Boost Your eCommerce Sale into French Marketplace Part – 2

France is one of the most developed countries in the world and takes an important place in the European Union. People in France prefer to save their time and effort by buying things for their everyday requirements, online.

In the previous part, we have learned about some online marketplaces. Here are some more.

Nextag is a marketplace, where buyers get to compare prices, features, and specifications quickly to choose the product from the desired seller. From high-tech products to furniture, fashion and beauty products – Nextag deals in a wide range of products. Strolling online, giving opinions, sharing, finding information and most importantly, enjoying bargains is some of the features Nextag offers its customers.

Pixmania attracts users and customers to buy products under great discounts. As Pixmania displays and attracts traffic based on the offers, it helps resellers to sell their goods by providing affordable discounts on a regular basis.

Priceminister is an e-commerce website, which also provides an option for sellers to post their ads on the website. This helps sellers because they get to publish their product and to post ads which attract a lot of traffic to their websites directly. It is the second most visited e-commerce site in France. The company guarantees a total refund to the buyer if the product is not delivered, or found damaged on delivery, also ensuring payment to the seller.

Prixmoinscher is one of the popular online marketplaces, which offers good discounts to customers on a regular basis. Prixmoinscher offers good services and features for sellers, enabling them to sell their product effectively.

Stylight is a fashion e-commerce website, which is operating at the global level and helps young women to evolve with fashion. Sylight attracts a lot of women customers and this helps sellers to sell their products easily.

Created in 2001, is one of the pioneers of price comparison on the Internet, and offers to compare prices of several million products across hundreds of merchants. Touslesprix is one of the top comparison websites, which lets users compare prices, features, and specifications on a regular basis. Touslesprix helps sellers to sell different kinds of products by providing information about the demand and the market.

Tradedoubler is a leading performance marketing company, which help sellers to sell their products effectively. Tradedoubler operates from different locations in Europe and works with more than 2000 leading advertiser brands. Tradedoubler uses different strategies to promote different products in various e-commerce websites. They have connections with major media sources and have their own affiliate network of 180,000 active publishers.

Webmarchand is an exclusive website, which helps sellers to promote only in a certain location, as most of the products shown on the website would usually be from the nearby sellers. This helps sellers to provide discounts, as the seller does not have to spend a huge amount of money for the transportation.

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