Overview of Online Marketplaces in Netherlands Part – 1

Overview of Online Marketplaces in Netherlands Part – 1

The Netherlands is a small country. Nonetheless, it always tries to play a significant role, be it economically, politically or in sports. The country is well known for its highly open economy, inclined heavily towards international trade. There are several eCommerce events that take place in the Netherlands throughout the year. Hence, it is important that as an online retailer, you should know about the best marketplaces in the Netherlands.

This is the first of a three-part series on the marketplaces of the Netherlands. In the second and third parts, we will learn about some more marketplaces.

Logo of MARKTPLAATS.nl online marketplace


Marketplace Admarkt is a quick and easy way to sell highly targeted products, build brand awareness and traffic to realize your shop. With access to 8.2 million buy targeted visitors per month your online advertising is always top of the results list, even above the consumer ads. There are also no unexpected costs, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

beslist.nl supported merchant


Beslist is one of the largest E-commerce websites, which lets users compare and buy at the same time. There are over 25 million products, which have been updated by various sellers to sell their products without hassles.

Daisycon is an affiliate marketplace active in all of Europe


Daisycon is an affiliate marketing company, which helps retailers sell their products with the aid of various E-commerce websites. Daisycon ensures to put enough ads with the aid of complex networks and various websites to enhance the reach of the product and the seller. This process helps the seller to gain more visibility and sales in the longer run.

FfShoppen logo


Ffshoppen provides an option for sellers to sell a full range of gift gadgets, sports toys, and homeware. People visit Ffshoppen to buy different kinds of toys with easy buying options with the help of a customer-friendly 60-day return process.

Kelkoo is an online shopping portal


Kelkoo researches millions of products and thousands of online stores so you don’t have to do it yourself. They revisit all the offers and give you the results you are exactly looking for. They bring you the best of the bests – the brand, the choices, the bargains. This combined with the convenience of the Internet gives you an instant overview, customer experience and a good comparison for your products. They work with thousands of renowned brands such as Apple, Sony, and Nike. In combination with large stores like Bol, BCC, Expert, Halfords, V & D and Bijenkorf, they bring you the best deals.

Kieskeurig logo


Kieskeurig is an e-commerce website, which provides reliable and precise information about products. Over 170000 customers visit Kieskeurig on a regular basis. Kieskeurig can be used to promote and sell different kinds of goods without investment.

Kleding logo


Kleding is a reputed e-commerce site, which is engaged in offering different kinds of fashion apparel for men, women, and kids. You can find rare and reputed brands like SevenOnSeven, Replay, Timberland and so on.

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