Kelkoo The Best Price Comparison Site in Europe

Give a boost to your eCommerce sale with Kelkoo

When it comes to generous visibility to eCommerce companies, Kelkoo has been a leader and one of the best comparison site in Europe. You should not let your business lag behind in any manner, in the wake of rising competition.

To attract your customers’ attention, Kelkoo uses advertising as a medium. In the present scenario, digital marketing is a cost-effective medium, and through it, you can push the growth of your sales effectively.

Approx. 90% of eCommerce purchasers are quite fluent about deals, and they like to invest time before purchasing. It can be clearly said that the price should be considered as the very first criteria for online purchasers’ buying decision.

If the expectations and the reality of an online buyer are not on the same page then, believe me, the most buyer is going to prefer the competitor without any hesitation.

A common offline shopping story:

offline vs online shopping

Do you remember the last time when you visited your favorite shop? If not, it’s okay as well, let’s think of that moment together in detail.

Maybe, you went into a store, looking at the stalls for a moment, touching few of the items for the feel and finally you have found your loved item (a shirt, a watch or whatever). You quickly hold it and place over your body to get the quick feel of owing it.

Then your brain reminds you of the only step left between holding that product in your hand and owing it. The only step left is buying it, or you can say paying for it. Then straightaway, you try to check the price tag to know how much it costs.

Now you start feeling the gap between the stalls and your wardrobe. It requires more than your budget. It’s not a deal or not a bargain, so you give up and leave the shop.

The example was a common offline shopping story. But the scenario is entirely different when it comes to eCommerce and comparison shopping. In eCommerce platform you don’t need to get any twist for the product you are looking for, the price and details can be easily searched just in few clicks.

On the other hand, consumers have a great ability to make price comparison among competitors quite easily with the existence of price comparison engines.

I assume that you have now realized the positive outcomes of price comparison sites. In Europe, comparison shopping sites have gained a vital role when it comes about the decision of buying process. It has become a useful source of information than the retailers’ websites in some places in Europe.

Know more about Comparison Shopping site; Kelkoo:

Kelkoo is a leading European eCommerce price comparison engine, was founded in 1999. The group is currently active in 21 European countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, UK, etc.

Kelkoo have been helping customers to find the best products at most reasonable prices. Kelkoo comes to your rescue in the present days of tough competition.

Kelkoo is one of the biggest and most trusted price comparison sites in the world, having approx. 80 million offers. The platform shifts and compares thousands of offers from the best of the brands every second, to make sure consumers always get their best deals. It has bespoke buying guides for giving tips on what to look out for when making a purchase.

Advantages of using Kelkoo Comparison Shopping site:

Let’s have a look at few advantages of Kelkoo that are given below:

Thousands of online shoppers: your products will be exposed to thousands of customers, and that will increase traffic to your website and also sales.

Mobile: nowadays, more product sales are generated by mobile users, and Kelkoo can help you to reach them. It is available on mobile devices and makes it easier for you to achieve the maximum amount of consumers.

International: the platform is operating in more than 20 countries around the world. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to grow your online store.

Cheaper: it saves you an average of 15% on your purchase by helping you to find the lowest prices.

Faster: you can compare the latest deals instantly with its rapid search result.

Savvier: it filters out the things you don’t need and focuses on exactly what you are looking for.

Why you should get registered on Kelkoo:

To stand a chance of delivering your products to prospective customers, you should make the best use of Kelkoo. From the SEO point of view, getting registered on a trusted site like Kelkoo gives a boost to your website.

All your products and products information that you upload on your eCommerce site can be linked to Kelkoo. Getting registered to this fantastic platform is an advantage for you over your competitor.

More reasons why your eCommerce site should be listed on a comparison site like Kelkoo is, people often don’t get to know about recent and upcoming eCommerce site. There are many different reasons for that, and one of the main reason is poor SEO work done on that particular website.

Getting listed on the comparison and advertising sites act as an excellent decision for your online store.

Product Feed plugins for Price Comparison Site including Kelkoo: 

Useful plugins can make your eCommerce site lot more functional and user-friendly. When your products are displayed on the leading price comparison site like Kelkoo, you have a great chance of having a long-time relationship with your customers.

There are many different eCommerce platforms, one of the famous and impressive platforms is WooCommerce. So, from here I am talking about WooCommerce platform assuming that you manage a WooCommerce online store. This will be a great deal in turning your WooCommerce site into a brand.

Installing a useful plugin like WooCommerce Product Feed gives your online store the exposure it needs. With this plugin, you can easily showcase your products most appealingly on Kelkoo and its subsidiary sites by installing WooCommerce Product Feed plugin. ( The WooCommerce Product Feed plugin generates data feed or product feed to sync products with your merchant center.

WooCommerce Product Feed plugin generates product feed and automatically update product information into feed file and sync your product to different shopping engines including Kelkoo, Google Shopping, PriceRunner, Shopzilla,, PriceGrabber, eBay, Idealo, Kelkoo, NexTag and many more.

Kelkoo works with thousands of trusted brands like Apple, Sony, Nike and retailers like Tesco, Argos. John Lewis and website like Amazon, eBookers to bring the best deal directly to you.

The site researches millions of products and thousands of retailers, so you don’t have to worry about these things. Kelkoo, the shopping companion brings the best for you.

There’s no doubt that, price comparison sites are getting more popular day by day. Comparison shopping sites are one of the reasons for explosive eCommerce growth, and Kelkoo is one of the leading comparison sites among them.

As mentioned above, beside Kelkoo there are also many other comparison shopping sites used in Europe.  You can read my previous article to know in detail on best Price Comparison sites in Europe.

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