Facebook Product Feed: A Feature of ‘F’ Marketing


Content Overview of Facebook Product Feed

The term Facebook Product Feed may seem very common feature to developers or marketers but the way of using it effectively may not be very well researched by them. Anyway, that’s why the blog is written. In this article I tried to cover all about controlling & exploring the features of product feed with set up tips. Hope you like this article very much. So, let’s start.

Facebook Product Catalog


Before proceeding to Facebook Product Feed we need to know about Facebook Product Catalogue. It is the virtual list of your products those you want to show to your customers. You can customize your catalogue according to your taste & choice. A proper product catalogue is very necessary before doing anything with your product for boosting up your sales because presentation is the first thing that people see. Then the feasibility or other factors. So, technically the product catalog is the list of products those you want to advertise. That means making Facebok product catalog actually means listing and preparing your products for posting as sponsored advertisement. So, be careful of choosing the title of products & also featured image because a juicy title or an attractive image can earn tons of real customers with guaranteed sales.

But most of the time advertisers forget it & use poor titles or images and then expect huge sales through sponsored ad. But every marketer should remember if only sponsored, ad can boost your sales then everyone will keep posting sponsored ad in Facebook and the world would be so easy for online shop owners. But you need to think about reality. And the reality is you need to be well prepared and well researched those make you different from others for your product marketing.

Facebook Product Feed


Okay, we know about product catalogue now. But the question is how to set it up? And here comes the term Facebook Product Feed. What is it actually? Let me make you clear. When we upload a product to our site we give title, product image, product description, price, availability etc. So, these are called product attributes. These attributes are common & in almost every site they are present. To list your product into Facebook Catalog you need these attributes also. Now if you’ve thousands products to your site, will you take the load to upload them to Facebook catalog again?

I think you’ve become dreaded already. And to eradicate your hassles all these directories support an excel or xml files to be imported automatically containing all these products attributes which is called product feed. For Facebook it is called Facebook Product Feed. So, if you’ve an option of exporting all your products within a single excel or xml file in your site which is supported by these shopping directories, your hassle of posting products individually becomes almost nil. So, if you’ve a site with products and you want to give sponsored ad in Facebook you need not take extra pressures if you’ve a good idea of product feed. This is the hidden feature of it because most of the marketers are not aware of this salient feature of F marketing using product feed.

Woocommerce Product Feed

Finally before finishing the article I’ll recommend you an awesome plugin name Woocommerce Product Feed which is ready to take all your hassles of Facebook Product Feed. Actually, not only Facebook feed, but also it supports more than 100 shopping directories with automatic synchronization option. So, at least try this plugin. You can find it’s free version in Thanks for reading.

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