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Run a Successful Sale on your WooCommerce Store

Have you ever experience low sales as compared to heavy traffic in your WooCommerce store? It is very frustrating to have poor sales even at the peak of traffic. The visitors to your store leave without making a purchase.

If you are wondering how this difficult situation of your store can be overcome, then read the following tips given in this article. Before that, you should know why all visitors aren’t converting to your site.

As compared to a blog or informational sites, the purpose of the eCommerce site is different. Ecommerce site requires their visitor to convert into their customers. The ultimate goal is to earn more sales. If the majority of the website visitors purchase from the store, the target can be achieved.

Everybody loves to make a sale.  But the question is, how can you create more sale and make sure it brings in both new and old customers?

Your job will be much easier if your store runs on WooCommerce. This handy e-commerce plugin helps you to create a variety of different types of sales without having much hassle. However, you’ll still need to plan and prepare your sale carefully to make sure it becomes a success for you and your customers.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can make a successful sale on your WooCommerce store. We’ll talk about different ways how you can create your sale, as well as to promote and augment them. So let’s get started!

Few effective ways to convert WooCommerce visitors into customers –

Faster loading website

A key role in converting your WooCommerce store visitors into customers depends on the speed of your site.  The perfect example can be Amazon and eBay which are known as eCommerce giants, shows how faster loading benefits an eCommerce store gets.

A remarkable difference in your site’s speed is optimizing and compressing all the images in your store. Always try to optimize and compress images. Lazy loading images can also help to speed up your store. That means, if a customer doesn’t reach to a particular picture on the page then the page won’t be loaded.

Increase the sense of urgency

When it comes to the purchase of a product, an eCommerce store can’t afford to have procrastination customers. Delaying purchases always results in losing sales.

For that reason, it is required to impose some urgency on customers to make an instant purchase. This sense of urgency can be made offering free shipping offer, discount on a few products and other different offers for a limited period. Limited or low stock notifications can also be helpful.

Optimization of checkout pages

The insecure and complicated checkout process is one of the primary reason behind cart abandonment. Most of the customers get stuck in the checkout page when they have to make the payment after choosing which product to buy.

Optimized checkout page makes customers make payments easily. Whereas, slow checkout process makes the higher chance to result in an abandoned cart. So make sure your store checkout page is user-friendly and fast processing. Asking so much information to enter the field can make your customer irritate. Ask for less detail on the checkout page.

Rescue lost customers

Store visitors don’t make a purchase from your store on their first visits most of the times. There are several reasons behind it, such as payment security concerns, complex checkout process, unexpected shipping costs, etc.

You have to make a plan to bring them back. Notify your visitor through email to complete their abandoned order. There are many WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins to make the process automatic by sending a notification to your consumers.

Few promotions that you can run using WooCommerce to prepare your upcoming sales –

Coupon Codes: buyers get additional discounts on their order in the checkout process of the WooCommerce store. It is a straightforward and rewarding technique.

Free Shipping: it encourages the user to convert. Research shows that, if free shipping is not offered then 61% of consumers are at somewhat likely to cancel their purchase.

Buy one get one free deal: It is one of the most significant marketing ideas in recent years. It is one of the best perceptions offers you can use. When you want to generate more cash, then use the buy one get one free promotion.

Minimum order amount discounts: It is an excellent product marketing to give your customers a discount of some type. Add discount types like percent off, amount of product and free.

If you can implement the above strategies, it will help you to sell on your WooCommerce store successfully. Try to analyze and track which promotions help you the most.

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