the projects
  • his platform incorporates SSL support, but still, users must obtain their own certificate
  • With the help of an extension, integration of the platform with Google Analytics is possible.


  • In case the user is not familiar with WordPress, he/she will need to learn two completely new platforms.
  • Costs related to extension & premium themes can become a bit huge.

If your priority list for setting up the ideal eCommerce store does not include product management, then you need to go through and make some changes to that list again.

WooCommerce development service contains options for physical and digital products that make it put forward a straightforward approach to the category of product management. To set up new products, there is no need to go through a lot of hassles. Expanding on WooCommerce’s functionality is always possible through extensions like Product Add-Ons.

On the other hand, the Magento 2.0 development service contains numerous features that are not present in WooCommerce. To get hands-on such features with WooCommerce, you might need to purchase additional extensions. For instance, Magento supports wish lists, product reviews, product personalization, grouped products, and higher pricing rules. The merit in context to functionality that Magento has is truly noteworthy. But it also comes with a precipitous learning curve. Thus, if you decide to build your business on Magento, you should choose systems such as Magento retail system that seamlessly integrates with the Magento platform and is provided and supported by Magento experts.
Anchor: Magento retail system


  • WooCommerce is an open-source platform that enables anyone to download & set up on their choice of server. The premium extensions are costly & few need annual subscriptions as well. Some of the most quality web hosts that you must use with WooCommerce are InMotion & SiteGround. You can avail of these at approximately $5 to $9 every month.
  • Magento – Magento focuses more on companies, unlike WooCommerce, which regards itself as a complete community solution. But it never means that small businesses are prohibited from benefiting from the platform’s functionalities. Magento comes with a free Community edition as well, and large companies get to benefit from the Enterprise edition.


  • The platform integrates well with Authorize.Net, Braintree, PayPal.
  • The platform is built for scalability purposes. Even if your store is a massive one, Magento can easily handle all the challenges. This is the reason why installing a good web host is important.
  • Magento comes with a streamlined procedure because checking out occurs rapidly for shoppers.


  • The Enterprise Edition can incur quite an amount of expenditure. However, this is also anticipated to some extent because of the target market.
  • Magento is always focused more on developers and not regular users. This mainly happens because the learning curve of the platform is steep.


Anyone can use the Community Edition of Magento for free. The only cost that you need to bear is the cost related to the present hosting provider. Spending a few pennies is necessary if you take an interest in the Enterprise Edition.

Get an enhanced overview of all the differences between Magento & WooCommerce by looking at the table below:

WooCommerce vs Magento evaluation

CostFree Free+Premium Version Available
Does it need hosting?Yes Yes
Does it support unrestricted products? Yes Yes
Are there extensions & plugins in the platform? Yes Yes
Is customization of the plugins and extensions possible? Yes Yes
Does the platform offer Analytics? Yes Yes
Is the platform beginner-friendly? Yes No
Does the platform provide extensive documentation? Yes Yes

Who is the winner?

When it comes to beginners – the choice is pretty simple. It is definitely WooCommerce as the benefits of WooCommerce are many. From inexpensive installation to ease-of-use, WooCommerce store development truly has a lot in store for businesses that focus on small operations. As a matter of fact, you can set up any online store that you want by using this platform. You can take home entrepreneurship as an example.

You can opt to choose WooCommerce depending on the following reasons:

  • Setting up costs is extremely inexpensive. But it is important to realize that the mileage will vary as per the online store’s scope.
  • New users can easily pick up with the workings of WooCommerce, especially when they already know how to use WordPress

Coming to Magento, this is also a noteworthy solution that mainly shines when scalability is concerned. This makes it the perfect choice for many companies that are planning to move towards eCommerce.

The WooCommerce plugins that are worth a download are:

1. WooCommerce Product

Feed for Bing, eBay & GoogleGenerating product data or feed for syncing your products with the merchant center such as Bing Ads, Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook Product Ads is hassle-free with this plugin. The features are:

  • Get access to more than 100 merchant sites.
  • Manual product feeding from websites to shopping engines is possible.
  • The 3 file formats that are supported for feeds are TXT, CSV & XML.
  • Auto feed uploads possible through FTP.

2. CTX Feed Pro

With this WooCommerce plugin, you can generate product feeds for many shopping engines such as eBay, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, etc. The features are:

  • It is possible to exclude drafted or non-profitable products with Woo Feeds Smart Filter feature. Users can filter products with efficient filtering options as per product titles, user ratings, price, etc.
  • The extended product title feature is handy as it helps you in creating the best titles. A catchy title will instantly build any user’s interest & by this, you can increase sales.

In the end, jotting down and understanding WooCommerce vs. Magento 2.0 was as difficult as it will always be for a new individual to jump into one of these industry-leading platforms. Depending on the kind of online business, overall budget, features, and performance, you need to determine which platform you need to opt for cautiously. Pick your platform today for getting started on a highly rewarding journey.

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