Integrate Skroutz With WooCommerce

WooCommerce to Skroutz Integration: How to Make Feed

Skroutz is a well-established, highly recognized and innovative eCommerce platform and a price comparison site that uses cutting-edge technology to make price comparison simple and provide users with an optimal online experience.

This platform enables users to filter through a variety of more than 7.5 million products in more than 1.5 thousand shops. Visitors can compare products, prices, check price history, bookmark favorite products, receive live notifications and find stores near them through the intuitive Skroutz web interface.

Main features of Skroutz:

  • Merchant has powerful tools for extensive data analytics and a detailed control panel for managing promoted content.
  • Low Cost Per Click prices make it easier for all merchant to enter a highly competitive market
  • As half of the visitors browse through a mobile device, so they have invested time and resources into making the site user-friendly and functional on any browser or device.

Skroutz is the leading prices and product comparison engine in Greece and has its sister concern site in Turkey and the United Kingdom. It has about 4 million unique users every month to find the best offer for a product based on several criteria including price, availability, product reviews, and many more.

Few achievements of Skroutz:

One of the reason visitors often visits Skroutz checking prices and other users’ reviews. Shoppers always want to chase the right opportunity.

Skroutz users benefits:

  • Introduction to online purchases or eCommerce
  • Online shopping advisor
  • Powerful search and price comparison

Skroutz merchants benefits:

  • Trustworthy service
  • High and effective visibility
  • Gateway to eCommerce
  • Sales increase and conversation rate

On the Skroutz site, you will find a vast variety of products in thousands of categories. So, maybe there are many opportunities at intervals that may escape you. But there is no need to worry about it, and there is always a solution.

Price and Promotions page is created where all products with a significant drop in price are automatically collected to see all the current offers at Skroutz online at all times and to locate the opportunities effortlessly.

skroutz compare products

The mandatory and required fields to generate a feed for Skroutz are given below:

Mandatory fields:

  • UniqueID: it uniquely identifies the product within the shop
  • PriceVat: the price of the product including VAT
  • Name: the name of the product
  • Link: the shop’s URL for the product
  • Image: a URL of an image for the product
  • Category: the category of the product

Recommended fields:

  • Description: Product description
  • Manufacturer: manufacturer of the product
  • Availability: availability of the product
  • Shipping: shipping options and costs
  • Size: if applicable (example L, XL, etc.)
  • Color: if applicable
  • CategoryID: category id of the product
  • MPN: if applicable
  • Weight: the weight of the product
  • In-stock: products that are in stock

How to make WooCommerce Product Feed on Skroutz?

It’ll be easier to generate a feed for Skroutz in few easy steps if you use the WooCommerce CTX Feed Pro plugin.

WooCommerce Product Feed plugin generates product feed and updates product information into feed file automatically and syncs your product to different shopping engines including Skroutz, Google Shopping, eBay, Kelkoo, Idealo, PriceRunner, Shopzilla,, PriceGrabber, NexTag and many more.

The steps to make feed on Skroutz using WooCommerce Product Feed Plugin:

Firstly, you need to install the WooCommerce product feed plugin to access its features.

Go to your dashboard of Woo Feed plugin and under the ‘Content Settings,’ there are many different feed templates available. If your desired template is not in the list, then create a feed from a custom template.

Step 1:

skroutz feed01

 Step 2:

skroutz feed02

Once these steps are completed, then you need to Save and Generate Feed by clicking the button. It will automatically download the feed file and generate a feed based on the format you choose.

You can access the public version of the validator here. Currently, you can upload an XML file only. The download functionality is restricted to registered users only, but eventually, it will be widely available. Please, follow this Skroutz Feed Validator for more detail.

Comparison sites have become an even more critical source of information than the retailers’ websites in some places in Europe. Here you will find a quick guide to the best price comparison sites in Europe.



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