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Best Practices to Create Invoices on your WooCoomerce Store

Are you running a WooCommerce store? If you are running, most likely you would want to design PDF invoices too. Industry experts often suggest a few points. It’s good to keep in mind these points. Few compilations are given below:

A clear title

While creating an invoice, you should make it clear what exactly it is. There are different types of invoices, such as pro forma invoices, credit memos, self-billing invoices, etc.

It can also be a Commercial Invoice that is a customs requirement for any international shipping. You should name it on your store based on the nature of the document.

Numbering pattern

Invoices can be essential documents for your bookkeeping requirements. A proper numbering pattern would help you to organize them better. Generally, eCommerce store owners follow a sequential numbering system to organize chronologically.

Furthermore, you can add prefixes or suffixes to the number to make it more effective. Many WooCommerce PDF invoice plugins offer an option to create and customize the perfect PDF invoice that we have mentioned in this article.

Company details

You have to include proper information about your business while generating an invoice related to your WooCommerce store. It means you have to mention your address, brand name, registration codes, and tax information.

Customer information

You need to include all the customer-related information on the invoice. Most eCommerce stores require the name, addresses, and email id’s of their customers in the invoice.

Price Information

An invoice includes several details that depict the transaction details like the product name, quantity, price, etc. You can mention other information like taxes, shipping charges, handling fees, Coupons, discounts, etc. This information should be specified in the invoice where applicable.

Payment methods

You can generate invoices before and after transactions. You should mention all available payment options if an invoice is generated before payment. You can indicate the payment method used by the customer for invoices generated after the payment.

Best Plugin to Create Invoices on your WooCoomerce Store 

Challan is a PDF Invoice and Packing Slip plugin that helps businesses generate PDF invoices, complete with all the necessary information.

Chalan (PDF Invoice and Packing Slips) plugin generates an invoice when orders are created and includes a template that can be downloaded and printed when needed. You can efficiently manage the process of creating and printing WooCommerce invoices automatically.

There are plenty of features available in the Chalan plugin. The main features of this plugin include –

Easy Setup

Chalan plugin is straightforward to set up. You can install or activate the plugin by following just a few simple steps

Automated Invoicing

Chalan plugin automatically generates PDF invoices when orders are created and sends them directly to your valued customers.

Invoice Template

In this plugin, you will find different designed templates available. You can choose any model to use for your documents.

Packing Slip Template

This plugin has a variety of awesome templates and helps to generate PDF packing slips. You can print generated packing slips or a packing lists.


Take advantage of the Chalan plugin, as it is WPML compatible. This plugin will help you to translate multiple languages.

Fully Customizable

You can customize invoice numbers, date formats, header images, or logos, change the font, and easily add or modify footer content on the invoice and packing slips.

Bulk Download

You can download an individual invoice or a specific invoice, or a complete invoice. You can select from which date to which date you want to download Invoice and Packing Slip.

 Email Attachment

Automatically attach a PDF invoice to the email address that is used for purchasing a product. When order status changes, it automatically sends updated WooCommerce PDF invoices to customers.


This plugin supports WooCommerce multiple tax classes (rates). Some countries require Total Excluding Tax, net amount, tax rate and tax amount, which you can display on the invoice optionally.

Paid Stamp

Include Paid Stamp in your invoice. Paid Stamp indicates that the bill is already paid. You can select any of the Paid Stamp designs from the list and mark invoices as paid.

Final Words

Chalan plugin will make your sales and purchasing processes more efficient and organized. There are plenty of features that come with the Chalan plugin. The premium version of the Chalan plugin is $ 59.00 a year for a single site.

Read the linked article to know about some advantages of WooCommerce PDF Invoice for your online store.

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  1. If anyone run WooCommerce store then Invoice is a must thing. You need to create a invoice for your WooCommerce store. So yes I think this blog helps you to create a invoice and certainly Chalan is best for It.

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