How to Build a WooCommerce Wholesale Store

15 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins: Turn Your Online Store into a B2B Powerhouse

Let me make a wild guess. 

You want to optimize your WooCommerce store for better wholesale customer management. Am I right? Well, if yes, then you’re in the right place!

Now here’s the thing! To upgrade your WooCommerce store to a top-notch wholesale store, you’ll need a WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin—there’s no way around it. 

But which one should you choose? With so many plugins claiming to be the best, it’s hard to decide. It’s like trying to catch a single fish in the vast Atlantic Ocean. Seems tough right?

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. From our years of experience and expertise, we have identified the 15 best WooCommerce Wholesale plugins to manage your B2B business perfectly. 

So grab a cup of coffee and some snacks, and let’s dive in! 🏄

What to Look For in a Good WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

Before we get to the main stuff, there are some things you should look for in a good plugin for Wholesale WooCommerce. 

It will definitely help you to set up discounts for wholesale customers easily, get you to sell products in bulk, and increase your WooCommerce sales.

Have a look. 

Things to Look for in a Wholesale Plugin
1. Displays Products Differently for Retail and Wholesale Customers

2. Features a Wholesale Order Form

3. Lets You Create User Roles

4. Supports Custom Prices for Wholesale and Retail Customers

5. Easy way to set up Product Groups

6. Easy way to set up wholesale pricing for WooCommerce

7. Allows the Wholesale Distributors to Get Registered

So, try to make sure that your wholesale plugin has these features. 

15 best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins

The moment you have been waiting for! Here are 15 of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins. Each of them offers unique features and benefits to help you turn your WooCommerce store into a wholesale store and grow your business effectively.

1. Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite

On the first of our list, we have the Wholesale Suite plugin. And you will be glad to know that it is one of the most popular and one of the highest-rated WooCommerce Wholesale plugins out there. But, how did it reach that position? 

This plugin easily lets you add and run different wholesale operations in your store with numerous eye-catching features. You will be able to set WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing and manage the user role here. 

There’s more! The wholesale Suite plugin allows you to manage the inventory, customer groups, and different discount offers effectively. Moreover, it also supports tax and shipping control. 

No wonder why with all these offerings it is one of the best wholesale plugins out there for WooCommerce. 

Key Features of Wholesale Suite Plugin-

  • Define user roles easily
  • Display products and product categories as either wholesale or retail.
  • Easily manage wholesale pricing for various wholesale user roles.
  • Works with any Theme
  • Supports Multi-currency
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Put up the Wholesale Order Form
  • Supports imposing minimum order rules
  • Show or hide retail prices for wholesale customers.
  • Enable private store mode to hide prices and the add-to-cart button until login.
Pros Cons
Managing the overall wholesale functions is really easy

Compatible with other WooCommerce extensions

Provides different pricing and discount options

Good Overall Review

Easy to Use

Supports multiple currencies and themes
The price is comparatively high


  • License: Single Site
  • Regular Price: $297/Year
  • Offer Price: $148.50/Year
  • Savings: $148.50/Year (50%)

Verdict: This is undoubtedly one of the best wholesale plugins we have used. From user role management to setting up prices, discounts, and groups this plugin can do it all. So, if the price isn’t an issue for you and especially if you want to grow a large wholesale business you can definitely go for this plugin. 

2. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro 

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro 

Next up, we have the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin by Barn2. It is an amazing plugin that specializes in setting up customized wholesale stores. 

Do you want to know what we like most about this plugin?

Using this plugin allows you to run a private wholesale-only store very easily. That too while keeping your public shop open for retail customers. So, you get to create a separate storefront and keep the wholesale users and retailers separated. 

That’s not it! Through this plugin, you will be able to create unlimited user roles and create different discount rates for them.

Do you want to sell minimum quantities or spend some value on your B2B customers? 

Well, this plugin will let you do that as well. You can also manage wholesale orders, taxes, and coupons in a customized way as well. 

Key Features of WooCommerce Wholesale Pro: 

  • Customizable WooCommerce Wholesale registration form
  • Create unlimited wholesale user roles 
  • Role-based payment gateways or shipping
  • Easily add and manage wholesale users
  • Sell products to both public and wholesale users at different prices
  • Mark categories as ‘Public Only’ or ‘Wholesale Only’ to control visibility.
  • Option to hide or show the original price
Pros Cons
Flexible Pricing Options

Good Visibility Control

Great Customizing Options

Can Offer Different Discounts for each wholesale role

Easy User Management

Easy Order Management
To get the full range of wholesale features you might need to buy another plugin named “WooCommerce Product Table plugin”. 


  • 1 Site – $99/Year
  • Upto 5 Sites – $152/Year
  • Upto 20 Sites- $ 339/ Year 

Verdict- You can use the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin to easily manage wholesale and retail customers with tailored pricing, visibility, and user roles. So, if you want a lot of customizing options on a moderate budget, this should be your choice. 

3. Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin

Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin

The Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin is really easy to use and comes with a lot of offerings and benefits. You can set wholesale prices for both simple and variable products by using this plugin. 

It offers a quick registration form that helps the wholesaler a lot. Not only that, you can display the form on any page or post on your website too. The Whols plugin also enables store owners to review and approve wholesaler requests quickly and effortlessly.

Here’s something we absolutely adore about this plugin! You can give Different pricing to different wholesaler roles and set category-wise product prices too. What else, you ask? 

You will also get other benefits like setting minimum purchase requirements, tracking the purchasing patterns of your wholesale customers, and restricting Wholesale Store Access. 

Key Features of Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin:

  • Category Wise Product Price Set For Different Roles
  • Set Default Wholesaler Role For Wholesale Registration
  • Create a form and display it on any post or page on your website
  • Disable the different Coupon Codes
  • Customizing Label Text
  • Disable Visibility Of Product Category
  • Set up Wholesale Order Type
Easy Set up of Registration Form

Option available of purchasing the plugin for Unlimited websites 

Can set Category-wise product price

Can set wholesale prices for both Simple and Variable products

Excellent SupportGood Reviews
Few users claim compatibility issues with other plugins or theme


  • 1 Website- $79
  • 5 Websites- $149
  • Unlimited Websites- $249

Verdict-  In conclusion, the plugin comes with a lot of handy features at a very good price. It can also help you get a lot of new wholesalers because of the registration form and other offerings. So, you can undoubtedly go for it if these are your targets. 

4. B2BKing – The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B and Wholesale Plugin

B2BKing - The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B and Wholesale Plugin

Are you looking to turn your WooCommerce store into a B2B powerhouse? Then B2BKing might be the plugin that you are looking for. But why?

Because it comes with tons of benefits. Like what, you say? 

Well, you get to provide tiered pricing, customized payment, and shipping methods for different customer groups, and a private store mode for wholesale customers. 

Sounds great right? Wait, there’s way more.

B2BKing supports both B2B and hybrid B2B + B2C models. So, it will provide flexibility in managing diverse customer needs. It also includes advanced features like an invoice payment gateway and comprehensive reporting that can help you out a lot in the long run.

Also, one more advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the themes at all. It is compatible with any WooCommerce theme. 

So, you can count it as a complete package for efficiently handling wholesale operations and customer management.

Key Features of B2BKing:

  • Set Up a private store
  • Configure different Complex Registration forms 
  • 9 types of custom fields
  • 3 Stunning order form themes: Cream, Indigo and Classic
  • Dedicated mode for B2B-only sites and B2B + B2C sites
  • It features a conversation and messaging system for business users
  • Set free shipping separately for B2B and B2C customers.
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Order Rules
Easy Business Registration

Show or Hide Shops and Products (Private Store Feature)

Supports Invoice Payment Gateway
Good for both B2B and B2C Business

High Rating
Most of the Features are available in the Premium version, not the Free version
High Cost


  • 1 Website- $199.50
  • 3 Websites- $299.50
  • Unlimited Websites- $399.50

Verdict- As we said earlier, this plugin comes as a complete package. If the price isn’t an issue for you and you are looking to maintain B2B and B2C Customers, you can surely consider this plugin. 

5. WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B

Another plugin that is perfect for turning your WooCommerce store into a wholesale hub is the WooCommerce B2B Plugin. Yes, it is just like the name suggests. 

Whether your store is new or well-established, it is perfect for dedicated B2B stores or hybrid B2C/B2B models. You can expect to set diverse rules for price lists, packages, and orders by using this wholesale Plugin. 

Wondering about the payment and shipping methods? The plugin works seamlessly with all WooCommerce payment and shipping methods, ensuring smooth operations. 

Also, one of the best things about this plugin is that once you buy it, you will get lifetime access and lifetime unlimited free access. 

Last but not least, we found out that its high-performance order storage compatibility will ensure the store runs efficiently. You can also control product and category visibility, restrict guest access, and enable cart saving for later.

Key Features of WooCommerce B2B: 

  • Set up Customer Groups
  • Hide Prices and Stocks
  • Control Product Category Visibility 
  • Offer B2B Dedicated Prices
  • Group Discount Percentage
  • Allow Customers to Save their Cart
  • Offer discounted prices by cart quantity
  • Add Barcodes to Products
Compatible with all WooCommerce Shipping and Payment Methods

Seamless Integration with the WooCommerce Platform

Good Interface

Good Price

Compatible with High-performance order management  
Requires technical knowledge to use it 


  • $99/ Year

Verdict – An amazing plugin with a lot of features coming in at a low price. 

6. YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Plugin

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Plugin

Next up on our list we have the YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices plugin. 

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices is one of the most fantastic WooCommerce Wholesale plugins that lets you set different prices for various user roles on your WooCommerce store. And you can do it for unlimited user roles. 

Want our personal opinion? Whenever we used it, we really liked the user-friendly interface and the powerful features. 

Also, do you want to offer wholesale pricing to your registered wholesalers while keeping things flexible for other customers? This plugin has got you covered. 

Again, YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices make it easy to implement role-based pricing strategies too. However, one drawback that we found was that it doesn’t let you create new user roles. 

Key Features of YITH WooCommerce Role-Based Prices Plugin: 

  • Adjust single product prices based on user roles.
  • Create custom price rules for different user roles.
  • Apply price rules to regular or sale prices.
  • Set role-based price rules for individual products or specific categories/tags.
  • Exclude specific categories or tags from role-based price rules.
  • Increase or decrease product prices by a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Combine multiple price rules for the same product and assign priority levels to manage them.
Good user role management

Good Customization methods

Easy to set price rules

Regular updates

Satisfactory Support System
It Doesn’t allow to create New Roles

Some users found it hard to set up 


  • €89.99/ year

Verdict: If you are looking to create new roles, then this plugin is NOT FOR YOU. It doesn’t create new ones, you can only manage the existing ones. Other than that, it is really a good overall wholesale WooCommerce plugin. 

7. WholsaleX 


We’ve had a highly positive experience using WholesaleX for our store. 

From our very own perspective, it’s an exceptional tool for managing both B2B and B2C sales. The plugin offers comprehensive features, including user discounts, wholesale pricing, and a digital wallet.

WholesaleX makes it effortless for us to cater to both B2B and B2C customers simultaneously. You can easily create different user roles and assign specific payment and shipping methods to each customer. Also, its user-friendly interface has simplified the process of selling to wholesale customers. 

Key Features of WholsaleX: 

  • WooCommerce Wholesale Registration Form Builder
  • Bulk Order Form for Wholesale Customers
  • Private Store and Product Visibility Management
  • Integrated Digital Wallet System
  • Ready email templates
  • Built-in conversation system
Easy to Use

Unlimited User Roles

Digital Wallet System for Payment

Can Create Subaccounts

Price worthy
The Outlook looks too Simple


  • 1 Site: $90/Year
  • 5 Sites: $109/Year
  • 20 Sites: $164/ Year 

Verdict: Its user-friendly interface has simplified the process of selling to wholesale customers. Since implementing WholesaleX, we’ve seen a significant increase in both sales and overall business growth. So, we highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their wholesale operations.

8. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite by IGNITEWoo

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite by IGNITEWoo

Another plugin that can turn out to be a game changer for your wholesale store is the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite.  It offers a good number of features that make managing our wholesale business way easier. Let me break it down for you. 

Like any other good plugin, we can easily set up wholesaler user roles and assign different prices based on product or category. So, it gives us the flexibility we need.

It also has the ability to show or hide wholesale prices and specific products from our retail customers. So you get to ensure that only your wholesale users see them. Another thing that will catch your eye is the backorder option for out-of-stock items. It helps to know which products are most popular.

Key Features of WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite:

  • Create multi-tier role-based pricing 
  • Offer Quantity and Cart Discounts
  • Visibility Control of Price
  • Allows Backorders
  • Enforce Minimum or Maximum Order Requirements
  • Create Whole-sale Only Coupons
  • Show or Hide Products from Retail Users 
Good Interface

Easy to set up pricing options

Easy Tax Control

Good Compatibility with WooCommerce

Supportive Payment Control
Comparatively High Price


  • 1 Site- $149/Year
  • 2 Sites- $179/Year
  • 3 Sites-  $199/Year
  • 5 Sites- $229/Year
  • 25 Sites- $249/Year

Verdict- Its features for setting different prices and controlling product visibility are really good. Also, the backorder functionality can help to increase sales and provide insights into product demand. So, this plugin can become really helpful if you use it properly. 

9. Wholesale For WooCommerce 

Wholesale For WooCommerce

Want to manage wholesale pricing in your WooCommerce store effortlessly? Well, Wholesale for WooCommerce can do the job for you in no time. As a matter of fact, it can be your go-to extension for managing wholesale pricing on your WooCommerce store.  

It is said to be perfect for managing B2B+B2C companies. And we found it like that too. 

Also, it was really simple to set up different pricing tiers and manage wholesale user roles. 

In addition, you get to create a private storefront just for your wholesale customers too and keep your special prices and products hidden from the general public. Other common and exciting features are available here as well that easily take it to the list of best WooCommerce wholesale plugins. 

Key Features of Wholesale For WooCommerce Lite:

  • Wholesale Registration Form 
  • Create and manage multiple wholesale user roles
  • Disable or enable tiered pricing rules.
  • Add-to-cart minimum quantity restrictions.
  • Allow or restrict wholesale user roles from using coupons. 
  • Enable or disable payment methods as per user role.
  • Enable or disable shipping methods as per user role.
Lots of Features

Good Interface 

Easy to Use

Adding percentages and fixed amounts is trouble-free
We found the plugin setup time-consuming. 


  • $129/Year

Verdict-  Overall, Wholesale for WooCommerce is a fantastic, straightforward solution for building and managing a top-level wholesale eCommerce website. Its range of features and ease of use make it an ideal choice for any business looking to streamline its wholesale operations.

10. ELEX Woocommerce Catalog Mode Wholesale and Role-Based Pricing

ELEX Woocommerce Catalog Mode Wholesale and Role-Based Pricing

Another awesome WooCommerce Wholesale plugin has been introduced in the market by Elexextensions. It is named ELEX Woocommerce Catalog Mode Wholesale and Role-Based Pricing plugin. 

Now, the best thing about this plugin is that it really opens up your pricing options with its flexible customization features. 

You get to tailor your price plans based on the roles you’ve assigned to your customers, whether they’re-

  • wholesale buyers, 
  • regulars, 
  • or even just browsing guests. 

It’s crucial to have different pricing strategies for each group. This plugin also allows you to set unique prices or even hide prices for specific user roles.  

Key Features of ELEX Woocommerce Catalog Mode Wholesale and Role-Based Pricing: 

  • Implement role-based pricing, discounts, and sales tax on WooCommerce products.
  • Provide category-specific pricing and discounts for WooCommerce items.
  • Set up wholesale pricing and discounts in WooCommerce.
  • Offer personalized discounts for individual WooCommerce customers.
  • Switch your WooCommerce store to catalog mode, hiding the ‘Add to Cart’ button and prices.
  • Customize or hide the Place Order button on the checkout page.
  • Modify the ‘Add to Cart’ button in WooCommerce or replace it with a ‘Request a Quote’ option.
  • Exclude payment methods from the checkout page.
  • Create and manage custom WordPress user roles.
Numerous Eye-catchy Features

Good Customization Methods

Low Price

Quick set up of wholesale pricing 

Hassle-Free discount setup

Clear and Understandable Interface 
As there are too many features, sometimes the user might get confused about them


  • Single Site- $79
  • Upto 5 Sites- $109
  • Upto 25 Sites- $199

Verdict- If you want good customizing and pricing options then close your eyes and go for this plugin. It will definitely not disappoint you. 

11. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce Plugin 

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce Plugin 

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce is a versatile plugin that can let you give wholesale buyers better pricing based on purchase quantities. By using this plugin, you can offer different prices to different customers. 

It has some advanced customization options based on customer roles, purchase history, and more which benefitted us a lot. We can assure you that with this plugin, you won’t need multiple tools to manage your pricing strategies. It’s all in one place – making it perfect for wholesale operations.

Also, we found the customer support to be exceptional. It ensures that you have support whenever you need it. 

Key Features of WISDM Customer Specific Pricing: 

  • Set individual prices for every customer
  • Offer role-based discounts
  • Set up different prices for different groups
  • Offer Quantity based pricing
  • Offer store-wide discounts
  • Create pricing tiers
  • Specific pricing rules for different product categories 
Price management is quite easy

Many Customization features

No need to use multiple other plugins
A bit complex regarding some features compared to some other wholesale plugins. 


  • $80/Year 

Verdict- This plugin simplifies your pricing management while enhancing your wholesale selling experience. So, if you are looking for good price management this plugin could be a good fit for you.

12. Wholesale Market for WooCommerce 

Wholesale Market for WooCommerce 

We might be closing down our list, but don’t worry, these plugins are just as top-notch as the ones we’ve already covered. 

Introducing Wholesale Market for WooCommerce by CedCommerce. This is one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins out there and it is perfect for managing your wholesale customers and giving them special treatment. But, why?

Because by using this plugin, you can assign a Wholesale Customer role to specific users and set special wholesale prices for your products.

Furthermore, it’s a great way to differentiate your wholesale clients from regular shoppers and offer them unique pricing tailored just for them. Let’s check out the key features and different advantages and disadvantages. 

Key Features of the Wholesale Market for WooCommerce Plugin: 

  • Creates a specific user role for Wholesale Customers.
  • Users with the wholesale role can purchase products at wholesale prices.
  • Add meta-fields in the product panel to enter wholesale prices for both simple and variable products.
  • Enable a minimum purchase requirement for products.
  • Provides options to set a common or different minimum purchase quantity.
  • There’s a feature to save plugin settings while deactivating the plugin.
  • Allows merchants to display wholesale prices in the Price column on the shop page.
  • Offers options to show wholesale prices to all users or only to wholesale users.
  • Displays wholesale prices on both the shop page and individual product pages.
Simple and user-friendly

Ready for translation

Compatible with WPML

Easily customizable
Not enough reviews or ratings from users


  • $79/Year

Verdict- This plugin is user-friendly, flexible, and customizable. So you will definitely find it easy to manage wholesale pricing on your WooCommerce store. 

13. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite 

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite 

Are you looking to enhance your WooCommerce Wholesale Store? The WooCommerce Whole Suite plugin is definitely worth considering. 

We were amazed by how it simplifies the ordering process in the WooCommerce site. And it doesn’t end there. 

It also makes it simple to manage entire wholesale operations. So, you will be allowed to capture leads, handle backorders, and create efficient order forms. Then again, the order forms can be tailored for wholesale customers too. Let’s get into more details.

Key Features of WooCommerce Wholesale Suite:

  • Quick Order Form for WooCommerce
  • Tiered Pricing and Discounts
  • WooCommerce Request a Quote Feature
  • Conditional Shipping and Payment Options
  • WooCommerce Tax Exemption Rules
  • Set Minimum, Maximum, Quantity breaks
Easy to Set up

Easy to Use

Simplifies Ordering Process

Option to set Dynamic Pricing
High Price for ‘Professional’ and ‘All Access’ Category 


  • Core Plugin-Free
  • Basic- $25/Month
  • Professional- $29/Month
  • All Access- $41.5/Month

Verdict- It comes as a complete package and you can do all the work just with this plugin. So, if the budget isn’t a problem for you, we would highly suggest you go for it.

14. B2B & Wholesale Suite 

B2B & Wholesale Suite

Want to know what we have up next? It’s the B2B & Wholesale Suite plugin. It is another excellent WooCommerce B2B plugin loaded with powerful features. 

Firstly, it can assist you in managing everything from wholesale pricing and discounts to tax handling, quote requests, order forms, etc. What else, you say? 

Secondly, you get to personalize the shopping experience for each of your business customers with unique prices, order rules, and product catalogs. Again, we found the options in settings are easy to use as well. 

Here’s the best part! Choose between two shop setups: a dedicated B2B Shop or a combined B2B & B2C Shop. The plugin’s advanced modular design certainly ensures easy configuration, compatibility with any store, and top-notch performance.

Key Features of B2B & Wholesale Suite: 

  • Set up Wholesale Prices and Discounts
  • Hide Prices and Shop
  • Tiered Pricing and Price Table
  • Different B2B and B2C Registration
  • Create and Manage the Product Bundles 
  • Show prices with or without tax based on B2B or B2C user roles.
  • Control the Payment and Shipping Methods
Two Dedicated Shop Options

Flexible to use

Easy Tax Display Options

Great Coupon Controls
Some Users got Poor Support


  • $149/Year

Verdict- Apart from the support system, everything is great about this plugin. So, you can keep it on your bucket list to use it for your B2B or B2C shop. 

15. User Role Editor

User Role Editor

We saved one of the best ones for the last. Let me ask you something. What is the most common thing you would need to do in your Wholesale store? I believe it will be to change the user roles.

Luckily, the wholesale User Role Editor WordPress plugin will make managing user roles and capabilities super easy for you. Simply check the boxes for the capabilities you want to add to a specific role and click “Update.” And it will be done in no time! 

You can create brand-new roles or copy and customize existing ones to suit your needs. Do you want to know the most exciting part? You can also change the default role for new users. You get to do all these things COMPLETELY FREE! 

Key Features of User Role Editor:

  • Create and customize new roles from scratch or by copying existing roles.
  • Delete custom roles if they are not assigned to any users.
  • Change the default role assigned to new users.
  • Assign capabilities on a per-user basis and assign multiple roles to a single user.
  • Add new capabilities or remove unnecessary ones, including those from uninstalled plugins.
  • Supports multi-site configurations.
Pros Cons 
Makes user role management super easy

Multi-site Support

Simple to Use

Totally Free

700,000+ active installations 
Didn’t find any


  • Free

Verdict- To sum up, It is undoubtedly one of the best plugins for user role management and it is completely free to use. So, you should definitely give it a try. 

Which Wholesale Plugin Should You Choose: Buyer’s Guide

Hopefully, you have a broad idea of the 15 best wholesale plugins for WooCommerce. But hey, which plugin should you specifically choose?

All of the plugins might seem really good, but you don’t necessarily need all of them. You just need one plugin that will get the job done for you. It needs to be a perfect match for your very own store. 

So, check out this guide and make sure the plugin will offer your store these things:

1. Compatibility

 We believe your WooCommerce store has already been set up. And you use some plugins as well. 

Now, the plugin you choose needs to be compatible with your existing stores and the plugins you are using. So try to ensure the plugin works well with your current themes, plugins, and WooCommerce version. Incompatible plugins can cause problems and disrupt your store.

2. Price 

This is another crucial factor. You should always consider the cost of the wholesale plugin and its value for your business.

While some WooCommerce Wholesale plugins may be free, premium options often come with more advanced features. So, if you think that you will need the paid plugins you should go for it because it will definitely be worth it! 

Also, try to balance the cost with the features and benefits the plugin is offering. It might take a dig into your pocket but it will certainly benefit you a lot in the long run.

3. Key Features

One of the most important things you need to do is identify the essential features you need. It can be setting up wholesale prices, bulk orders, and user role management. 

Select a plugin that offers the key features you would need. Because the right features will always ensure the plugin meets your specific business needs.

4. Support and Updates

Support and Updates

Make sure the plugin gets regular updates and has good customer support. How does this help?

 This ensures it stays compatible with WooCommerce and any issues are resolved quickly. Furthermore, reliable support and updates keep your store running smoothly and securely. 

5. Scalability

Pick a plugin that can grow with your business. It should handle more products, customers, and orders while your business expands. Scalability ensures long-term usability as your wholesale operations increase. 

6.  Easy Setup

Choose a plugin that’s easy to install and configure. But why, you ask? 

Well, clear instructions and support make the setup process quick and hassle-free. Moreover, a straightforward setup allows you to focus more on running your business. 

7. Reviews


This is something a lot of people ignore. But, you should always make certain to check user reviews and ratings of the WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins. 

You see positive feedback and high ratings show that the plugin is reliable and performs well. It can also provide real-world insights into the plugin’s strengths and weaknesses.

Why should you use a wholesale plugin for WooCommerce: 7 Key Benefits

When you use a Wholesale plugin for WooCommerce it can significantly help your overall business. How, you ask? See for yourself.

1. Receive Both Public and Wholesale Orders

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Though many online stores keep separate websites for public and wholesale buyers, you don’t have to if you use the right plugins to integrate the retail and wholesale features on the same website.

A good WordPress Wholesale plugin lets you set wholesale user roles along with the discount percentage. It will save you the cost of running multiple websites and also help you manage everything from a single dashboard. 

2. Streamline the Wholesale Purchase Experience

You should know that selling to the public and selling to businesses are not the same. Wholesale buyers don’t go for impulse buying. Before visiting a wholesale store, they already know what they want to buy, what price they will pay, and how many units they exactly need. 

So, you need to use the WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins to allow users to buy as many products as they need without spending much time. Plugins like WooCommerce Wholesale Pro can be of great help in speeding up their buying journey.

3. Simplified Order Management

This is another big advantage of Wholesale plugins. 

They often include features for managing large orders more efficiently. Also, You can process bulk orders quickly and track them easily, saving you time and reducing errors. 

4. Ensure Faster Inventory

If you create a wholesale website online using a plugin, it would be easier to move your inventory way faster. How? 

Because the WooCommerce Wholesale plugins can help you manage your inventory more accurately by tracking stock levels for wholesale orders separately. It also ensures you always have the right amount of stock for all your customers.

5. Enhanced Customer Segmentation

These plugins let you segment your customers into different groups, such as retail and wholesale. Isn’t that great? But that’s not it. 

You get the opportunity to set different discounts, payment methods, shipping options, and other features to meet the customers’ unique needs as well. This certainly enables you to tailor your marketing strategies and offers to each group more effectively.

6. Customizable User Roles

Here’s something we love the most! You can create specific user roles with different access levels and permissions. This allows you to provide your wholesale customers with a tailored shopping experience, enhancing their satisfaction. 

7. Ensure Better Customer Support

This is something that can only be ensured by good WooCommerce Wholesale plugins. Most of the top Wholesale plugins for WooCommerce often come with dedicated customer support to assist you with any issues or questions.

Reliable support ensures that you can quickly resolve any problems while keeping your wholesale operations running smoothly.

7 Key Tips While Setting up a Wholesale WooCommerce Store

Why would you use WooCommerce wholesale plugins? To set up a wholesale WooCommerce store we believe. So, while setting up your WooCommerce store as a wholesale store ensure these must-have things. 

✅  Make sure you have enough product in stock to supply both the wholesale buyers and retail customers. If you fail to deliver the ordered products within the promised delivery time, you might lose the customers’ trust. 

✅Build your wholesale product page in a way so that the buyers can see everything they need to know at a glance. 

✅ Do not use big images, product descriptions, or anything else that does not attract wholesale buyers to order a product. Instead, put more emphasis on showing the discount percentage/amount for ordering a certain number of product units. 

✅ Do not mess up the wholesale orders with retail orders. Separate the wholesale store from the retail store even if they are hosted on the same website. This is where WooCommerce Wholesale plugins can help you out a lot. 

✅ It’s best to keep a private sign-up, login, and product browsing area for wholesale buyers that are not accessible to public buyers. 

✅ Make sure that wholesale customers add any product to the cart with just a single click. 

✅ Often run promotional activities to encourage wholesale buyers to buy more from your store and turn them into your ‘permanent customers. Your goal should be acquiring and building a loyal customer base without losing the retail customers (in case you’re running both simultaneously).

Bonus Section: Promote Your WooCommerce Products to 100+ Marketing Channels by Using a Plugin

Apart from just setting up your WooCommerce store as a wholesale store, you can Increase your Online Sales Fast by promoting your products on different marketing channels. 

So, do you want to display your WooCommerce store’s products on over 100 marketing channels like Google Shopping or Facebook Marketplace? If yes, you must make a product feed as per the requirements of channels. 

Unless you can fulfill those requirements, you cannot promote your products to those channels, period. 

Do you know that there is a simple but popular plugin that can help you make a product feed within a few minutes? 

Meet CTX Feed, installed by thousands of WordPressians to make a seamless and error-free product feed.

Apart from providing you with a bunch of built-in templates, it helps you build custom templates, add suffixes and prefixes, enable auto-feed updates, use dynamic attributes, smart filters, and more. 

No matter whether you have a wholesale store or public store running on WooCommerce, you can use the CTX Feed plugin to generate the product feed and promote your products on-

  • Bing Shopping 
  • Price Runner 
  • Kelkoo 

With CTX Feed, you can produce unlimited feeds for unlimited products in XML, TXT, CSV, XLS, and TSV file formats. So, get CTX Feed for FREE

Final Thought 

Hope you have got a good idea of these best WooCommerce Wholesale plugins. Use these plugins properly and you will be able to turn your online store into a B2B powerhouse in no time. 

While selecting or choosing plugins, always keep in mind about which plugin will specifically be good for you. Also, try to use the tips and advice along the way. Till then, enjoy your WooCommerce journey! 

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